Good Scare Today. Road Rage.

Good Scare Today. Road Rage.

This is a discussion on Good Scare Today. Road Rage. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've read a lot here, but never had reason to post until now. Had a real scare today and would love to hear people's feedback ...

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Thread: Good Scare Today. Road Rage.

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    Good Scare Today. Road Rage.

    I've read a lot here, but never had reason to post until now. Had a real scare today and would love to hear people's feedback if I could have done anything differently.

    My girlfriend and I were out shopping at a downtown plaza today and just finished lunch when we were leaving pulling out of the parking lot. A car cuts us off driving rapidly diagonally across the lot forcing us to brake quickly. Of course we honked and gave him the one finger wave and figured that was it.

    As we leave the lot, we find that he looped around and is now behind us waiting to turn out onto the main road. Without turning around, I can see him loosing his mind in the car punching the seat next to him and the whole car is rocking back and forth. He holds the horn down until the light changes and we go straight across the intersection and he turns left and drives down the street. We park out front of the next store we were going to and get out.

    Thinking it was over there, I turn around to head inside with my girlfriend when the same car comes flying across the lot from the other end (second entrance). He revs up and swings towards where I was standing threatening to hit me. He pulls back out to leave again and rolls down his window and curses at us. I yell back "I don't want any trouble, get outta here".

    Taking this as a threat, he puts his car in park, blocks traffic, and gets out. Up to this point I've remained calm and non confrontational and just hoped to diffuse the situation. When he got out, my brain kicked into overdrive and I knew this was unavoidable. I was carrying my G27 with a speer gold dot in the tube with 8 more behind it. Strongside IWB crossbreed holster under a hoodie sweatshirt. He charges straight for me and I back up behind the car and we wind up doing 4-5 laps around the car, attempting to keep it between us. He presents no weapon but appears to have his hands awkwardly in his waist area. He has the crazy eyes and looked like he was drugged up on some type of stimulants (I have a medical background and it was all I could think of).

    He left my girlfriend alone and was tunnel vision on me. She screamed for help and I was screaming at her to run. She had a kubaton on her keys but nothing else. I finally put some distance between us and had my Glock in my grip but still holstered, now exposed but I'm not sure he could see it. I loudly stated "I have a gun, get the heck outta here! He made one last charge to get me screaming "im gonna kill you!!" I sprinted back towards the store never drawing my gun. He let up and got back in his car and tore off down the road.

    Girlfriend called and a few people came over to check on us. Cops came and took our info and not much else.
    My question to all of you is: In my position today, would you have drawn on him? I kept the gun away cause I didn't yet see a weapon on him and I still had my speed to get away. Let me know your thoughts. This is my first close encounter in 4 years of carrying. Still never drawn.

    (Note that there has been some foul language workaround editing done in latter portions of this op)

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    You say you were non confrontational but also said you gave him the finger. That seems to be what started the whole thing IMHO. What would i have done differently, i never would have given him the finger, i never would have honked my horn, i never would have yelled back at him when he yelled at me. Carrying a gun is a HUGE responsibility your best bet is to avoid confrontation at all costs. I understand that, as men, sometimes our pride gets the best of us but im not willing to let my pride get me into a situation where i may have to draw and fire and possibly take someones life.

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    Good- You and your GF are unharmed, and you did NOT use your weapon.

    Bad- The horn was probably "reasonable", but the one fingered salute was definitely escalation.


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    Point #1: Don't honk at idiots.

    Point #2: Don't make obscene gestures at idiots.

    Point #3: A less-lethal option is great to have (like OC).

    Probably a good thing you did not draw.
    Scott, US Army 1974-2004

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    I think you did the right thing to avoid taking some idiots life.

    He'll probably never know how lucky he was that he ran into somebody with a cool head that didn't draw down on him.

    I always like to consider my reaction as that of someone that is not carrying and take it from there even if I am carrying.
    It's Range Time!

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    What RockingGlock32 said. Learn from this experience, you got a free pass this time.
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    Some times I think I'm going to have to bite my finger off to keep from flipping but when you carry a gun you need to be like Caesars wife. She must not only be above reproach she must appear that way as well.

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    I agree with what the others have said. When you carry a gun your responsibility is to be as peaceable as it is humanly possible to be. That includes not reacting when other people do stupid things unless what they do is a positive and definite threat to your life. It is learning a whole new way of behaving. (You can cuss quietly to yourself, though, but the hand gestures are definitely out. )
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    Talking to each other here is good, but taking action is better.

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    If you draw, you are planning to shoot. You don't draw as a threat, you draw to prepare to defend yourself, against deadly force. If you a lucky, you won't have to.

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    When I carry I am so nonconfrontational. Too much at risk. Bite your tongue.

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    As others have already mentioned...your actions/reaction early on escalated the situation.
    I am impress though by your restraint later in the confrontation.
    Good job with your level-headedness and getting everyone home safely.
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    Never tell an assailant you have a gun.
    NRA Life Member
    HK loves me!

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    you carry a gun. Never flip anyone off in traffic unless you want to.......well you did and you got the result. Too much at stake to let it get to you.
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    I do not think you did so well as others have pointed out you helped the situation move forward . Hopefully and Glad you have another chance to redeem and learn as some people don't get another chance in life .
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    I agree with most of what was said in the above posts. The 2A gives us the right to own and carry, but we need to be responsible when we do. There's never a need to be hostile or aggressive simply because someone did something you didn't like. Keeping your cool when carrying is your responsibility. However, since the altercation did occur, you handled the ending rather well. Thank goodness you didn't draw...or shoot.
    We don't carry so we have a reason to draw or shoot. We carry in hopes we'll never have to. IMHO

    Stay safe, it's a rough world we live in.
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