Airsoft Training(worthit or not?)

Airsoft Training(worthit or not?)

This is a discussion on Airsoft Training(worthit or not?) within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello me and a few freinds have been doing some tactical shooting running threw trees in the back yard plinking at targets(anything from my 22 ...

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Thread: Airsoft Training(worthit or not?)

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    Airsoft Training(worthit or not?)

    Hello me and a few freinds have been doing some tactical shooting running threw trees in the back yard plinking at targets(anything from my 22 rifle to my freinds 45 acp) we would set up at random spots..but near the end of the day you knew the course and how to run it most we were wondring how to better our preparedness for changing situations...we also wanted to do some building clearing in the dark and in the light..this is where we thought of airsoft. As a way to make it more realilistic being the target can shot this a good idea for situational preparedness..or would it be more considered more just fun in the backyard with no learning at all?

    Their is plenty of tree space we could play war and actually shoot each other rather then targets..we also have a old building we are thinking of running clearing drills in to broaden or set of skills

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    If you do it with the intention you mention--why not? If it becomes a game--fageddabout it. Sure can't hurt to do anything that gives you some "defense memory".

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    As often seen on Tom Clancy's books: "drills are bloodless wars, and wars are bloody drills". Training with toy guns can help you develop tactics that could help you when SHTF. Also, there is still a reset button. In real scenarios, realization that your flanking maneuver is flawed will arrive right before everything blacks out for the last time.

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    As long as you give it structure, meaning and don't let it turn into a grab fest shoot em up thing going up against another human is good. But there needs to be someone in charge to keep control of what is and what is not being done.

    Doing FOF against others with airsoft is as close to the real thing you can get, without doing the real thing.
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    It depends on what you're training for. If you're training for serious social encounters, airsoft will help.

    Your primary objective in a social encounter is not to hurt the other person, but to prevent the other person from hurting you. Force on force training with airsoft, training knives, rubber clubs, or other such simulated weapons will show you how to avoid getting hurt by, among other things, getting off the line of attack. For example, by practicing Tueller drills (knife against gun) you will see how lateral movement while drawing and shooting makes you a more difficult target while still allowing you to place COM hits on the bad guy.

    Be sure to use proper safety gear with airsoft. The pellets can put out an eye, and will draw blood on unprotected skin. But don't get so bundled up that you don't feel the hits, which give feedback on your tactics. And don't blast away at your training partners. One or two shots will show you what works and what doesn't.

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    Not to long ago, I swallowed my ego and forked out $120 for a GBB Sig p226. Totally worth it for CQB training around the house. Stick to ordering all your AS gear online, Ive come to notice that alot of kids working the airsoft stores are a bunch of wannabe arm chair commando's, who dont know the first thing training for a deadly encounter.
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    Shadow boxing. I do it a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xykotik View Post
    As often seen on Tom Clancy's books: "drills are bloodless wars, and wars are bloody drills".
    I think that's actually from the 1st century historian, Flavius Josephus. But I agree with your point.

    I also think airsoft can be useful for FoF training so long as you take pains to make it realistic instead of just horsing around. Also, be careful to do it where no one else can misunderstand the nature of what they're seeing. It would be really awkward to be standing there with an airsoft in your hand in front of a few cops with their real guns pointed at you!
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    If you want better actual training, check this out: StressVest: Next Step in Force on Force Training :: Blue Sheepdog

    Also, if you are doing this training in a place where ANY innocent by-stander can see you (and call 911 in alarm), it might be worth your while to type up a letter that informs your local LE (the ones who would respond to a MWAG call) of your training activities and the locations where you train. Then take it in IN PERSON, and ask to see an officer, and explain that you want to be responsible and prevent any unfortunate mis-understandings. Maybe you could give the LE one particular cell number to call to check and see if you are running training at any given time--to check against incoming 911 calls ("yes ma'am, we have called and checked, and it is just some young men conducting training and nothing to worry about--they have cleared this with us beforehand--nothing to worry about.")

    a little forethought could go a long ways here in positive LE/citizen interactions and prevent tragic misunderstandings.........
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    FoF is quite beneficial. It will show you your weaknesses and strengths and if structured correctly will enhance your tactics by trial and error. For building clearing, I suggest professional instruction first, there's more to searching properly than most recognize.
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    Where in ND are you?

    I am working on such a facility near Grand Forks to add to my training regime, but it is not heated so spring may be when we start.
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    Gabe Saruez one of the leading training gurus uses airsoft in his FOF training ( Force on Force). He's not just a trainer he has been there done that and has the t shirts. I have several of his books on Kindle and one of them sets up scenerios just like you are talking about.Tthe CO2 air soft guns he uses cost a couple hundred dollars but I bought a CO2 S&W MP from Walmart that works great for this it is air soft. Paint ball face mask works well for eye protection and this way you know if your tactics are correct because if they are not you get the pain penalty. Hope this helps and have fun but take it seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill MO View Post
    As long as you give it structure, meaning and don't let it turn into a grab fest shoot em up thing going up against another human is good. But there needs to be someone in charge to keep control of what is and what is not being done.

    Doing FOF against others with airsoft is as close to the real thing you can get, without doing the real thing.
    I agree with Bill MO. For FoF, airsoft is a great training tool, but must be structured with specific scenarios and role playing for it to be effective. Someone needs to in charge who is knowledgable in this training environment. Read Kenneth Murray's book 'Training at the Speed of Life'. He is regarded as the father of Force on Force training. It has been very effective in law enforcement and military training providing the student with a more accurate real world training experience.

    However, one of the things that many people forget in using airsoft or simmunitions is that with the protective facemask used for safety in airsoft, you will not be able to read the people body language or facial clues as would occur in real world encounters. This is where laser training guns become an effective tool such as the SIRT pistol. Instructor led FoF training that is scenario based using all of the tools available will provide a great training environment that can be very effective.
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    A military swat buddy of mine basically does the exact same thing you're describing all the part of his job description. They do it with simmunition instead of airsoft (uses the real guns, is louder than airsoft, and hurts a whole lot more). But same general concept.

    So yeah, I'd say it has the potential to be effective if done right.

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    Two suggestions...

    Have a written scenario, with learning objectives, written up by someone who is not engaged in the training. Debrief afterwards to review the objectives.

    Have two safety officers. One with the good guy force, one with the bad guy group. The good guy safety officer should not be part of the exercise but be a visible safety officer who can control all the players. The bad guy SO can be part of the bad guy team, and can often control the flow of the scenario better that way.

    Here's a simple one:

    You and a friend are at home when you hear the sound of breaking glass from the other side of the house. There have been recent burglaries in the neighborhood.

    Learning objectives...

    Good Guys (GG) will use cooperative tactics to defend themselves.
    GG will maintain all around situational awareness.
    GG will find and use cover and/or concealment as available.

    Most important part is a neutral participant to objectively judge how well you performed. Otherwise it's just grabass.

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