What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?

What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?

This is a discussion on What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I haven't seen anyone discussing this. What do you think might happen if someone out in public, as in a store or mall or movie ...

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Thread: What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?

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    What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?

    I haven't seen anyone discussing this.

    What do you think might happen if someone out in public, as in a store or mall or movie theater -- possibly another CCWer, possibly just some "concerned citizen" -- detects that you are carrying a handgun and either tries to do something to detain you (at gunpoint?) or otherwise makes a big hoopla?

    Like, what if you're at the counter of a KFC and some guy three spaces back in line sees your OWB Kimber and freaks, maybe tackles you or something?

    Anyone ever hear of, or receive, this kind of reaction?

    Me, I've never been "made," but you never know...

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    I think most people will not try to take you on but call the police

    I know as a CCW im not gung ho to try to take on someone i see flash a gun if i think they are trouble ill call the cops watch and wait

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    I think for a large degree your reaction should be the same. Go directly into weapon retention. The person, even if they are doing it for the right reasons has just commited an assault on you and if he takes your weapon, could turn deadly. That being said, this is only if they "make" you and don't acknowledge it, but just rush you.

    Luckily most people I know that are brave enough to charge or fight back, are also the ones who are armed or know of legalized ccw. The others who were initially scared of guns were the ones telling me that they would hide and co operate.

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    The most likely problem if seen thru an inadvertent (and innocent) glimpse of the piece, might be some paranoid sheep calling in ''man with gun''.

    If someone however decided to tackle you then they have some problems - in several ways. None of us should permit any interference from a third party, unless required to do so by LE.

    Too many folks are just too plumb unaware of CCW in the first place but - IMO if exposure itself was all there was (of holstered gun) - minimal at that - then it should not be seen as remotely threatening.

    I hope a) to maintain good concealment at all times and b) not ever come up against some dufus who wants to take me on because he spied an inch of holster, or grip bulge etc!!!!
    Chris - P95
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    I recall hearing a story several months ago where a store security guard was trying to disarm a CCW carrier. From what I remember, the carrier refused to be disarmed.

    Unless the person attempting to disarm me is a LEO who IDENTIFIED himself, I'll keep mine thank you......
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    If your demeanor is calm and "normal" I think most would think you're just an plainclothes cop... Some might call in "man with a gun" but when I called the local Sheriff's office to ask how they'd handle it, I was told since Florida went to CCW's there had not been such a call in my county. As far as being rushed & tackled as mentioned the dude doing the assault is in deep doo-doo.


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    Don't Touch Me...

    unless you have identified yourself with a badge. We live in a crazy world...I trust no one!

    First, I am very careful about CCW...I can't imagine being detected.

    Secondly, I would ignore 'Mr. Mouthy' and go about my business, although there would be some EYE CONTACT...I would just walk away!
    I have done nothing wrong...so don't plan on grabbing me or taking ahold of me or I will have to assume you intend great harm to me or mine.

    Basically, I'm a peaceful man...just let me be!

    ...For your safety and mine!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    If somehow I knew why they were tackling me, I'd start yelling for the police, while doing my best to maintain control of my gun. If they got the upper hand, I might try to negotiate--"I've got a license for it--Hold me down but don't try to take the gun, and I won't try to draw, we can wait for the police to sort this out. I don't want anyone hurt, let the police sort this out".

    When the police got there, I'd press charges.

    However, real world, I'd be unlikely to know or trust why they were trying to disarm me, and would probably assume a far more evil intent.

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    It happened to me once, it started out as my fault. I was wearing a sweatshirt just a tad to short to hide my weapon when I leaned forward or reached up.

    As I was leaving the store, I was stopped by a store security guard who needed lessons in h2h. I did nothing to harm him, but just to simply retain what was mine. He was fired on the spot (for attempting to go hands on) and I got some gift certs. I suppose those were to keep me from sueing or something like that.

    Why a dept. store allows their loss prevention guys to dress like they are on Zoo SWAT, I dont know. I wont name the store, but in aint Walmart, it aint Kmart and the have a bullseye for a logo.

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    I like the responses so far... though I don't think I would press any charges on the character - assuming it was a civilian. I would rather not discourage "sheepdog" actions. Who knows... afterwards the person who tackled you may reconsider and get his own CCW.
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    I don't think many would draw on you , or try to tackle you. never heard of such an incident. It could happen, but I don't consider it likely enough to worry about.
    "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

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    You're probably more likely to get struck by lightning.

    But still a question.

    I have actually once 'uncovered' inadvertently. I was putting my son into the back of a car (this was a Saturn and I am no lightweight). After strapping him into his child seat and unfolding myself out of the back seat, I stand up and feel that my shirt isn't hanging right. It had basically ridden up and my gun was uncovered. (Still in an IWB, so only the grip) I just adjusted it , turned around and there was this couple like three feet away.

    Basically, I pretended like nothing had happened, just gave the usual nod greeting and got into my car.

    Did they see it? Very probably. Did I get tackled? Nope. Did they say anything. Nope. Did they run screaming? Nope.

    Did I crap myself all the way home expecting a felony stop? Absolutely!

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    Highly unlikely scenario.
    Anyone that attempts to randomly assault and lay unprovoked aggressive hands on my person gets treated exactly like any other attacker that needs to be quickly stopped by any means possible.

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    What if someone "makes you" CCWing, and treats you as a threat?
    If that person takes overt, personal action against me, then he's acting criminally. If it threatens my life, he's going to be stopped, just as any other criminal threatening my life would.

    Now, the average busy-body, fearful, condition-white sheep will simply unload on the telephone, calling in the cavalry. Fine. I'll comply with the police, but no way will someone on the "street" be allowed to do anything more than call the cavalry to assist with his concerns, or lightly (albeit fearfully) question me. If it got in my face and physical, I would stop it. If the level of physicality and threat justified the use of lethal force, he'd be a criminal and, thus, at risk of my armed refusal to be attacked, just as would any criminal engaged in similar acts. I'd certainly hope a non-criminal would see the wisdom of not attempting to physically tussle with or disarm someone. Can't see it coming to that, in all likelihood.
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    It seams like there was a guy that posted a while back that said he was "made" and a lady asked him about it. His response was "Don't worry ma'am I'm one of the good guys."

    I'm guessing the likelihood of getting made is tempored by the chance they will assume your just an off-duty LEO. If they make a stink, wait for the PD.
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

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