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This is a discussion on Moron Spat at Me within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, the Kirby General Manager must've cracked the whip, because I haven't seen them gather outside after he said he'd handle things. I do contribute ...

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Thread: Moron Spat at Me

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    Well, the Kirby General Manager must've cracked the whip, because I haven't seen them gather outside after he said he'd handle things. I do contribute the fast response to the emails of disgruntled CombatCarry members to the Kirby corporation.

    I go to work earlier before they show up, and I stopped going to the restaurant on the other side so I wouldn't have to walk by them during the lunch hour when they usually collect outside.
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    good news

    But it's a bummer you had to change your actions to accomodate *riff-raff* (I was thinking worse words, but they aren't for public or mixed company)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Well, the Kirby General Manager must've cracked the whip, because I haven't seen them gather outside after he said he'd handle things.
    Kirby really can clean up more ... (dirtbags, that is).

    Glad things have worked out. Keep the eyes peeled for the next few months, 'cause you are obviously the source of the problem, when viewed from the perspective of the hoodlums.
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    Wow! good job Betty.

    Don't forget that assault and battery are civilly wrong as well as, meaning that they could be sued for their stupidity if they chose to continue their reprehensible behavior.

    (not that far from 'ville either.... ) take your net friends o work day lol

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    Betty, I'd get Metro involved....
    That way at least youve got a paper trail if you ever have to escalate.....
    Good luck and God bless....
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    That's simple assault. I'd have called the cops. Might help with the eviction as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raevan View Post
    Scum is scum regardless of the era or what they wear, reminds me of 1969 when I returned to U.S. in my Dress Uniform and had to wipe the spittle off. Nothing one can do but ignore the cretins. At least they wern't throwing food at you as well. It is a shame such people exist.
    First off i would like to say "welcome home" to you and all the other service people from this time... something you all didnt get enough of back then, and if i was around back then i would have welcomed you just the way i just did...

    Also i admire your restraint on the whole subject, much better than i can do if someone would spat at me

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    I learned of a friend's wife in a similar situation. She called the police and they escorted her past them to lunch. That didn't stop it, so she called the police out again the next day, stating each time that she felt threatened. Second time, the cops were tired of it, and got all over the bad boys and their management...all the misbehavior stopped immediately.

    The cops have better things to do than be babysitters and lose their patience fast. But if you feel threatened, which I would in your situation, call them.

    As a point of dismay, it's sad that some guys grow into such idiots. Were I many years younger, and it were in my area, I'd round up some friends and end the problem in one visit. Thankfully, I'm much wiser and older now...

    raevan: WELCOME HOME
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    This has been a very interesting thread because its playing out live. Betty ,we appreciate you keeping us posted on whats going on. You handled it well. Keep your guard up and try to remember what those thugs looked like.......

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    Musketeer is correct it is imperative to contact the police and insist on making a report each time this happens.So far the Predators precive your inaction as weakness, and they will continue to circle closer bring emboldened each time that there are no consequences for their actions. Report each time . Who knows you may save their life.
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    Don't put up with it

    Quote Originally Posted by srfl View Post
    Sorry to read here what you and your colleagues are having to go through....I agree with others, this is harrassment.

    I fear that it wouldn't take much (one of them being in a foul mood, under the influence of something, etc.) for one of those junior knuckleheads to escalate the situation. They likely feel they can get away with it.

    Be careful Betty!

    Makes me sorry to think so many 'people' think this type of behavior is acceptable against another. If you confront these vermin directly, it will only escalate into an ugly situation quickly.

    I agree with your course of action, letters to the company and threat of lost revenue due to their behavior. Hit the company where it hurts, their pocket book. Hit the vermin with a civil complaint / arrest for the spitting. Keep the gun handy and practice drawing. Then watch them crap their pants.

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