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This is a discussion on Another video to learn from within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok I feel muh head poking outta my cage again. I do not believe there is any doubt concerning the use of force based upon ...

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Thread: Another video to learn from

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    Ok I feel muh head poking outta my cage again. I do not believe there is any doubt concerning the use of force based upon the fact that the bg had a cell phone. First it appeared to me in the video the several times I have seen this as a pistol and not until tonight did I realize it was a cellphone. That being said, it does not matter that it was a cell phone. When working a task force overseas we interupted a container (thing big big steel box on the back of a train) full of Nokia shells that were infact 22 cal pistols. Until fired they looked just like a normal cell, till the code was pushed and out of the end came flying a 22 cal projo along with plastic to imbed in you. So what ever the object, that was a legal threat.

    Now to my brother Randy (hey I'm from, worked the streets of and miss T'town) on the issue of "shooting in the back". Under one law (I saw quoted in a newspaper article) shooting a fleeing fellon in the back is illegal. Well that is correct........sorta!!!!! The rest of the decision (it came out of a supreme court decision) say that it is unlawful to shoot a fleeing fellon just because they are a fleeing fellon, BUT if the officer feels that the fleeing felon presents a greater threat to the public by getting away then they are authorized to continue to fire even if the felon is fleeing.

    Ok to make this post as short as possible, the BG might have turned his back, but in the officers minds, he is armed with a gun, that he attempted to use on POLICE OFFICERS.....and if your able to shoot a police officer, you'll shoot anyone, thus you present a threat to any member of society you encounter. That makes it a good shoot.

    Sorry Paul (and I will buy ya a beer next time I'm back in Tulsa) but your wrong on this one and I hope that we all take a moment to understand that the media only will tell you part of the laws so that they can make their point (which is to sell papers).
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    Improvised weapons

    Well as stated earlier, there are several different "phone/pistols" on the market these days, along with countless other improvised guns such as "pen guns", "flashlight guns", "cigarette lighter guns", "steering wheel lock guns"(with 12 ga. projectiles), "pocket knife guns", and others limited only by one's imigination.

    The sad truth is that you really won't know if what the BG is pointing at you is a gun or not until its possibly too late. Maybe this would give law abiding, legal gun carriers more "just cause" to believe that they are in, or preceive themselves to be at risk of imminent/deadly harm. I am not aware of any court cases addressing this, but it would be interesting to see when it comes up. Food for thought though.
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