Hot tub, gun, and do ya ?

Hot tub, gun, and do ya ?

This is a discussion on Hot tub, gun, and do ya ? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, I', sitting in my hot tub last night, it is on my back, ground level patio behind my house. semi shielded from view of ...

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Thread: Hot tub, gun, and do ya ?

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    Hot tub, gun, and do ya ?

    Ok, I', sitting in my hot tub last night, it is on my back, ground level patio behind my house. semi shielded from view of the front. i brought my 1911 with me 'just in case', and it occurred to me that having a gun with me may be fine but if its 3 feet away on a table and i'm in the hot tub does it really help me that much if i can't get to it promptly?

    anybody else have these kind of thoughts? not necessarily in a hot tub but in general situations where ya may take yer gun off?

    not that i expect to need it while in the hot tub but worst case and thats what we all plan and train for.

    the thought of building a small box on the side of the tub occurred to me. i could make it look like its meant to be there, but am i being paranoid now?

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    You are being a little paranoid, but no one said that was a bad thing. If you feel the need to have your sidearm with you when your are relaxing outside, then by all means do something about it. There re several people on the forum who have their sidearm on their hip until the time they lay down and go to sleep. I see it as being the exact same thing.

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    well i would say if you feel the need of having it in reach while in your back yard hot tub , then it is seriously time for you to ...... consider a stainless house gun LOL . paranoid , maby ... but then being paranoid doesn't mean they arnt out to get you LOL
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    get one of thore scuba dart guns

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    Take an old kydex holster or the like and using one small screw attach it to the outside of the hot tub. Walk out... slip the gun into the holster and enjoy. Make sure the gun slides out freely.

    Now my question is do you wear trunks while in the tub? If I have a private yard and a hot tub... I guarantee that I am going commando. Especially if the wife is there too.

    What a funny site! Walking to the hot tub bare ass naked with a towel and a 1911.

    Just my style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by a_kayaker View Post
    What a funny site! Walking to the hot tub bare ass naked with a towel and a 1911.

    But seriously, folks... Perhaps place a small table next to the hot tub, but shielded from view. No special hardware required!
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    "What a funny site! Walking to the hot tub bare ass naked with a towel and a 1911."

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    I can see it now, a call to the beltman....

    Hey, what you got for a terrycloth pancake holster with a bathrobe for a stainless Kimber?
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    Gallon Zip lock baggie, the kind with the dual seal.

    Glock in the baggie with a spare mag, because we know Glocks fire underwater. Besides I'm wearing my Glock T-shirt today so it sounds good.

    Put it on the seat beside you or in the foot well depending on how big your tub is. If it's in the foot well you should be able to pick it up with your feet and get it into your hands should you need it. If you're squeamish about submerging your Glock then in the baggie on the endge of the tub within reach is good also.

    Just in case mount some trip wires attached to some flares so if anyone tries to get into your back yard you'll have plenty of warning. Plus it may scare them away before you need your gun. If you aren't into setting trip wires, motion sensing yard lights aimed at the right spots should work as well, but are oh so pedestrian and boring.
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    Don't have a hot tub but - if I had it'd be much like when I take a shower. I keep the gun within easy (dry) reach regardless.

    This is much as anything because of carrying so full time - I am not at ease without it being very easily reachable. Not so much paranoia really - more the fact that being so dedicated to carry I would really be ticked off if the one and only time I ever needed it, was when it was not close enough!
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    Agree with Scott on setting up kind of "trap" to give you warning time. As far as I'd prefer a little chair or table of a box to put the gun ON TOP of. Because, IMHO, I think the perp will have enough time to see and aim at you by the time you put in the key/password on the box. Unless you plan to leave the box unlocked.

    As far as paranoid? Eh...we all have our moments. I have my gun in the bathroom for late nite visits to the chamber.

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    This thread is funny. I have a suggestion:

    Get one of those foam fingers, have "I'm number one!" printed on it, and keep your pistol tucked in it, and wear it all the time! No one would ever think there'd be a loaded High cap 9mm in there! You could just point, and then everybody would know who you were aiming at! You'd have to wear it all the time for it to be effective, and have to deal with the fact that everybody would think you were a pompous, self centered ego maniac, but you'd have the last laugh!
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    This topic doesn't make me laugh.

    Back when I was a high schooler in California (lo these many moons ago), one of my friends was raped, beaten, and left for dead by a man who attacked her when she went into her backyard to get into the hot tub.

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    Condition in hot tub. In general if I'm in a hot tub I'm condition white. Thats the point of being there in the first place. As a result I'm less worried about having my sidearm close at hand.

    Not to say that you shouldn't keep a gun at hand, just that I probably wouldnt.

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