You come upon an apparently empty business...

You come upon an apparently empty business...

This is a discussion on You come upon an apparently empty business... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; as I did today. Went to the local chicken place to get an easy dinner for the family. I wasn't sure what I wanted so ...

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Thread: You come upon an apparently empty business...

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    You come upon an apparently empty business...

    as I did today.

    Went to the local chicken place to get an easy dinner for the family. I wasn't sure what I wanted so skipped the drive-thru and went to the door. As my wife and I got to the door, I stopped her realizing I couldn't see any workers. This seemed srtange for being about 6 o'clock. They had a monitor facing the door that cycled through the security cameras (an unwise practice but useful for me). I watched it through two full cycles and saw no movement anywhere. I decided to enter, clearing my jacket for a draw.

    Inside it was quiet and I hesitated between retreat or going to the counter to look for anyone. I compromised and called out loudly. On the second call, two workers and the manager came out. They had been chatting in the office which was not covered by the cameras. I let my jacket fall to conceal my pistol and made no mention of the matter.

    I did consider that either everyone was away from the front, as turned out to be the case, or that it was possible a robbery had taken place and the workers could be locking in the back, yet I chose to go in.

    Would others have done the same, different or think I was being overly paranoid in this situation?
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    Paranoid? I can't say. However, I would have never went I & selected the drive thru.
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    A few years ago I would have gone in and called out like you did. Now, with the world seeming to get worse each day and with practicing my SA a lot more -- I don't think I would go in.

    But I'm not a Marine..........even though Gramps is.
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    I would say depened on what time of day and what day. But yeah 6oclock dinner time I would have been worried too .
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    My antennae would have been up and running as well. Like you, I'd strongly suspect foul play in such a situation, during a typical lunch or dinner "hour" as that. Easily determined, though, by calling out to see if anyone was there. Most small businesses will have a buzzer or warning mechanism on doorways, but restaurants seem to generally not have such things. Interesting situation. I recall seeing it a handful of times, but I wasn't any more concerned than you appeared to be. It's certainly a possibility, walking in on a robbery in progress. I hope I'll always consider it, if encountering such an empty spot in future.
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    Good to be suspicious. I think I'd have done the same.

    It would take more than a small chance of running into armed robbers to deter me from getting a chicken dinner.
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    I think you did OK, but I'm not sure what you mean by "cleared your jacket for a draw." Did your gun remain concealed?
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    I'd be more worried about what they were doing to the chickens in back.

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    So your SA is alerted and your firearm is now a second away from draw and visible and you go toward the potential problem as if you are the LEO supposedly protecting and serving. You do what you gotta do and those that approve can do the same--I back off and call 911. Give the scenario a little more juice since there were cameras. The manager is in the back and sees you "clear your jacket for a draw" and comes out with his firearm in hand and is not about to wait and have a conversation with you even if you are yelling (bad guys can yell the same thing the good guys do)--now what? Are you dead yet?

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    Not only could it have been a robbery that had taken place, but it also could have been an active robbery in progress, or worse yet a relationship shooting in progress. Personally I would have probably backed out of there and given that situation some temporary distance for the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarisataka View Post
    This seemed srtange for being about 6 o'clock....... On the second call, two workers and the manager came out. They had been chatting in the office.....
    ^^^ I don't ask for many things in life, but when I'm patronizing a business, and spending my money there, I do like to get waited on somewhat promptly and efficiently.
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    So you suspect a robbery and you went in anyway? Jeeze is that the only chicken joint in town? :D

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    I think I would have called 911, explained the situation and requested a welfare check, and then stayed in my car until the coast was clear. I like good chicken, but not that much.
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    you are not LE. you have no obligation to intervene in a possible crime. why would you even enter the building as if you were? especially with your wife present. that situation could have turned tragic. a dead hero does you wife no good. next time call the police and leave the hollywood stuff alone. i am a bit concearned about the amount of posts that i read on this forum who think they are LE or some sort of super hero. leave it to the professionals and live another day.
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    Yea, something like that has happened to me a few times, but not at 6 P.M. When I notice something that is out of the ordinary or out of place, I'll retreat back to my vehicle and if not backed in for a rapid exit if need be, do it then or pull to a place and observe from a comfortable distance before making any assumptions.

    Most likely it's like what you experienced but in this day and age you never know? Personally, I'd need a little more conformation before I called for a welfare check or 9-1-1.

    Then again... Are we talking the Colonel's, Popeye's, Church's and what grade do they have from the health department
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    You come upon an apparently empty business...

    I would've called the local PD and told them of my observation and concern and at a safe distance I would have kept an eye on the location till the police arrived.
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