Another prank that could have gone horribly wrong.

Another prank that could have gone horribly wrong.

This is a discussion on Another prank that could have gone horribly wrong. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Two kids pretend one is murdering the other with an axe at gas station, then charge bystanders: Irresponsible Axe Owners Of The Day: Pavel Krivov ...

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Thread: Another prank that could have gone horribly wrong.

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    Another prank that could have gone horribly wrong.

    Two kids pretend one is murdering the other with an axe at gas station, then charge bystanders:

    Irresponsible Axe Owners Of The Day: Pavel Krivov And Petru Tomcac. | The Truth About Knives

    Apart from the obvious comments of "he could have been shot" that I completely agree with, there is another aspect of this not really mentioned in the comments.

    I hate to think that I would stand by and watch someone get murdered or assaulted or raped in the woods, but so many unknowns when you're the third party in a situation, especially if you weren't there right from the start. It's a really tough call and hearing cry-wolf stories like this certainly doesn't help.

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    That's one very lucky guy, lucky no one taught him the meaning of bringing an axe to a gunfight.
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    Wow, just wow. Kid with the axe is lucky to be alive.
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    I could hardly believe the humor in the news article!! Hardly the usual type of story, of course no one drew down on these 2 idiots. Both of which are pretty dog gone lucky no one did draw down on them.

    Stupid teenagers learn a hard lesson the hard way.

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    And if someoen did shoot him the media would have portrayed the shooter as a nutcase and that he should have fled instead of trying to help someone.

    Or..of course the ususal excuse "he should have known it was a fake axe"
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    I went to renew my car tags just the other day. I was in the courthouse annex.

    You walk in, then have to turn either right or left. I turn right, and coming towards me are two adults, or adult sized beings.

    Blank expressions on their faces, covered in blood, skin pale, moving in my direction in an odd, shambolic, manner. And my first reactions were what we would hope they would be, I think.

    Mind instantly went to "Beware! Danger! Threats somewhere! Classify the two in front as victims or threats! Look for other threats!", and then instantly picked the correct choice..."Halloween".

    The two "trick or treaters" whom I encountered in the hallways, were young adults, just out having fun. But they had made realistic looking zombie/victim of violence costumes. You know, not a "fairy princess" and "cowboy Hank", or something that is non threatening.

    They did a good job on their costumes, too. Too good in my book.

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    Need more common sense axe control laws.

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    Just when I thought people could not get stupider someone comes along to prove me wrong.
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    What's that saying? "There's no cure for STUPID!" I think this is a textbook case. I had read one time of a similar incident using a rubber knife instead of an axe. Same comments, same stupid.

    When will kids (and some adults!!!) learn?
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    Their names indicate they may be recent refugees/transplants/student visa recipients of some Ukraine/Russian region.

    Their ages reflect stupidity at ALL levels of ignorance.

    Pavel V. Krivov, 18, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of second-degree assault and Petru G. Tomceac, 18, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of criminal conspiracy. Both Vancouver teens were booked into the Clark County Jail and are being held on $20,000 bail

    What does glockman always say,

    Ignorance, if left unchecked can get to stupid real fast, or something like that .
    These two idiots were definitely in the fast lane.

    Always some idiots trying to get rich quick and notoriety and fame.

    Bet their parents are real proud of these dummies.
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    If a guy came at me swinging an axe, he would have found out that he chose the wrong weapon and the wrong person to swing at.

    The idiot would have received a quick lesson that would definitely have an impact or two or three.
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    Now, there's a good example of "Youtube 15mins of fame" types. Hard to mistake them ... except, that is, at the moment they're charging at you with a sharp axe with manifest intent to kill.

    The axe wielding idiot is very lucky he didn't get ventilated on the spot.
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    There are 450,000 CPL holders in the state of Washington. I wonder if this guy (now) has any idea how close to death he came that day.
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    Way back when it was still okay to walk down to the departing gates at airports I used to take my girlfriend to the airport. We'd wait for an announcement of a soon departing flight and we'd run to the gate. She'd start crying and we'd hug and kiss. People would watch us with comments like "Oh, how sweet, two young lovers". Then the plane would leave and we'd run to the next gate and do it all over again. We called it playing "goodbye". Sounds like more fun to me than pretend killing another person and I got to make out with my beautiful girl friend. You wouldn't think things could change so much in only 47 years.

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    I don't see what the big deal is. Just a couple of kids having fun.
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