Strange man at my door...

Strange man at my door...

This is a discussion on Strange man at my door... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I can't help but laugh in spite of myself after a strange encounter with a guy who I think is (at best) a scam artist ...

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Thread: Strange man at my door...

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    Strange man at my door...

    I can't help but laugh in spite of myself after a strange encounter with a guy who I think is (at best) a scam artist or (at worst) a would-be burglar/home invader/who-knows-what. I'll try to make a long story less lenthy:

    The paramedic service I work for just issued us body armor to wear on-duty after a few scenarios with crew members being fired on/taken hostage. I picked mine up from the local police products store this afternoon. I have a shift tomorrow that has me leaving the house bright and early so I thought I'd unpack it, check it out and figure out where all the straps go today. So I put it all together, pop my button-up shirt off and put it on. As I'm walking toward the bathroom to admire my sexy self in the mirror, the doorbell rings.

    I should maybe mention at this point that I'm carrying a Sig P220 IWB at about 3:00 outside the undershirt I'm wearing and plainly visible just below the bottom of the vest.

    As I'm walking toward the door, the doorbell rings again--so instead of putting on the button-up shirt, I just answer the door looking like a wannabe soldier of fortune (or mall ninja). I figure at this point, it's either important or I'm getting irritated with an impatient salesman or missionary.

    I look out the peephole, and a guy is standing on my porch, trying to peer in my kitchen window (blinds were closed) and seems genuinely surprised that the door is opening--and then stands open-mouthed and speechless as he looks me up and down.

    He tries to explain that he's from "the roofing company" and tells me my wife called for a quote.

    Recognizing a line of BS when I hear it, I say "Are you sure? What's the name, because I'm not married."

    He stumbles and mumbles a little bit about my address numbers and I say "I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you. What's the name on the quote?"

    I've noticed by now that he doesn't have a clipboard or any kind of paperwork and there's no vehicle parked on the street that doesn't belong to one of the neighbors. I ask him "What company did you say you're with?"

    He kind of looks at me, cocks his head and turns to walk away. I call after him, "No, really, what company? I want to call your office."

    As he starts down the block, I see my neighbor (a deputy) a few houses down and realize I've got his attention with my slightly loud and obnoxious yelling. Feeling slightly bolder knowing he's at least watching me and knowing he's more well-armed than me on his days off, I decide to see where my roofer goes. I walk to the end of the block and see the guy get in a car and drive off.

    So I go chat with my neighbor and let him know what's what, and he tells me they've had a string of automobile break-ins in the middle of the day in the next subdivision over. I call dispatch, they send a local PD officer over and I make my report, complete with description of the guy and license plate of the car, then my neighbor comes over to chat with both of us and says he'll keep an eye out around the neighborhood for the car.

    My only lasting thought from the whole thing is this--I hope he walked away thinking "holy crap, did I pick the wrong house." Maybe looking ridiculously tacti-cool worked to my advantage today.

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    Not only did he pick the wrong house, but also picked the wrong moment to ring your doorbell. That is, unless he WANTED to wet himself as he made a quick exit.
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    Good for you bring on the ball and armoured up .
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    I think just being home and calling his bluff did the trick! Being dressed in "Soldier of Fortune" outfit probably just made the encounter all the more memorable. I doubt a lot of potential victims would go through what you did to follow through. Good for you. I need to try that next huckster comes to my door ... or Jehovah's Witness. (But I ain't got no body armor.)
    -- Robert
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    Awesome, now if he was smart ( which most are not) you shouldn't see him again. Yahoo.
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    You don't answer the door like that all of the time?
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    I started to laugh when you said you got loud. Some days it pays to be, "that guy"
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Definitely casing the joint. I've dealt with some dipstick salespeople but none that couldn't tell me the name of their company.
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    Haha great story.
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    If I answer the door to someone I don't know my shirt is tucked up over my gun for easy access or drawn & behind my leg. They don't see my gun but I am sure they have a good idea.
    It takes me about 20 seconds to say no thanks & close the door. Never let a salesman get a run on the conversation.
    The only door to door salesman I do business with are the neighborhood kids selling stuff for school.
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    Ring the door bell to see if anyone is at home, make up bull story if someone is. If not, proceed to take stuff. Classic burglary tactic.
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    So - that is your new lounging pajama suit? Wish I had one!!!!

    Granny in her tacti-cool jammies!!!!

    Seriously, I agree that you did really well with the follow up. Most people would have been happy to just get rid of the guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EMTJosh View Post
    SNIPRecognizing a line of BS when I hear it, I say "Are you sure? What's the name, because I'm not married."SNIP.
    Uhhhhmmmm, Mrs. Tackleberry?
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    Good post, OP. I think your intuition is dead on--he was up to no good.
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    Remember the old "things your burglar won' tell you" piece, one of them was, "I always knock first, If you answer the door I'll just ask for directions, if no one answers the door, I'll go in and help myself" I guess your burglar couldn't think of any thing better but something obviously a lie, but I believe your instincts were right, he was up to no good.
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