My regular mom and pop lunch stop got robbed yesterday.

My regular mom and pop lunch stop got robbed yesterday.

This is a discussion on My regular mom and pop lunch stop got robbed yesterday. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm in this store at least once a week when working in the area, as they have the best Cheese steak around. Been going there ...

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Thread: My regular mom and pop lunch stop got robbed yesterday.

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    My regular mom and pop lunch stop got robbed yesterday.

    I'm in this store at least once a week when working in the area, as they have the best Cheese steak around. Been going there for years. I got to know J and his wife Kay quite well. A Pleasant Korean couple with 2 children,always smiling and joking. I was just in there fri,joking with her about giving her old man a day off every now and then.30 hours later some POS shoots and kills her. This has really tore me up.Has me thinking as well. Every time I frequent the establishment,I am carrying.Had the timing been a little different I may have been able to change the outcome. Police released a surveillance pic of the scumbag responsible. Hopefully they can apprehend this animal before he kills again.

    Rockingham County Sheriff's Office Confirms Fatal Shooting

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    Sad story. Horrible for the family.
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    Sorry this happened, and is so close to you.
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    Always be armed. Always be aware, prepared.

    My condolences to your friend. I, too, hope they find the animal who did this.

    Gator swamps. Got any in VA? Might be a suitable end to such an unsuitable sort as the devil who did this.
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    It's a shame that "news" site hasn't even updated the article with the picture of the suspect. If the comments are any indicator, it appears the station is dropping the ball in more ways than one.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss and hope the scumbag gets caught swiftly and something resembling justice occurs. These mom and pops shops are often more than just a business and the owners tend to care deeply for the community because they also live there, not just work. Here, the shops all pull together during rough times and help those who need it in any way their business can. I'm sure they'll truly be missed!
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    Sympathy for you and the family. Very sad, man.

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    Both working for a better life raising two children teaching them the ethic of work and family.

    If Korean street justice handled this it would be OK.

    Rest in peace Mother.

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    Evil doesn't give advance notice.

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    Very sad.....

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    Oh wow!

    This is so awful! My prayers go out to the family and survivors that knew them!

    Just goes to show, bad things can happen any time and anywhere! Makes me think about the little town near me and all the folks I know there......

    very sad indeed

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    Very Sad

    Hopefully the perp has a little accident on the stairs.. a couple of times... in the station house when they catch him......

    A women who worked at my fav lunch spot during college years was robbed twice at knife point .. It is sad and sick when someone turns on there fellow man in such a cruel way ...
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    From your post it sounds like you may be feeling a little guilty for not being there, it isn't your fault. There is no way to predict something like this and for whatever reason (God, fate or whatever you believe in) you were not meant to be there at that time.

    It is extraordinarily sad, especially for the family. Thoughts, payers and condolences to you and the family involved.

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    Mom & Pop places are my favorite. I don't care if the big box stores get robbed blind. I consider it karma.
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    That's terrible! And such senseless evil!
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    Very sad. Decades of honest hard work and contribution to the community is snuffed in minutes by a pond scum going after a couple hundred bucks. In your situation I would have been torn up too. I'm sure every one of us here would like to have been there and give the robber a severe case of lead poisoning...
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