Scenario proposed in Handgun Carry Class

Scenario proposed in Handgun Carry Class

This is a discussion on Scenario proposed in Handgun Carry Class within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In the HCP class I attended the instructor proposed the following scenario: You are carrying concealed with a permit while walking down the sidewalk in ...

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Thread: Scenario proposed in Handgun Carry Class

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    Lightbulb Scenario proposed in Handgun Carry Class

    In the HCP class I attended the instructor proposed the following scenario:

    You are carrying concealed with a permit while walking down the sidewalk in town and you see a limo pull into a parking lot across the street. Out of the limo comes a very well dressed man with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. As he exits the vehicle, you see a man in a jean jacket walk up, pull a pistol, point it at the well dressed man and start yelling things at him. Because you are across the street, you don't have an ultimate view of the situation and you can't hear what the guy with the gun is yelling. What do you do?

    His answer was, call 911 and do not draw your gun.

    He said that it could be a drug bust and the jean jacket dude could be an undercover officer. I am interested in everyone's take on this. What do you think?

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    I think he is right.
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    It is difficult to say, but I have never seen or heard of a drug dealer handcuffing the briefcase to themselves.

    True this could be like you say a drug bust or it could be something worse.

    911 would be a safe bet and stay low just in case.

    Be safe!
    NEVER point a gun at something you are not prepared to destroy!
    AND for GODS sake, get your finger off the trigger until you are ready to squeeze the trigger!

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    If I am not in danger, no way I am going to draw.
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    I think your instructor was right. It's time to be a good witness.
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    If he's not yelling at me and pointing his gun in my face then I'm just a nobody but I will call 911
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    He's obviously abducting that briefcase and holding it against its will; I'd shoot him.

    Or just listen to your instructor who has the better plan.
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    I'd say that's good advice. Don't get involved. In my class, we were given another scenario:

    You walk out of Wal Mart and out to your car. On your way, you see a commotion and look in time to see someone in a panic trying to pull away in a car when another man pulls the door open and is beating the hell out of the driver. Get involved? Shoot?

    Call the police. What if the person behind the wheel is the carjacker and the person beating him senseless is the owner of the car standing his ground? Things to think about, and all the more reason to be very selective when it comes to your "manifesto" of who you're trying to protect by carrying. As for me: I will always know myself, my wife, and my kids are not the bad guy. Anyone else: you may never know who's who until everything's sorted out.
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    I agree to stay out of it at this point and call 911 but what if after looking a little closer you realized that the man with the briefcase is one of your good childhood friends that you haven't seen since highschool graduation 25 years ago? Do you move in closer to get a better idea of the situation and possibly get yourself involved or stand down and be a witness from afar?

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    You ain't the cavalry charging over the hill. Take cover and call 911. While the US Army might like to advertise its "army of one," if that one is you and you get shot, there ain't no army at all.
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    The idea is not to go off half cocked. My instructor had some similar scenarios. You're in the mall parking lot when you see a man trying to force a young child into a car. The child is screaming "I DON'T WANT TO GO!! I DON'T WANT TO GO!!" You draw your gun and approach. The man sees you approaching and also draws a gun. You shoot first. Thankfully, cameras in the mall parking lot have recorded the whole incident so you'll have evidence to back up your account of the attempted abduction that you prevented. When the police arrive, you learn that the man you shot was the child's father and the child was throwing a tantrum. Now, what do you do?

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    I'm calling 911 and being a good witness.

    CANT: Carry Always, Never Tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfection View Post
    His answer was, call 911 and do not draw your gun.
    Almost certainly, yes. Without sufficient information about a situation, it gets very difficult to know who's in the right and who's in the wrong.

    Take, for example, a violent armed robbery in progress in the store where you're waiting in line at the register. You see the whole thing unfold from the start, and you know for a fact that the violence being perpetrated is wrong, and you know the perpetrator is in the wrong. No two ways about it.

    There are plenty of other situations where it's clearly a violation being forced on another. But is that situation truly one in which the innocent are in immediate and otherwise unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm (the Deadly Force Triangle, AOJ)? Hard to know, unless you know the facts.
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    My rules of thumb:

    1. If you can avoid getting involved, avoid and call 911.

    2. If you can't avoid getting involved, call 911 and try your best not to get a gun involved.

    3. If you can't do either of the first two things, call 911 and try to stay alive.

    4. If you can't call 911, yell like hell for someone else to do it.

    5. Always remember that calling 911 comes first whenever possible.

    6. When you reach 911, follow their instructions if at all possible.

    7. If #1 - #6 aren't applicable.....focus on the last four words of #3.
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    I would put on my sash and badge. Drawing both my pistols I would confront said individual and issue harsh commands. Wait..never mind.
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