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Stay alert

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Thread: Stay alert

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    Stay alert

    I have seen several post lately about doing something and all at once some one has gotten to close to you and you do not know them. The story I am about to relate happened some time back and I will put it out there because I care about the people on this site.
    As I was pulling into a super market in Boise Id I noticed a car that had been dogging me for some time pulled in and followed me through 2 rows of cars. I had a Corvette at the time so I was looking for a space with room and when I found the one I liked I parked and the same car with 2 guys slowed and drove by but parked by backing in near the exit of the lot, but as I got out I was aware that they were watching me. After I shopped and return to my car the guy standing outside the car got back in but they just sat there. OK one way in one way out so I headed to the exit and the guy got back out of the car and as I stopped at the stop sign he walked up to the car and ask where is your daughter ? I just looked at him and he leaned over to get closer and ask the same question. I new all the LEOs in my town and these guys were not with the local depts. and he pushed his jacket back so I could see he was carrying. I smiled and said I have no clue where she is that's when he started to remove his hand from my door but I told him not to but to stick his head in my window and look down. He got a smile thinking I was going to tell him something and I was. As he stuck his head in my window that's when he new my 45 was pointed at him and I told him that if anyone came around looking for my daughter or approached my family or girl friend I would find him first and do what was needed to stop the problem and I wanted him to take that back to his boss because he would be my second stop and I would bring friends. These guys were going to try to stop my girl from making a statement in court about there drug business, the thing is as soon as I told them to hit the road I called my buddies gave them description and plate number out of Ca, and they were caught etc. I truly think you can never drop your guard because you never know what some one has on there mind. You don't have sit around with weapon in hand but for you safety and your loved ones you must stay alert and over the years I have seen BGs get more bold and my prayers are that all of you and yours will be safe, God Bless. Mods put this were you think best I just wanted everyone to be safe
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    Sounds like you have some interesting stories to tell.. I find myself constantly checking my 6 just to be sure nothing is going on of concern behind me. I am new to the CC world and at times I contemplate not carrying then it hits me that this would be the one time something happens and I need it..So I saddle up. I constantly worry about my families well being especially with their lack of concern for negative situations to arise, as well as their lack of willingness to learn about firearms..I have found that it makes me train more to make sure that if something does come up I can defend my family and loved ones as I see fit. I agree with the OP that at times people forget to keep a check on their surroundings..but we are all humans and we make mistakes. At best, we can train to attempt to minimalize the mistakes we make while carrying throughout our daily activities. Hope everyone remains safe!

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