Kidnapped/Carjacked on I-40

Kidnapped/Carjacked on I-40

This is a discussion on Kidnapped/Carjacked on I-40 within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This sad incident really strikes a chord with me…maybe because I'm looking forward to doing exactly what Gary and Linda Haas were doing: hitching up ...

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Thread: Kidnapped/Carjacked on I-40

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    Kidnapped/Carjacked on I-40

    This sad incident really strikes a chord with me…maybe because I'm looking forward to doing exactly what Gary and Linda Haas were doing: hitching up the RV and travel to the mountains in the summer.

    So, Gary did have a handgun…but it was in the travel trailer hitched to their truck (I'm assuming a four-door pickup.) Perhaps Gary was concerned about the legalities of carrying in the vehicle while driving through various states…I don't know. So, imagine your shooter is in the trailer during this scenario.

    It's summertime, and the Haas' are traveling from Oklahoma to the mountains of Colorado, like they've done for over 10 years. They pull into a rest area along Interstate 40 in eastern New Mexico to make lunch in the RV. Unfortunately, a couple of escaped convicts and their female accomplice were taking a bathroom break at the same rest area. The cons notice what a nice truck the Haas' have, and since their old car has no air conditioning, decide to carjack the Haas'.

    They scoped out the Haas', waiting for them to prepare to leave. As Gary is sitting in the driver's seat, Linda comes out of the RV and as she makes her way to get into the front passenger seat, she is "joined" by the escaped cons, both of which have guns. The suspects order Linda into the front seat, and they climb into the back seat. At gunpoint, Gary is ordered to drive down the Interstate. The Haas' are told that if they cooperate, they will not be harmed.

    What would you do at this point? Follow orders?

    Gary drives a ways and then is told to take an exit on a lonely two-lane road, where the cons figure they will unhitch the trailer and leave the Haas' with it while the cons drive off in the nice truck. Except…convict McClusky decides (or maybe he knew all along) that he doesn't want any witnesses. So, after getting the Haas' cash and gun out of the RV, the Haas' are executed. The trailer is later found burned with their bodies inside.

    The murderers were captured a few days later. The two accomplices of McClusky's decide to take a plea agreement and testify for the prosecution. McClusky pleads not guilty; he's on trial starting this month.

    John McCluskey, Tracy Province Murder Trial: Suspect Says 'It Could Have Been My Family'

    How would you react in this scenario as the convicts are getting into the back of your truck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9BPLE View Post
    How would you react in this scenario as the convicts are getting into the back of your truck?
    I suppose with hindsight being 20/20 and all, not leaving my pistol in the RV in the first place is a good start. After that? Hard to say. Do you chance "going for it" with an armed criminal having his gun already out and pointed at you? Tough call. I, personally can't say. I'd have to be there. Does the convict look away? Do I get a chance to draw and fire? Do I act without my actions threatening my wife? Who can say?

    Would SA have allowed me to see the criminals coming towards the truck before they got in? 20/20 and all, did I pull my weapon and slay all of them from the cab of the truck and hope to not hit my wife? Your call ....
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    One option, a bit of offensive driving. Make sure you and your spouse a buckled in and I am assuming the criminals are not. Get up enough speed then slam on the brakes as hard as you can. That should disorient them enough to allow you and your spouse time to bail and put some distance between you and them.
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    Location, location, location a gun you cannot deploy is not a factor. Being at the mercy of those who have none is not a choice. It is said Mr Haas was concerned over the legality of having a gun with him in the cab. A valid concern when traveling through a multitude of jurisdictions. However looking up the info would have been well worth it in retrospect. Of course one can see more clearly looking backwards.

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    Another vote for the gun being on your person and waiting for the right time to shoot both of them in the face....
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    I can't say exactly what I'd do. But if I were in a situation in which someone has gotten the jump on me and I am a hostage driving my own vehicle, I would probably comply up until the point that I speed up and ram something. I'd have my seatbelt on and hope that my captor goes flying through my windshield and I am only moderately hurt.

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    On your person , check the carry laws before you travel.
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    Situational awareness and being armed is the "ounce of prevention" that's worth so much more than the pound of cure.

    But sadly they weren't, so they found themselves in a very serious predicament. We reading this know what happened to them, and that affects our response here, and it's easy to say........fight 'em off, stick 'em with a knife, gouge their eyes, jump out of the moving truck, etc. The Haas' didn't know for sure what was going to happen to them, I think they were hopeful the BG's would just let them go (it sometimes happens). The Haas' were up against three people and two guns, they were essentially at the mercy of, and hopeful of getting released. They gambled, and sadly they lost.

    They didn't know their deaths were imminent, but had they known for sure, then you have nothing to lose. Fight 'em off, jump out of the truck at a survivable speed, wreck the truck, grab at their guns, etc.

    Unexpected, unanticipated situations that suddenly develop like that typically favors the BG, and that's why they did it, catching them off-guard.
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    Check the laws do your best to follow them. Never leave you an your familys safety to someone else. Always carry never tell
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    How many times have we heard from LE to never leave the initial scene. If you leave the initial scene odds are you are far more likely to be harmed or killed.

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    If I were forced to drive in an un-populated area, I'd consider gaining a good bit of speed, and then tell the fellas to give me their guns or I'll flip the vehicle. If they shot me, my last living action would be to jerk the steering wheel and take them with me.
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    Not going to leave the rest area. And since I am never anyplace that I dont have a gun on me Im going for broke. It wasnt stated but I would assume there were others in the rest area as well.

    If they are going to shoot us then they are going to do it right there in the rest area where people can hear and see.
    If that fact causes them to hesitate then that hesitation works in my favor. If not I figure we in that situation are dead anyway and they just want to get us secluded before they kill us.

    Nope not going anyplace and the fight is on right then.
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    If for whatever reason I was separated from my gun like they were, under no circumstance would I have let them move me from the initial scene. The way I see it, I could end up dead either way but fighting tooth and nail right then and there at least gives me some chance of survival.

    ETA: Yet another example of how unsafe rest stops can be. My SA is going berserk whenever I have to stop at them.
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    If I have a RV I'm not stopping at a rest area period. I am not walking around unarmed, and I will have to be killed on the spot before I go anywhere.
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    My wife and I talked about scenarios like this because of a recent carjacking at one of our local malls. We would basically fight. Or if they're in the car, ensure we're buckled in, pick the closest tree and floor in head on into the tree. Nothing without a fight. They will not get their way.
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