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From Kabul...Thought I Was Going Hot This Morning

This is a discussion on From Kabul...Thought I Was Going Hot This Morning within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do you think the "suicide by cop" phenomena has migrated and morphed into "suicide by advisor (security/soldier/etc.)?"...

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Thread: From Kabul...Thought I Was Going Hot This Morning

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    Do you think the "suicide by cop" phenomena has migrated and morphed into "suicide by advisor (security/soldier/etc.)?"
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    Not too far fetched. From Stratfor:

    On Feb. 1, a Turkish national named Ecevit Sanli walked up to the side entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara like many others had done that day. Dressed inconspicuously, he waved a manila envelope at the man inside the guard booth as he approached the entrance. The security guard had no reason to distrust the man approaching the checkpoint; the entrance is used to screen packages, and perhaps the guard assumed Sanli was dropping off a document or was a visa applicant at the wrong entrance. What the guard did not know, perhaps, is that Sanli was a person of interest to the Turkish police, who suspected that he was plotting an attack.

    The guard opened the door of the access control building — the outermost door of the embassy compound — to speak to Sanli, who took one step inside before detonating the explosive device that was strapped to his body. The explosion killed Sanli and the security guard, seriously wounded a journalist who was visiting the embassy and left two other local guards who were manning the entrance with minor injuries.
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    You reacted (IMHO) correctly. I hope that's the most "excitement" you see during your tour.
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    Good it didnt get ugly. Stay safe out there.

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    You just never know.
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    From Kabul...Thought I Was Going Hot This Morning

    Quote Originally Posted by nontechguy View Post
    You just never know.

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    In Somalia, we had on older man approach our position with a mortar bomb on his shoulder. The thought of some kind of suicide attack crossed my mind, but I did not see any wires connected to the shell.

    I covered him with my M16, which got his attention real quick. I motioned to him to "stop" and to place the shell on the ground. By this point, I was more concerned that it was old and possibly unsafe/unstable.

    Turned out he was the local school teacher, and the children had been playing (!) with this old leftover mortar bomb - and he wanted us to get rid of it. We called EOD - hopefully they got around to it once we had left the area.

    Cultural differences can sometimes lead to unfortunate situations. He could have just come over to talk to us - but he created a bit of a situation by bringing the darn shell with him!
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    I'm a DoD contractor too.
    Speaking to friends in the field, quite a few civilians have been killed under similar situations.

    And nobody gets what's happening either (including the civilians that get shot).

    In both Iraq and Afghanistan, people will come running up to guards, yelling, waving their arms.
    Rising your firearm doesn't stop them. Shooting over their heads doesn't stop them (shooting them stops them).

    And many times, they just want to complain about some bad guy around the corner, a patrol that trampled their garden,
    who they can see about getting papers to travel, etc.
    They don't seem to understand how running full tilt at someone in combat zone, yelling in a language that the soldier
    doesn't speak, and waving your arms wildly could get you killed.

    My friends who shot civilians like that felt bad, but to be fair, not that bad.

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    Nicely done. Takes a pro to have that kind of discipline.
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    Kabul would not be my first choice for a place to hang out!!

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