Lesson learned

Lesson learned

This is a discussion on Lesson learned within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Until recently I never have been big on carrying multiples guns/items with me. Just a few nights ago I was at the gas station filling ...

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Thread: Lesson learned

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    Lesson learned

    Until recently I never have been big on carrying multiples guns/items with me. Just a few nights ago I was at the gas station filling up my wife's car at night when 4 individuals came and robbed the gas station. Fortunately all the action was inside the store and I was able to quietly leave the area. No shots were fired and no one was hurt (while I was there or by any other reports I received) and this was not my battle so I decided to leave. But when I realized what was going on I became worried that my one magazine I had with me could end up not being enough if a all-out shoot out started. (Ie: the perps started shooting at everyone) I guess the moral of the story is I learned my lesson to carry some extra mags and ammo whenever remotely possible. I'm just glad I didn't learn it the hard way. Any other suggestions?

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    I like to carry an extra mag more because I've had magazines fail in the past. The extra ammo capacity doesn't suck either, but I realize the odds of me needing to reload are pretty low.
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    always carry an extra mag if not a BUG, if it were to become a shoot out then you need a long gun.
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    I'd have gotten into my vehicle and worked my way up to the turret, and hosed 'em all down as they exited...

    Magazines? HAH! Bandoleers full!

    Just making light of the situation... Glad it turned out okay for you... and if you feel the need for more, no harm in it... might help, might not.
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Thirty rounds is the absolute minimum I have on me at any time, but usually about fifty.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Would have been a much better story had you charged to the rescue with guns blazing. That's what 50 rounds is for...
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    That's what the AR in the trunk is fer.
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    That feeling of suddenly realizing that "this is no place for shoddy/inadequate gear/ammo" REALLY, REALLY sucks doesn't it????? (been there, done that, didn't like that feeling)
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    First, glad to hear you had the calmness and sense to get out of a potentially life-ending situation!

    It seems that at least once a week on this forum someone does a post to remind me of things I "used to know" but don't do anymore. A few years ago I never got dressed to go out without a gun and at least one spare mag. Now it's just the gun.

    THANK YOU for the reminder!

    You're airy an angel.........
    Getting old was not on my list of "things to do" in the Golden Years!


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    This is exactly the situation where your daily ride or your wife's ride should be a Ferret Scout Car with turret and 30cal beltfed.

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    Good call on getting away. If you can leave the fight, then by all means, do so.

    As for me, I usually have the G19 with a spare mag riding in a SnagMag. If I have to go to the city, the LCR accompanies the Glock.

    Again, I am happy nobody was hurt.

    Live, learn, and move on

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwrt19 View Post
    Until recently I never have been big on carrying multiples guns/items with me. Just a few nights ago I was at the gas station filling up my wife's car at night when 4 individuals came and robbed the gas station.

    One fact of life is that life will hit you square between the eyes at some point. Happens to most of us, at one time or another. Life's full of surprises. Had it been 60sec either way, you might well have been in that store. Such is life.

    Carry a range of weapons you're competent using.
    Carry the most-effective fight-stopper of a firearm and ammo you're capable of carrying and concealing.
    Carry spares, remembering the old adage that Two is One and One is None. Have spares (ammo, weaponry).
    Train, train, train. Scenarios and situations, options, fighting options when necessary.
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    I hope you at least called 911 as you left.
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    I carry 2 spare 8 round mags for my 1911,I would have drove off while calling 911 and kept them under surveillance so if they got in a vehicle etc I could relay the info
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    Good call you don't want to put your loved ones in danger. Good to think about thier safety first.
    I carry a spare mag and a spare gun .38 in my car with one pare speed loader. I've been toying with the idea of putting one of my ARs or my mossberg 500 in a hidden container in my SUV.

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