He Ran Towards the Gun Fire and Danger

He Ran Towards the Gun Fire and Danger

This is a discussion on He Ran Towards the Gun Fire and Danger within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A story from the Kenya Mall Massacre.....how many here armed with a pistol would do what this man did? Kenyan Hero's Harrowing Tale of Rescues ...

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Thread: He Ran Towards the Gun Fire and Danger

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    He Ran Towards the Gun Fire and Danger

    A story from the Kenya Mall Massacre.....how many here armed with a pistol would do what this man did?

    Kenyan Hero's Harrowing Tale of Rescues in Mall Massacre - Yahoo

    Kenyan Hero's Harrowing Tale of Rescues in Mall Massacre

    By Alexander Marquardt | ABC News – 12 hours agoABC News - Kenyan Hero's Harrowing Tale of Rescues in Mall Massacre (ABC News)

    In one of the most memorable images to emerge from inside the Nairobi mall attacked last weekend by Islamic extremists, a 4-year-old girl is seen running toward a man who is reaching out a hand to pull her to safety.

    The man was Abdul Haji, a 39-year-old real estate executive who rushed to the mall as the attack got underway. He managed to evacuate scores of people to safety, including that young American girl, Portia Walker, and is being hailed in Kenya as a hero.

    As the gunmen began their rampage in Nairobi's upscale Westgate Mall early Saturday afternoon, Haji got a short text from his brother who was at the mall. "I'm stuck at the Westgate. It's probably a terrorist attack. Pray for me." Haji's immediate thought was that militants had gone to assassinate his brother.

    Until just a few weeks ago, his brother was an undercover counterterrorism official battling organizations like al Shabab, the al Qaeda-linked group that has claimed responsibility for the four-day siege that left almost 70 people dead. But a local media outlet had recently revealed Haji's brother's identity and the family - including their father, a former defense minister - had started receiving death threats.

    Haji says he grew up around guns and lately had been carrying his pistol with him. "I left where I was and I headed straight to the Westgate," Haji told ABC News. "Luckily on that particular day I had actually carried my licensed gun with me so I didn't have to go back home to waste time and pick up a gun, I went straight to the mall."

    When he arrived he quickly figured out his brother was not the target. Haji joined up with a group of around 15 men outside, including some security officers, most of them armed and some wearing body armor, and headed into the mall with workers from the Red Cross. "It was like a war zone," he said. "I've never seen such a massacre. I've never come across such a thing. It was shocking. There were young girls, there were ladies, elderly people, some children. We were shocked."

    The group had taken a ramp up to the mall's top floor which they started clearing, going store to store and yelling at people to get out, many of whom didn't know which side the men were on. "Most of them were really petrified, they could not move. They were lying down on the ground as if they were dead but they were not dead," said Haji. "We kept shouting that we're police officers, 'get up, get up, open the door, we're police officers.'"

    As they arrived on the mall's ground floor, the attackers opened fire on the group, shooting one of the men Haji was with in the stomach. It was then that Haji came face to face with one of the attackers, whom he described as "of dark complexion, he had a black bandanna tied on his head."

    "When his eyes and my eyes met, he started taunting me and telling come closer," Haji recalled. "Telling me in Swahili, 'come, come.' As if it was a joke to him. This whole thing was a joke to him."

    Nearby, a woman was trapped behind a table. Haji yelled at her to run to them but the woman, 39 year-old Katherine Walker, said she couldn't because she had three young children with her. Haji told her to send the eldest, 4-year-old Portia, who ran across. "[A] very brave girl," said Haji affectionately. "She's running toward a man with a gun and she was very brave."

    "I don't know how she knew to do it but she did," Katherine Walker later told The Telegraph newspaper, "she did what she was told and she went."

    Walker and another woman followed close behind with the other two children who then re-united outside with the family's two teenage sons who had been shopping elsewhere in the mall. "I was worried about family in America seeing [the photo] because we haven't really shared the whole story with them yet," Walker told the newspaper. "For me, I know the story behind it and that it ends well. I think I owe Mr. Haji a hug or two."

