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First aid after a legitimate shoot?

This is a discussion on First aid after a legitimate shoot? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; [QUOTE=ccw9mm;286357]That's a very large assumption. While half of those who matter might well see it as laudable, the other half who are aware of practical ...

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Thread: First aid after a legitimate shoot?

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    [QUOTE=ccw9mm;286357]That's a very large assumption. While half of those who matter might well see it as laudable, the other half who are aware of practical realities will understand that such a display shows a complete and utter disregard for security and what can happen when a (presumably) still-armed BG is administered first aid at the cost of dropping all tactical advantage to do so.

    I agree 100%. I was in no way suggesting that someone should render aid in this type of situation. He asked a question, and I simply provided an answer based on the general perception of the population in my geographic area.
    In this type of situation at work, I would secure - check for additional weapons - and wait for E.M.S. to provide aid. And in the best scenario, this would not begin until at least one back up officer arrived.
    Sorry if my statement confused. Your point it spot on.
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    simply put, no. just because of disease. personally, call it military training. I'd rather save my efforts and equipment (providing you have any first aid whether it just be a band-aid) for some one who deserves it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    No EMS provider of any level of training should be administering CPR without gloves and some kind of barrier like a CPR mask. Preferably with a face shield or eye protection also. There is no such thing as Mouth-to-Mouth CPR anymore. Catch some AIDS or Hepatitis C from that BG and you are just as dead. As all us EMTs, Medics, and firefighters here will tell you, providing care without the proper equipment is just not the standard of care, and is totally defensible in a court. That not counting the risk of a BG faking or just plain being not-as-injured as you think. Also hard to watch your back during a good round of CPR. Better to stay alert to look for additional threats, as well as the arriving cops so you can safely surrender the scene to them. That will secure the scene quicker and get that BG the EMS help he needs that much quicker.

    Repeat after me: Scene safety, BSI.
    If I have to shoot him.....

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    I'm certified in First-aid/CPR/AED (big deal ) but I'm not going to place myself in a compromising position to administer first-aid to someone who just tried to injure/kill me...Calling 911 is as far as I'll go.
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