10 minute VIDEO training my son for his carry permit skills

10 minute VIDEO training my son for his carry permit skills

This is a discussion on 10 minute VIDEO training my son for his carry permit skills within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is perhaps the first time I've ever been able to get my son out to the club for a meaningful practice. He's a smart ...

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Thread: 10 minute VIDEO training my son for his carry permit skills

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    Thumbs up 10 minute VIDEO training my son for his carry permit skills

    This is perhaps the first time I've ever been able to get my son out to the club for a meaningful practice. He's a smart guy though, learns instantly and very mature, mild natured. So teaching him anything is a breeze, if you can drag him away from his job and education. I know this is nothing to "show off" about. We're just average folks but to consider he's never really fired a pistol, mags, holster rig I think he's doing an amazing job by the end of the video. He's carried a Taurus 38 snub nose for a year since he obtained his GWCL carry permit but refrains from carrying often because of his lack of practice. This has worried me to no end.

    So on mothers day I stole him for a couple of hours and we reviewed his general skills, revolver shooting and then I gave him a Sig Sauer pistol and rig because he was really trying to learn. My other son doesn't have any interest in guns, a permit or working on his skills and I won't be giving him a free gun rig either ;) Talk about two different personalities. My other son has worked for CNN for about ten years and in a week leaves to take a broadcasting job in New Zealand. Obviously he wont have a gun there either. At least one of my sons is taking the right steps to defend himself and doesn't depend solely on street smarts and situational awareness. That's a whole other topic... I'm just happy neither is a true anti.

    Back to the video. Keep in mind there are some aspects to my son's skills that need work but my goal was to encourage, be positive and focus on the good things he was doing right. I'll be working with him more throughout the summer. Another goal, get him started with indoor then outdoor IDPA.... I'm ordering a better leather belt holster now to replace that piece of crap black hawk.

    Watch at the end of the video what we noticed going on in the training bay across from ours, LOL.

    Working with son on his shooting skills at South River Gun Club - YouTube

    Thanks for taking the time to watch and your constructive comments are very welcomed. I love to analyze and pick scenarios apart, so don't be shy.
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    Its good to see a father teaching his son how to do things with a gun. I want to make one suggestion, when you were having him do the reloads, have him just let the mags fall, then reload. Outside of that the video was good....
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    I hope down the road when my son is older I'll be able to do the same thing. Looks like you are doing a great job for just getting started!

    Just adding on the reloads as mentioned above, get him to start understanding bringing the gun back into his workspace when doing reloads, failures, etc.

    When using cover you don't want to keep popping out at the same spot. That's exactily where the bg is going to be keeping his firearm pointed at, where he last saw you. It's a good idea to pop out the other side or change levels.

    After you shoot the bg to the ground follow him to the ground. Keep the firearm pointed at him until you feel the fight is over (with him) then scan.

    I'd also just make sure he understands scanning 360 and SEEING things, not just looking. It may be knit picking but it looked more like a 180 scan.

    Just a few basic thoughts but all-in-all very good for just really starting out!
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    Great job! At the 7 min mark, what a great draw and first shot! I'm not in any position to give any kind of input on the training - but as someone who is into SD, guns and shooting and who's father is not, I will give you a lot of props for taking the time, interest and effort to give some great skills to your son.
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    I like the lateral movement when drawing. Try adding in some lateral movement on the mag changes as well, if he shoots to slide lock and remains static when he changes the mag, he is making himself unnecessarily more vulnerable. I would like to see him come back to ready after he engages, scan for additional threats, tac reload , and then re-holster. That shirt tail is dangerous going back into the holster. I hope you do not think I am out of line with these suggestions, and they are taken in the spirit in which they are given. I think he is a natural talent given the fact that this is his first attempt at shooting. IDPA is a lot of fun, and is good for honing some skills, but it can teach some bad habits if your not careful.
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    Really awesome advice that I totally agree with. Yeah this is going to be interesting. I'm probably show him all the pros and cons to USPSA, IDPA competition as well as different theories and tactics people out there teach. And then try over time to hone a good realistic defensive toolbox for him. Especially the skills he is MOST likely to use such as face to face shooting, 5-10-15-21 feet, action vs reaction and how to reverse the roles etc. Although I must say even with my amount of practice I still forget to put every single piece of wisdom in each drill. Putting it all together in one event is harder than people usually think. I need him to come back off of the cover farther. I dont want bullets following a wall and hitting him. If you shoot from cover like they do in IDPA you wouldn't last 10 minutes on the street. And although I practice and understand tactical reloads as a necessary skill if someone is whizzing bullets past me, screw the old magazine and the couple of rounds in it. One reason we practice on our own is to test things and untrain some aspects of competition. I was also blown away how fast he draws from concealment consider he's never practiced a day in his life with an IWB revolver or belt retaining holster and pistol. That was his first time ever seeing that Sig pistol and rig. He has never owned anything like that, but I noticed the pistol rig got him more excited than the revolver. Something for fathers to remember. At least he owns 2 rigs now, has a permit, knows a little bit and more fired up than ever. Dad, happy camper :) I appreciate any advice you post, please feel free to provide as much as you can.

    P.S. Ordered him a custom leather belt slide holster yesterday for the Sig P250C. He'll be able to shoot IDPA with his actual street rig. SWEET!!!

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    I got some good ideas for my next tactical self-training session. Thanks!
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