Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM!

Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM!

This is a discussion on Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is my postings from another board. This happened the night I was there. We walked through here maybe an hour before this went down ...

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Thread: Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM!

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    Shooting @ Universal Studios Horror nights -- EMAIL THEM!

    This is my postings from another board.

    This happened the night I was there. We walked through here maybe an hour before this went down and it was not an easy feeling.,2988492.story

    There was little to no security presense there. The *unarmed* security guards were 40+ with about 75% of them being well in their senior years. I counted TWO armed police officers. Wow. What great security.

    The parking garage was somewhat lit. NO security at all. What a great feeling. As my wife and I walked through there a group of people to the left were staring us down, and a group of two guys infront of us kept looking back. I was on red-alert but no way to really protect myself. Total BS.

    Now this happens? And I can't carry my weapon LEGALLY? That's insane.

    It really was an uneasy feeling walking through the garage with all the punks/thugs/

    Word Edited Out by QKShooter ~ Watch it! hanging out. I don't think I'll be back. Next time I'll be carrying and when they ask me to remove it I'll put it in a locker so I have it for the walk back. If I can't do that they can shove the ticket up their rear.

    If anyone can get me a contact email address for universal studios I'd deeply appreciate it.


    Please contact me back regarding this issue!!

    I came across the article in the Orlando newspaper of the shooting in the Garage the night of the 26th/27th. This was quite disturbing to me. My wife and I were there that evening, on he same floor. The parking garage was extremely unsecured feeling. I was not at all pleased with this.

    Another thing I'd like to bring up is weapon's @ the park. I am a Concealed Weapon's holder and so is my wife. I have had to have countless hours of training, FBI/FDLE/ATF local, state, federal and national background checks to prove that I am not a felon or criminal. Also you are NOT allowed to have a concealed weapon permit as per the 790 state statues if you are ANY of the following: The physical inability to handle a firearm safely. A felony conviction (unless civil and firearm rights have been restored by the convicting authority). Having adjudication withheld or sentence suspended on a felony or misdemeanor crime of violence unless three years have elapsed since probation or other conditions set by the court have been fulfilled. A conviction for a misdemeanor crime of violence in the last three years. A conviction for violation of controlled substance laws or multiple arrests for such offenses. A record of drug or alcohol abuse. Two or more DUI convictions within the previous three years. Being committed to a mental institution or adjudged incompetent or mentally defective. Failing to provide proof of proficiency with a firearm. Having been issued a domestic violence injunction or an injunction against repeat violence that is currently in force. Renouncement of U.S. citizenship. A dishonorable discharge from the armed forces. Being a fugitive from justice.

    Now that you know this about me, I left my weapon in the vehicle that night because I was a good LAW abiding citizen and wanted to follow your rules. It doesn't get any more simple than that. I felt very vulnerable in the parking garage with the thugs, punks and trouble makers standing in the darkness staring us down. There was NO security present and I think security there is a JOKE! I can most certainly promise you that if I were injured/attacked that I would own the park by the time I got done with the lawsuit for poor security.

    All that because I (refer to above requirements that you KNOW about me) was unable to carry and protect myself. Yet, a felon who does not care about your rules still carries. That endangers my wife and I, as well as other CWP holders whom have had extensive background checks. What's wrong with this picture?

    That's a lot you know about me JUST from that Concealed Weapon Card. It should be a requirement at the gate that if you're carrying, you MUST show your CWP card to be passed through the metal detectors, or you simply leave. Easy concept.

    I don't think I'll ever be back to the park because of this incident/policy unless it's changed. We go 10+ times a year and will be sure to pass this information around to friends, family and co-workers. My life is worth more than a few hours worth of fun. I can find a safer place that I can and WILL carry in.

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    Orlando in general seems a high crime area. We went to Disney and other attractions years ago, and the hotel(nicer ) employed off duty PD. I will not return to the area.
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    Just one more reason I DON'T go to these places. My wife and I hate crowds anyways and those "entertainment" parks are big criminal empowerment zones. I don't think there's a snowballs chance in Tahiti they will change their policies either. Their security isn't going to change much either. I do business with these parks and everything with them is bottom dollar.
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    A Big Part of the Problem...

    This 'thug' had multiple problems in the past, but records show...

    "Those cases were dropped or adjudication was withheld, according to court records."

    Gun laws don't work...LONG jail sentences do...

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    Carry where you go, always. Disallowed from carrying? Go elsewhere, always. It's a simple forumula. And, if a venue is researched in advance, it doesn't cause the activities to miss a beat. Win-win. The business gets to keep its precious, target-rich, free-fire zone for felons and its unrealistic feeling of safety, while you/yours remain safer, elsewhere. It's all that matters.
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