Vacation Almost Ruined

Vacation Almost Ruined

This is a discussion on Vacation Almost Ruined within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The first week in January my wife and I were headed for Las Vegas from South Texas. W e stopped at a Super 8 Motel ...

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Thread: Vacation Almost Ruined

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    Vacation Almost Ruined

    The first week in January my wife and I were headed for Las Vegas from South Texas. W e stopped at a Super 8 Motel in Ozona Texas for the night. I had request a second floor room, when I reserved the motel. I left the car in front of the motel by the office so it could be seen from the front desk.

    About ( that night we were in bed when someone tried to open the door. I got my gun an went to the door and look out the peep hole, no one was there. I decided that since I wa s up I might as well use the bathroom, as I was coming out of the bathroom, the door was being pushed open, but the door bar prevented it from opening. I threw my shoulder against the door, Slapped open the door bar an janked open the door. There was a young oil worker standing there holding his hand where the door nob had hit it. I stuck my gun in his chest an asked him what the hell was he doing opening my door. He was backing up until he ran into the railing an had no other place to go. He said that the clerk had sent him up to check to see if the room was vacant. I told him the I was going to call the front desk to see if it was true and then I told him to get the hell away from my door an not to return or it was going to go really bad for him.

    I went an called the front desk and asked them had they indeed sent someone to my room, they said yes. I got dressed an headed for the front desk. I told the clerk to call the police, they seemed to not want to, but I told they if they did not I would. She called the sheriff office an told them I was requesting to see a officer. The dispatcher want to know why an the clerk relay the story to them. I told the clerk to tell the officer that I was armed, where my gun was located and what I was wearing. The dispatch want to speak to me, so I took the phone and answered their question, Yes I had a permit, the dispatch want my Tx driver number and keep asking A lot of question just to keep me on the phone, which I new they would. @ officer arrived and the story was repeated. The officer said that this was between me and the motel, since the did send to guy up. I told the officer that I knew that, but wanted it on the record in case the guy called to say some nut point a gun at him. I told the officer that I was glad that they would not be filling out paperwork for the rest of the night, an that I would not be waiting with them to see if charges were going to be filed by the Ozona DA.

    The clerk answer was they needed to see if someone was in the room, because the whole top floor was rented to the oil company. I told her if she had use the phone, I would have answered. Also to sent a staff member and knock on the door and have the room record that it was not available. That she almost caused a very bad situation, if it was not for a door bar. I really don't think she still understood.

    It seem that when the oil guys come in, they are given a key card, told to go find a room. I asked for the manager, but they were on vacation, so I asked who was in charge an what time they would be there in the morning, I was told they came on duty at 6 am. At 8am I checked out , but for some reason the person in charge did not show up.

    I was not charged for the room. I have written to the home office, to voice my out rage, about the stay.

    Rest of trip went everywell. While in Las Vegas I applied for non res permit. No charge for class, ( Gun Store) only pay the LVPD 97.20 for picture and prints. There were about 50 people in case. You can pre-qualify before class, 7 days a week, but class is only on Mon, Wed Fri. , At LVMP fringerprint office told at 20 min. every fast.


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    None of that makes any sense if the motel is legitimate. Since when does "a key card" open every room so you can peek inside to see which ones are empty??????

    Sounds like the person on duty was in cahoots with someone to rip off folks who had rented individual rooms.

    In any case, you were right to insist that LE be called and told the story.

    I'm sure glad we don't travel anymore!
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    Let me start off by saying I am glad that you and yours a okay. My concern with your story is why on earth would you open the door. You were armed, could have sought cover/concealment and taken up a post of advantage. A verbal of I am armed and calling the police could have solved the situation all together without the need to stick your gun in someones chest.
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    The clerk's story sounds fishy to me. They know what room they put you in, or at least they should. And they could use the phone. Glad you were armed and nothing came of it.
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    I love to travel and stay away from certain Motels some are the bottom of the barrel .

    Glad you and wife ok .
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    Yeah, I was with you up until the Rambo out of the bathroom part.

    If I stick a gun in someone's chest it's because they are that close to me when I have to pull the bang switch.

    Glad you are alright, sounds like the motel was a little shady (lesson learned) but otherwise I'd give it an EPIC FAIL.
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    I leave the relative safety of a locked room and charge forth to an unknown encounter. Hummmm. No, I wouldn't. That's not a sensible response. Something here smells of old fish market.
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    This is VERY normal in oil field boom towns. Motels rent the room to 1 worker. He heads out to the rig for 12 hours or longer. They rent the same room to another worker for the time the first guy is out. Gets double rent for the room. I used to work in the oil field and this happens in every boom town. Good thing about the door bar. Glad it worked out, but this has been going on a long time. Also glad I got to move out of the oil field.
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    "This room is occupied. I am armed. Please go away!". If this should ever happen to you again you will know how to handle it. Hopefully far better than this time.

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    This whole thing sounds fishy. I don't even want to contemplate why on earth you
    1. Opened the dang door
    2. Shoved a gun against someones chest
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    Some people just create unusual scenarios for laughs. I'm thinking this is one.
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    Yours is not a strategy I would advocate, but I am glad it all worked out with no one getting hurt.
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    Guess it didn't work so well. Your vacation. You're new around here?
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    You made an unfortunate mistake in opening your 'locked' door and assaulting the citizen whom was following the instructions of the seemingly incompetent 'desk clerk'.

    Being an honest mistake, you luckily got away with a legitimate charge of "Felonious Assault" and escaped the consequences.

    A simple "Go Away!", would have sufficed. Count your blessings.
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    I always use the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign when I stay in hotels.
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