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Real Situation...Your Thoughts?

This is a discussion on Real Situation...Your Thoughts? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Don't go back. call the police. there is a law witch covers things being thrown at cars. He is also libel for any damage. done ...

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Thread: Real Situation...Your Thoughts?

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    Don't go back. call the police. there is a law witch covers things being thrown at cars. He is also libel for any damage. done to the car. he will probly be arrested when the cops show up. This happend to me a few years back and I called the cops.

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    In the "good ole days"this guy would still be trying to get the pole saw out of his a$$ a days calling the cops is your only option.Although depending on how close he was with the saw,IMO you'd be justified drawing on this psycho....
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    If I were the driver of the struck car, I would not have moved farther down the road. I would have stopped in front of his house, examined my car while not entering his property, and then call the police. I would have been very vocal about calling the police.

    As far as what I would have done if it were my father, not would depend on the situation.

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    Sounds like typical police action when arriving on a scene. They dont know for sure who is lieing and what happend.

    I think that putting your hand on your weapon and demanding that he drop his, is the proper responce. It let him know that you meant business and that he was out armed. If you had not, he may have been mad enough to keep the attack up thinking you were bluffing. At that point you may have had to draw... so it saved you from having to make that ultimate choice.

    I would have gotten my dad back in the car (physically if needed) before he got into the other guys property.
    Im glad everyone was ok!
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    Simple: Get the flock off his property.

    As a CC person,you are supposed to be non-confrontational. ------

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    would have stopped the car a bit up the road, called the police from inside the car and let them handle it.

    Once your dad was out I don't know...thats a tough one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate View Post
    Hell, in most places I can think of, throwing a rock or other projectile at a vehicle in motion is easily considered assault, and in different localities, assault with a deadly weapon at that!
    Was on the highway once, coming up towards an overpass and within ~80ft of homes on the right, when a ~10" cube of cement lands onto the hood and takes out a 2ft square chunk of metal off the car. Didn't swerve, didn't slow down. Had I been 5ft farther along, it would have come through the windshield, with far worse effects. Deadly assault, no doubt. Don't know where the thing came from, as nobody appeared to be on the overpass. My guess was, at the time: kids with a homemade launcher of some sort.
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    Typically I'm all for frying his @r$e, but on this one, if you're already travelling in the vehicle and it hasn't sustained enough damage to cause you to crash, keep on moving and as a poster already stated "get the flock out of there"(which can be figuratively or literally if you have a car-load of kids!). Although if you wreck or are injured, all bets are off. The way I see it, rocks being thrown at moving cars should be considered attempted murder and not just simple assault. It is quite clear that a rock purposefully thrown through a windshield can not only directly injure the driver or passengers, but also cause enough damage and/or distraction to cause the driver to loose control of the vehicle thereby crashing and injuring or killing the occupants. Case in point (Incident in Sacremento Last year):

    Second Case (Truck driver in AU died from a rock through the windshield):
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    Actually it is funny you mentioned this. This must be the month for people to chuck things at moving vehicles. My wife and I have both had it happen within the last couple of weeks. .

    I was recently turning around in a rather unsavory portion of Columbus,OH. (missed my exit) I was going the speed limit, and literally minding my own business. I didn't even look directly at anyone until afterwards.
    Anyways, I was heading through a run down residential neighborhood that runs between two major roads so I could get back to the interstate. I noticed a couple of women standing in the front yard who looked like they were just having a friendly little chat with each other. As I got closer, the older of the two drew back and chucked a pebble or chewing gum or something at my truck (it missed, whatever it was). She started yelling something at me and judging from her body language, it was none to friendly. My response? I kept right on driving. There was nothing to be gained by stopping, much less getting out of the truck, and very likely ending up in a confrontation. Not to mention the two women in question, were both minorities. I don’t bring it up because of any racism, or belief that they are somehow inferior or more prone to violence,(nothing could be further from the truth) but because of how it would be interpreted in today’s politically correct world.

    On the flip side, my wife was coming home from some relatives about 2:00 am last weekend when she noticed several white things laying on the road. As she was trying to figure out what they were, someone dropped an egg off of an overpass onto her windshield. Not only did it obstruct her view of the road, it also cracked the windshield. If I had been following her as we had originally planned, I am not sure what my Immediate reaction would have been, but I doubt the idiots would have liked it. At the very least I would have called the police and reported the incident.

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    I would have called the cops.

    Not much else to do really. A pole saw being pointed at you isn't really something that rises to the level of a deadly force response you know?
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    I don't know the laws in Penn.
    But in Fla. The simple action of throwing a rock at a car is a felony.
    "Throwing Deadly Missles." The police here Will definately get your behind for it. As far as the pole saw .. I'm sure it would have been his word against yours, but the local cops here do love to stack charges.


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