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Real life scenario , What would you do ?

This is a discussion on Real life scenario , What would you do ? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There isn't a good way to defend against this. Either (a) you're wrong and both the GG's and you get shot; (b) you're wrong and ...

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Thread: Real life scenario , What would you do ?

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    There isn't a good way to defend against this. Either (a) you're wrong and both the GG's and you get shot; (b) you're wrong and the BG's gain entry; or (c) you're "right" and multiple attackers (likely) ultimately prevail. I suppose you could shoot 'em all and prevail, but only in the case of it being BG's do you actually get to avoid prison. With multiple "attackers" at the door, it's fairly unlikely to result in anything but: entry, compliance or possible resistance/death, and ultimately getting the short end of the stick. The hoped-for option, I suppose: Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out. I don't exactly subscribe to this sort of thinking, but in this scenario, it's about the only viable option.

    What would I do? I'd like to hope I would be on the phone to 911 immediately on hearing the shots, while viewing from a darkened window (in the event this turned out to be BG's raiding my home). As I'm not a BG, I wouldn't bet on this being a legit. raid. If folks came through the door, I'd come out shooting. I'd also hope that the contact info on my life insurance policy was correct, so's my family could gain some comfort ...
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    if it was a "raid" by the FBI i'd figure there'd be more than just three guys, two being only cops. I'd do a quick peek out the window before opening the door anyways...
    and if those guys seemed insistant I would have asked to see their FBI and COP badges and identification first.
    I am sure the real FBI and COPS are aware that just barging in adbruptly could (and would) result in a firefight so they would take measures (one would think) to identify who they are, what was up and so on before hand.
    I know one thing, I am equal opportunity unload holy - heck on anyone who busts into my house with guns. I appreciate what cops do for our protection and I trust they know better than to do what the FBI did to Randy Weaver or something equally stupid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by produman View Post
    The dogs being shot has to be the give away. But if you are have asleep are you really gonna realize it?
    This is rumored to be SOP for BATFE.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoodSamaritan View Post
    Reinforced entrances
    LEOs can defeat these too.

    As for going to jail if you shoot LEOs, and not that I'm advocating, but I recall one unfortunate homeowner that initiated fire during a home invasion. Turned out to be LEOs on a no-knock with the wrong address. Not only did said homeowner NOT go to jail, he ended up with a tidy little consolation prize ($$$), although I think his wife may have been shot and/or killed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by produman View Post
    LEOs can defeat these too.
    Agreed, but if it is installed properly, it will take longer. Those extra precious seconds will help you make critical decisions, or get to a safer location.

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    I don't have a dog. If I did, my response to someone standing in the yard shooting the dog would be to close the door, get to cover, and call 911. I would already have a pistol in my hand.

    If the door is kicked open, I shoot anyone who enters. "Crossing the plane" is a green light in Colorado.

    I would rather take the chance of being killed by police kicking in the wrong door than take the chance of being victimized as reported in the Michigan story.

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    My place is a tactical nightmare for anyone wanting to gain entry LE or BG. I live on a second story with a single point of entry up a steep metal staircase. You cant get to the door without walking past the window and unless you can jump 10 feet and cling to the wall you cant get to the window. Unless the BG have a couple grand in entry equipment there gonna be out there pounding the steel door for a few minutes trying to enter and I'll inform them via the intercom that they better back down the stairs and show some ID while I call the cops and verify. Other than that there's gonna be more coming out the door than coming in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbj0186 View Post
    Number five, I know there is no reason for my house to be raided by anyone in LE, especially at 1:30 in the morning.
    But what if the LEOs raided your house (the wrong house) by mistake?

    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post

    I carry when I take my Akita out for his nighttime walk which usually is between 2 and 3AM.
    I've often felt silly about doinig so as we are only in my yard most often just away from my front or side door.

    I'll feel silly no more. :(

    - Janq
    I am a night owl and is often up into the wee hours of the mornig. And live in the heart of the city in a high crime area. And usally let my rottweiler name "Terror" out the back door, generally with gun in hand. I too, often felt silly and was drifting to condition white. But not anymore. And as far the the victims in this case, it looks like they were creatures of habit. Perhaps they were cased.
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    Tough situation. Thanks for sharing the article which has been saved to my drive for future reference. Hope it's never needed.

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