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Attacked by unarmed man......

This is a discussion on Attacked by unarmed man...... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ms.k You also have to look at your risk factors. Unless you are a prison guard, hang out at bars, clubs, busy ...

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Thread: Attacked by unarmed man......

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    Quote Originally Posted by ms.k View Post
    You also have to look at your risk factors. Unless you are a prison guard, hang out at bars, clubs, busy streets, hang around with questionable people, the odds of someone starting a fight with you are nil.
    I am really confused by this statement. Are you saying that random violence does not happen? If you are out in public, anything can happen to you.
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    Three statements for the Police when they arrive.
    1. I was in fear for my life.
    2. I thought he was armed
    3. My I speak to my lawyer now.

    All this being said as the coroner is putting the guy in body bag.
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    Here's something that I witnessed first hand when I was a kid. I grew up in detroit,Mich. not far from Tiger Stadium. I knew a guy we all called junky Jerry, he was a poineer when crack first showed up hot and heavy. He was also a pimp who knew not to carry a weapon you can't get as high in jail as you can on the streets right. So he let everyone and their brother know this dirtbag had AIDS and he was low enough to bite in a fight, if you can believe that. Even without the threat of being bitten would you bust a guys mouth who you knew has a deadly disease? Remember back then AIDS was a real mystery when it first came out, most of the younger people thought it was as easy to get from someone as a cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadslinger View Post
    I agree that some degree of unarmed self defense should be learned by everyone. Now with that being said their is always going to be Someone that can "take you" in a fight. A less than lethal weapon is an alternative if you feel the need. OC, flashlight, collapsable baton etc. Just remember in any self defense situation:
    Awareness and Common Sense are your best tools.
    As for me, in my desire to keep myself and my family from becomming a victim, I adopted a 3 layered defense:

    Layer 1 - Practiced 8 years of Shotokan Karate (although I stropped training some 12 years ago, I think I can still be somewhat effective against the average unarmed punk).
    Layer 2 - I carry pepper spray with me all the time (for the BIG unarmed punk)
    Layer 3 - My Beretta 96 FS (soon to be SW1911) in an IWB for that last gasp scenario we all dread.

    Even with all that, my greatest fear is that in the heat of the moment, I can think clearly enough to know what to do.

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    A female can easily get away with squeezing on an unarmed person. However, if male we find ourselves in a different boat. I would definitely get some H2H training or buy some spray. And don't forget running is always an option.
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    A properly trained person can kill just as effectively unarmed as armed. Even an untrained person can kill with a lucky shot.

    I do not want to deal with the possibility of bloodborne pathogens. As well, I've gone H2H with a drunk person, and that guy was feeling no pain until the next day. I one, but only because I pinned him and some others convinced him to stop because they saw he was going to dislocate some stuff getting out of the lock I had him in!

    In short, I am mortally afraid of what a person can do when in an altered state of consciousness, and I am also mortally afraid of bloodborn pathogens.

    Josh <><

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    If you are in fear for your life or bodily harm shoot or run.

    When I worked for the Police (CSI nothing like TV I was in a well lighted lab and never saw a BG expect in court) All of the officers talked about how they hated when a BG would strip and fight them. He was naked and unarmed, nothing to grab unto and most of these guys were ec-cons who knew how to fight through pepper-spray. I know they really liked the tasers when they got them.

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    I am a fairly large guy. I also have physical problems that make me use a cane to help walk when good days are here and either a wheelie walker or chair when the bad days are happening. For the last 5 years or so, I have carried a 2 oz pepper spray in a small carrier that is always around my left wrist when I'm out and about. Never had to actually use it, but have had to show it a couple times. I try not to go places without someone else around to help out if needed. It is hard sometimes, but I dont have many choices. I refuse to let the slime of the earth rule my life. Do whatever is necessary.

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    Situations like this stresses the one thing that is most important in any situation. Tactics. Having a firearm; knowing how to use it; knowing when to use it; all of that is very important, but it isn't everything.

    In my opinion, if you are willing to carry a firearm for self defense you should also be willing to learn hand to hand tactics. Combine the fact that an average shooter is only 3-7 yards yards away from their perp; and, providing you did not hit a CNS, a determined perp will be able to put a hand on you before he bleeds out. Thats right, just because you put holes in him doesnt mean the fight is done.

    In short, there are levels of escalation that you need to learn, and properly prepare for.
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