Am I old and paranoid - you be the judge.

Am I old and paranoid - you be the judge.

This is a discussion on Am I old and paranoid - you be the judge. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I posted an ad on Armslist to sell my Maadi AK. A guy from Junction City, KS says he wants it and texts a bunch ...

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Thread: Am I old and paranoid - you be the judge.

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    Am I old and paranoid - you be the judge.

    I posted an ad on Armslist to sell my Maadi AK. A guy from Junction City, KS says he wants it and texts a bunch of different questions and we finally settle on a price and that I would meet him at WalMart in Junction.

    So at about 11:00 a.m. he texts me and wants to know if I am going to meet him "tonight". I asked what time and he says "10:00 or later". I texted back "No". It didn't sound like a great idea to meet a stranger in a WalMart parking lot for a gun deal after 10:00 p.m.

    So I agree to meet him at 3:30 this afternoon. We get there and text him letting him know. Finally he calls me and tells me that his "wife and friend" are at WalMart shopping and because of all the bags, the gun won't fit in the car,,,,,, could I follow them on to base (Fort Riley) to deliver the AK (it is now that he informs me that he is "restricted to base"). I told him that there was no way I was going to drive on post to deliver an AK with two loaded handguns on me as well. I told him if his wife couldn't fit an AK into their car then the deal was off.

    So now the wife shows up and wants me to follow them on post. I said "ain't gonna happen". She makes a phone call and while she is doing that I put my hand in my pocket (grasping by .44 Bulldog) and go ask the driver "so you don't want to carry that rifle on to the post?" and he says "no, this car has too much heat on it".

    Now wifey comes back and wants us to follow them to an apartment complex (Quentin Place or something like that). I am now of the opinion that this sounds an awful lot like a setup for a robbery.

    Being a paranoid old man, I tell wifey that the deal is off and we left.

    What do you think,,,,, should I have sold this rifle to this fine group of outstanding people?
    I told my Dad as we were driving home that I think I just blew an opportunity to get in a good gunfight.

    About 45 minutes later the "buyer" called me and wanted to know how everything went. I told him it sounded like a setup and nothing happened and nothing was going to happen. Another odd thing was that texts were coming from a cell phone with a NYC area code and the voice call came from a phone with a different NYC area code.

    I'm considering telling this story to the Junction City PD (but I doubt they would be interested).

    It was kind of fun and kind of aggravating,,,, but makes for a neat story IMO.
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    You made the right choice.
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    When in doubt...

    Go with your "gut" feeling. It's there for a reason.

    I have learned to go with mine and it hasn't failed me yet.
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    I would have called the police an told them what happen and give them the license plate of the car.
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    I'd cancelled the deal just as fast as you did.......well, maybe faster actually.
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    You may be old and paranoid, but that doesn't mean they weren't out to get you. You did the right thing. I too would have probably called the PD with the plate number if I had the SA to think of at the time.
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    I would have to agree that whole ordeal sounded real sketchy. you deffinatly made the right choice. hotguns is right go with the gut feeling its usually right.

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    Your not old and paranoid, just old and wise. JMHO.
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    IMO your gut reaction was the correct one; that situation had bad written on it many times over.

    We have that instinct that tells us things just aren't right for a reason (self preservation) and at that visceral level most 'aware' humans know when they are prey to a predator.
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    Being old, and much wiser, and going with the gut feeling, you made the right decision.
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    Old, yes. Paranoid... probably not. Good folk don't generally use the phrase "too much heat" unless they are watching the NBA playoffs...
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    On top of all the other sketchiness wouldn't it be a possible staw purchase( selling to the guy but handing it over to the wife) as well?

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    yeah... I would seriusly contact the PD and make a report. I would also contact the local base provost marshall or MP office and explain what happened. He is restricted to base for a reason, and the car has heat on it? I actually thought it could be an active shooter situation in the making....... your call. I still think you did thing. I would have hauled taiu;l as soon as they asked me to meet at 10 pm.
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    You did the right thing...taking an AK styled rifle onto a military base, even considering your background, to a person who says he's restricted to base is a bit concerning to me. From that point they appeared to be baiting you, so, you made the right decision.

    Further, it's not is survival.

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    A job well done ....Not just No but Hell No ! You were nicer than I would be . That's why we are old :) Life lessons ....
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