What do you tell the 911 dispatcher after you pull the trigger?

This is a discussion on What do you tell the 911 dispatcher after you pull the trigger? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How does your conversation with an emergency dispatcher play out after a self defense shooting? Let me lay out a scenario. You're in your driveway ...

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Thread: What do you tell the 911 dispatcher after you pull the trigger?

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    What do you tell the 911 dispatcher after you pull the trigger?

    How does your conversation with an emergency dispatcher play out after a self defense shooting?

    Let me lay out a scenario. You're in your driveway wrenching on your lawn mower. A guy pulls up to your property and gets out. He's obviously on something or otherwise has a screw loose, and he demands your car keys. You tell him in a commanding voice to get off your property and that you are calling law enforcement. He doesn't like that response and heads back to his truck and gets in. So you retreat into your garage while dialing 911 to report the nut job. In the meantime he grabs something that you can't see, then immediately jumps back out and walks around the front to approach you again. Oh crap, this time he's holding what you recognize as a Ruger 10/22. Everyone says not to draw your gun unless your life is in immediate danger and you can't avoid it. You couldn't see what he was doing in the truck, so your gun is still in your pocket and he has the definite advantage now. Again he demands your keys and wallet. You aren't going in the house to get the keys for him because your family is inside and you don't want him following you in. A car drives by and distracts him just long enough for you to draw your pistol and aim at his sternum. You yell at him to drop his gun, but he begins to shoulder it. So you hit him twice, he staggers back and begins to gain his balance. So you pop him one more time and he goes down. As he bleeds out in your gutter you dial 911 to report the justified shoot.

    How does your conversation with the dispatcher go? It's obviously being recorded and will be scrutinized later, so choose your words carefully.

    Then when the cops arrive how much and what information do you give them?

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    Tell them exactctly what happened . NOTHING more !!!! Then you will be detained and questioned . DO NOT ANSWER ANYTHING FURTHER WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT.
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    Will we be tested on this later?
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    If you hit him and how many times and where. Then just why you shot him. No details needed. That is coming from a dispatcher. We need to know if you shot him and how many times and how serious for ambulance and why you did it, he was busted into the house, so we can let pd know that you weren't robbing him. Save the rest to be honest. We need the who, what is going on, when did it happen, where did it happen, and very little why. They will figure out the rest on scene. Now not a lawyer or police but just the guy on the other end of the phone. Oh yeah, please be nice our job is very thankless! Most of the time we only get the bad type of praise for doing wrong and police and first responders get the good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sister View Post
    Will we be tested on this later?
    I think we're being tested now.
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    Would you give testimony in court or talk to the police without your lawyer? If the Zimmerman case has showed us anything it's that a 911 call will be heard in a court case if you end up there.

    The less you say the better untill the adrenaline wears off and you talk to you lawyer.

    911: I am the VICTIM of an assault. I fired my CCW in self defense. My name, I look like this, my wearing this. HANG UP. The operator will try to keep you on the line. I'm getting off before I say ANYTHING I may have to listen to in a courtroom. I want to make sure I any evidence remain safe until the police arrive.
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    tell the dispatcher that someone has been shot and you need an ambulance and officers to respond to your location. tell the dispatcher your name, what you look like and that you are a ccw holder. reload your gun, holster your gun and keep it on you in case it`s not over yet, let the family know if possible, tell them to stay inside. wait for the cops, make sure they can see your hands when they approach. identify yourself to the responding officers as the caller and ask what they what to do with the gun. keep your mouth shut and wait for your lawyer.
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    Send a meat wagon to 1234, guy kicked down the wrong door. Oh' and there's no rush on this one.
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    Just my opinion...

    Call 9-1-1 as soon as humanly possible. Keep in mind that others will probably be calling as well. I would... first ask for an ambulance stating that someone has been shot. I would give the address, and description of the home. I would NOT describe the incident. I would NOT say that I fired any shots,... I'd keep 911 on the line until the police arrive. What to say to the Police is a whole different thread.
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    keep it short. name, address, and ask for the police and medical personnel to show up at your location. you do not have to say anything more. if asked what for, say someone has been shot. then hang up the phone. do not stay on the line. 911 personnel will keep asking you questions. do not answer them. they are recording you and it will be used against you. 911 personnel are not law enforcement, you do not have to answer any questions from them and/or follow their directions. your next call should be to a attorney to protect your rights. when the police show up is another set of rules you should follow to protect yourself. it is sad that we have to be this way, but the current world standards are out of control and we are losing the battle.
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    most people have said how i would do it. call the police as soon as you have the threat neutralized. tell them someone has been shot three times, your name and the address. i would not state more than the necessary on a 911 call. the longer you talk the more they can twist what you say and use it against you. personally i wouldnt reload as someone mentioned above me. unless i was out i wouldnt reload because i know they will confiscate my gun for evidence and i wouldnt want to give them an extra mag, just me though.
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    Any LEO's here willing to weigh in on the subject? It'd be really interesting to hear what would and wouldn't be suggested.

    I of course can't honesty know what I would or wouldn't do (situation depending, me lacking a crystal ball, etc.), I imagine that I'd keep it short and sweet. Location, brief summary of the situation, and my description.

    The very last thing I would do is become talkative and assume that responding personel is my best friends. Lawyer will be contacted and I'd proceed from there.
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    Just the basics only . It has been said over and over by many people i have met . My attorney is one of them I also have Leo friends and the same from them . And never grant a search of your vehicle on a traffic stop . No good can come out of answering questions at the moment.
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    "Why did he pick your quite suburban house? You must be selling pot or meth We, the police, are going to have to search your property. You have nothing to hide right?"

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