    As Haji arrived at a Nairobi hotel for the interview, he was instantly recognized by hotel staff who asked for photos with him. But Haji dismisses all the talk of him being a hero, saying he was just going to the mall to save his brother. "I think anybody in the situation would have probably done the same thing," he said. "[If] he was armed and thinking the worst about his family he would have probably done the same thing."

    Haji claims he's coping well in the aftermath of the ordeal. He says he doesn't remember any nightmares but his wife has told him that he has been crying in his sleep. "I never saw anything like that," said Haji. "It'll probably stick with me for a long time. And I just hope I don't have to go through the same thing again."
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    Very cool. I wonder how much airtime MSM will devote to this story? (My guess is since a "Legal" firearm used to save hundreds. It will be just a blip.)
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    I have no idea what I would do, other than not being in a mall in Kenya....

    Good on this guy, though...... but the story could have easily read "Funeral for man with gun who tried to rescue people in mall set for...."

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    A great story from an outrageous set of circumstances. Maybe you could put your initial question in the form of a poll.
    "I'm set up to play a game right now. However, I doubt most people would want to get into a gun fight with me."

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    I was surprised, pleasantly, to hear that this guy was legal to carry a gun. I know that their was a thread on here a while back where someone asked what other countries besides the US allow their citizens to carry....

    Kenya? Who knew....

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    I read where you can't get a gun in Kenya until the govt thoroughly probes all your orifices over time. Not sure about right to carry but that seems to be well restricted also. This guy, his brother having had an anti-terrorism job, might have gotten special treatment, or may himself be connected for various reasons. Still I doubt Kenya (or our own MSM) is going to get all on the 2A bandwagon.
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    Huh, I had no idea Kenya allowed carry.

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    In an environment like Nairobi, he may have served a useful purpose. Maybe. In an incident at an American shopping mall, he would have been a nuisance to law enforcement. At best, he would have been in their way. Since he was not involved by necessity (he heard a report of the mall incident and went to the scene), he likely would have served a better purpose by staying outside and perhaps helping with crowd control.

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    Just like the image from 9/11 below.
    Some rushed in, while others rushed out

    The man, Abdul Haji who rushed in, while believing it was his brother originally the target of the terrorists, after learning that he wasn't still stuck around and risked his life.
    He is a doer, not a bullcrapping talker.

    He gets hero status in my book., as well as the others who also could have boogied on out as quick as whale poop in an ice flow.
    This is humanity and compassion for others to the highest degree, and I can only hope I would have put my big boy boots on and done the same.

    These terrorists (al Qaeda) and the like need to be hunted down and exterminated from the face of the earth, for they will be the plague of the civilized world if not.
    All the governments of the world need to band together, and lose the attitude that they(the terrorists) are NIMBY, so to H.E. Double Hockey Sticks to the whole problem.
    These cowards and dregs of humanity will be coming soon to a country near you very fast.
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    Good on that guy!

    In this new enlightened society we live in that calls evil good and good evil, and the mixed bag of carry / self defense laws each state has, and the persecution the main stream media will launch doing the moral thing...

    Add to the mix law enforcement / DA is going to scrutinize every move and action in depth to determine if any law was broken and where each of your projectiles ended up. Doing the right thing to protect innocent life could cause you years / decades of personal and financial grief.

    One has to really weigh the risks and predetermine his / her actions if they ever find themselves in a situation.

    You will probably never know if you saved any life or limb. Just one year down the road if you didn't dot all your "I's" and cross all your "T's" and get charged with something, where will all of the potential victims be that you interceded for, two years down the road, three years. Regardless, rest assured your mug shot will be plastered in every liberal media outlet crying out loud for your hide.

    That's my view of this world anyway.
    I think, therefore I am...

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    Pretty courageous of the guy.

    Tough situation, if much of the mall was under fire by an unknown number of rifle-toting assailants.
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    Again another example of what the armed citizen can and will do in times of turmoil!! A properly educated and trained citizen that is armed can effectivly save lives and/or assist if need Law enforecment.

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    Hero. No doubt.
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