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Thread: KFC experience

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    You can error on the right side by giving to the local mission. Even the missions here say not to give to the panhandlers. Besides being dangerous, it's not helping them learn to fish.

    1. I use the phrase "I do not give handouts!" to beggars. It's to the point and leaves no room for more attempts.

    2. Seeing the door and room is more important than hiding your gun side. When selecting a seat in a dinner I use the following criteria:
    1. Close to emerg. exit.
    2. Can see room with back to wall
    3. See till area.
    4. Hide gun side

    Usually you can get 3/4 if you look and ask the waitress to seat you there.

    If a beggar came up to me and had me trapped in the booth, I would have my hand on a knife hidden for the duration of the conversation. Most street people are nuts, don't make the fatal error of assuming they will behave properly.

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    I had a guy hit me up in the Grocery Store parking lot tonight, if he was lying he spent more in the setup than I gave him. As I was getting into my car he walked up to me and asked if I could help him, he seemed respectful in that he stayed about 6 feet back and said that he had broken down on his way home to Illinois with his family and had to blow all his dough to get his car fixed. Although I didn't ask he pulled out his drivers license which was from where he said and he pointed out his car and family about 20 feet away. It was a late 80's buick and he had a good amount of grease on his clothes as if he'd fixed it in the parking lot at the Autozone next door, since I do almost everything with my debit card I very seldomly have any cash but I did have $6.00 so I gave it to him and told him to pay it forward. I'd rather give it to him than give it to the bum ringin the X-Mas bell right in front of the grocery door trying to guilt trip me. The guy looked to be in his 50's and his kids maybe 10-12 years old so maybe I got suckered, maybe not. I didn't feel threatened as I was packin my .45 so what the heck, I figured if I got creamed by a Mack truck on the way home it might get me some bonus points with the Almighty for helpin the guy out. He was very curtious and said thank you sir many times so maybe it was my good deed for the day.

    At least he wasn't one of the "Will Sit For Food" guys with the sign like I used to see on every offramp when I lived in Florida, or just gave me the "You got any change" line like most the vagrants. I figured if I was ever in that position dont try and bum change, hell ask for $5.00, you might only score 1/10th the amount of the change guys but you'd prob make more. There was a story on the news in Orlando about a guy who bummed from the offramp and was racking up 50K a year!

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    Sucker!! j/k

    Sometimes you can tell it's not a setup. Most hustlers invade your space, the fact that he didn't is a good sign. I still help people on the side of the road even though it's not a good idea, but I'm very alert when I do so.

    Just be carefull.

    Personally, I think pan handling should be outlawed. There are many resources in every town for these people who need help, but most are nuts or won't live by the rules of the missions/programs etc. and PREFER to live on the streets.

    When I was a Reserve Deputy I got to see how much they really DON'T want help, but just want a handout.

    It also has given me a better percentage at recognizing people that really do just need a hand up.

    PS. You lost your reward on this one for telling us, but keep it up. :)
    Matthew 6 1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. 2 Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: 4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

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    I'm all for helping out people who are down on their luck (12 years of Catholic schools kinda instill thats in you.) I still do community service at food kitchens, and with housing rehab projects. I even stop to help people on the side of the road usually (I have had two bad car breakdowns in my 5 years of driving, both times one car stopped and asked if I needed any help, which I declined, but i really appreciated them asking.) So I will almost always stop because I can be pretty handy with a wrench, or my truck can tow them to a service station depending on the situation. As said above, this prolly isn't the smartest thing to do, but neither is driving in my truck through bad parts of town to where we do the housing rehab. I do not give out to panhandlers however, just something about that I can't quite place my finger on where I don't think I should do it.

    And yes, I was tactically finger lickin as he approached (that actually brings up a very valid point I hadn't considered before, so thank you.)
    Fortes Fortuna Juvat

    Former, USMC 0311, OIF/OEF vet
    NRA Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/Reloading Instructor, RSO, Ohio CHL Instructor

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    Being a former PK I kinda learned some of the signs and the ways my dad dealt with people that were in need.

    One time we had a family stop at the church sat through the whole service and waited until everyone left. And said that they had a tire blow out on them. Dad offered them some sandwitches before he told them to meet him down at the service station, to which they turned him down.

    There was a time where we had a couple stop by and offer to work for gas money. After mom talked to them it was obvious they were being honest so dad had them meet him down at the gas station and they got a tank of gas.

    Three days after dad was killed we had a guy calling for a hand out, after I told him the pastor was unavailable he got hostile. He didn't get helped

    I go with four basic rules: 1 if I'm able to help is the main one I do unless the rules 2 or 3 are violated.
    2 If they are under the influence I don't help
    3. If I can see it's safe to help, if not I'll call state radio and let the HP take care of the issue. (I won't stop after dark due to leaving me more vulnerable).
    4. If they are rude or demanding I don't help no matter what.

    I try to help others when I can because life has a way of putting everyone in need at some point .

    I'm not saying you were wrong not "helping" the guy. It seams like he came across pretty rude.
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

    Zacharia Johnson (speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention,25 June 1778)"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." ~Alexander Hamilton

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    I saw a guy in the car in front of me give packaged snacks and a coke to a panhandler. Apparently he kept these in his car for this very purpose. I Thought that was a much better idea than giving money. Least he knows he is not buying booze or rock for someone. Also no cash involved if it is a hustle. Pretty cool of him to do so(helping people is a good thing).
    The Problem: When stupid people do stupid things, smart people end up getting killed.

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