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Good read

This is a discussion on Good read within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I found this from another forum and thought it would be a good fit. Street robberies and you - The Basics - AR15.COM...

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Thread: Good read

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    Good read

    I found this from another forum and thought it would be a good fit.

    Street robberies and you - The Basics - AR15.COM
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    I've seen that before and it is a good read. In fact, it was worth re-reading. Thanks for posting.

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    This is one of the few gun/defense related links I have bookmarked. Great read.

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    Thanks for the link and recommendation. Excellent counterweight to caliber wars, magic bullet madness, etc. (for which I bear my share of the responsibility, BTW). Gun & ammo selection are such minor factors that they go unmentioned, beyond "have a gun, keep it simple, 3 solid hits."

    What I particularly appreciate is that he bluntly asserts something that I've always believed, but lacked the experience to advocate as strongly as I felt it: drawing doesn't--and shouldn't--equal firing. Statistics clearly prove that, i.e. numbers showing how often the situation is defused successfully by the GG simply producing a gun. Of course it's not a talisman that wards off evil, but there are a lot of BG's who will be persuaded to entertain themselves elsewhere as soon as they see that carrying out their robbery plans will result in getting shot at, and maybe hit.

    Unstated, but also understood, is that a million other things enter the BG's calculus: if he feels your gun looks like a toy, can't really hurt anyone, is too low firepower to deal with him & his boyz, how much money he needs, how much he thinks you have, gang initiations, etc. ad infinitum. Just like the schoolyard bully who is assessing whether you'll fight, how effectively you'll fight, just how much he wants to beat your tail, who's watching, etc.

    BTW, I also note that the author is focusing exclusively on the dynamics of street robberies, not bar fights, domestics, roid rages, etc.

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    Good article but I disagree with his advice not to call the police if no shots are fired. I'd call regardless and that's always been the advice given to me by every SD/firearms trainer I've dealt with.
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    From the article
    One time we were locking up a hold up man and having a conversation about how they target their victims. I was saying they pick easy ones, another guy was saying they preferred easy ones but would take anybody.

    I pointed out a uniform Officer there was an NFL size guy to that hold up man. Frankly the dude was a monster. I asked hold up man if he would rob him. He said "If I needed the money".
    This is the reason many of us spend our time and money training. Its not the puke down the street that thinks he is hard, its the guy that doesnt care who you think you are. If he wants it he will try and take it...

    Great Read, thanks Bob......
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    Good read. Thx
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    Thanks. It was a good read. I'm going to have my wife and 17yo daughter read it.

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