James Boyd Shooting

James Boyd Shooting

This is a discussion on James Boyd Shooting within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone following the James Boyd Murder in Albuquerque? I would have posted a link but couldn't get it to take. After viewing the video, I ...

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Thread: James Boyd Shooting

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    James Boyd Shooting

    Anyone following the James Boyd Murder in Albuquerque? I would have posted a link but couldn't get it to take. After viewing the video, I call BS. It's murder by police.

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    It has run here on the site several times now. The general conclusion each time was that the shooting was justified.

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    OK, I just heard about this and watched the video. Boyd did have a knife in each hand BUT, he had actually turned away from the police as if he was going to "flee" before the first shot was fired. (Though how far are you going to go with a swat team on your six? ) I suppose that you "could " justify this because he had a weapon in his hands and was not following the police instructions. Could this have been handled differently??? I would have to say yes!! How long did they try to de escalate the situation? Mr Boyd looked confused to me in the short video. Many homeless are dealing with health and mental issues and if these guys are trained to be on the response team they should be trained to handle situations like this a little better than that! Handling situations in this manor
    is what makes the public NOT trust the police.
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    I did NOT...NOT...NOT see the tape but if a guy only has knives wouldn't you be close enough that a Tazer could take him out?

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    If memory serves they had tried to tazer and bean bag rounds from a shotgun which didnt work. I dont really understand why a SWAT team was deployed. Also he didnt pull the knives until the dog was sent in and bit him. Up to that point he apparently had only argued with officers and in the video was packing up to leave the area.

    He clearly isnt charging the officers when they fired but turning to run. There will be no charges over it if for no other a reason a dog used by police is considered the same as a human police officer so I imagine that is the excuse they will use to legally justify the shooting as the dog was in close to the victim. I sort of have a problem with a dog being on the same level as a human police officer but it is what it is.

    Legally right or wrong it will be justified. I wasnt there but from what I saw in the video it could have been handled alot better than it was.
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    It looked awkward to me..
    Would I have been in on the party there to escort him out/off the public land?
    No. I would have told my chief I felt very ill, and needed to go home.

    I didn't see all they saw though, but he was on public lands, not occupied by anyone.
    It wasn't like he was squatting in the downtown district for cripes sake.
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    Video is only 1/2 the equation in any scene. You have to also consider what Boyd was saying and when he said it. Given the audio, it becomes a totally different scene. Have you heard it?

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    This thread does not meet the standards for this forum section:

    Real or hypothetical, discussions regarding when you should or should not draw your weapon, shoot or not shoot, attack or retreat is valuable to each of us.
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