Break-in and near shooting

Break-in and near shooting

This is a discussion on Break-in and near shooting within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This story about a break-in and near shooting is running over on reddit right now.... Girl bought a gun Friday and had to nearly use ...

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Thread: Break-in and near shooting

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    Break-in and near shooting

    This story about a break-in and near shooting is running over on reddit right now....
    Girl bought a gun Friday and had to nearly use it by the following Monday!

    Nearly used new gun within 72 hours of purchase... : Firearms

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    Wow pretty crazy and very realistic and can happen to anyone, glad she didn't have to shoot and is alright. Great find, thanks!

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    And this is why I dont like Waiting periods .. In CA she would be in deep water ( 10 day waiting period )

    Also I wish more stuff like this would catch on Kentucky: Bill to allow temporary concealed carry for domestic violence victims for making emergency CCW stuff.....

    Good artical thanks !
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    Thanks for sharing this. Great reminder. Yep, she should just have shot him--would make finding him a whole lot easier.
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    Glad things worked out for her. I just hope she does some research.

    I don't have my CCW just yet, but I'm prettu sure we are an open carry state.
    While IN is an OC state, it is OC WITH permit.
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    Could have gone south on her. She did a good job, glad the perp ran off!
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    Glad she's ok. What could have happened to her if she hadn't pulled it? But she had an evil gun and she wasn't raped or killed. Wished she shot him. So he couldn't do this to another woman that's not fortunate to have a firearm
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    Glad she is OK since she's already having some issues as it went down let's just hope the police get him off the streets.

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    Again.............Trouble Doesn't Make An Appointment.

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