Newbie, idiot, or a little bit of both

Newbie, idiot, or a little bit of both

This is a discussion on Newbie, idiot, or a little bit of both within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My family and I stopped at a convenience store this morning on the way to church and I happened to notice as soon as I ...

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Thread: Newbie, idiot, or a little bit of both

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    Newbie, idiot, or a little bit of both

    My family and I stopped at a convenience store this morning on the way to church and I happened to notice as soon as I walked in that the guy at the register paying for his gas was carrying a handgun in his pocket with the butt sticking out a good ways. That doesn't mean much unless you understand we are in SC which is not an open carry state. This wasn't even open carry, however. It was some sort of hybrid like open concealed carry or something. Not only was it clearly visible but the guy kept checking it and fumbling with it in his pocket. My general attitude is to mind my own business, which I did, but I was curious as to what some of you guys with a little more experience would do in this situation. Do you call the cops? Do you tell the guy he's being an idiot? Do you yell "gun!" and jump behind the nearest shelf? I'm interested in other opinions.
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    My take is the cashier is someone who is willing to have the means to insure if some fool tries to threaten his life he has the means to protect his life. Myself I would have made my purchases and thought nothing of it knowing that I am carrying also.
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    Depends on what area the conscience store is in. If in a bad part of town, distance and observance are your friends. In a nice part of town, I would have told him, he was exposed.

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    Would have done nothing. He probably put on a pair of pants with smaller pockets than he was used to shoved his usual EDC in there and noticed to late he was showing a bit. Probably explains the fiddling with it to try to get it to hide.

    Folks OCing a gun or having one in a pocket aint the worry. Its the ones that have it in their hand pointing it at the cashier.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    I am not going to comment other than you are safe. God Bless You!, Sir!
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    The fact that he was carrying doesn't bother me, state law and open carry notwithstanding, after all, "...shall not be infringed."
    I doubt I would say anything. However, I would prefer to see it carried securely so he doesn't have to keep adjusting it. That's how incidents happen.
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    I would've let him know that his gun is falling out. Let him feel a bit more paranoid.
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    It doesn't matter to me how someone carries their gun as long as it stays where it is. I would say or do nothing but watch him .
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    I wouldn't say anything about it. I'd just keep my eyes on him as long as he was there to make sure I stay'd safe and then left as soon as my business was over.
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    I would have done nothing. I would be tempted to tell him mine is bigger than his.
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    I'd mind my own business and keep my head on a swivel.
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    Both, if he's going to carry a firearm it should be done properly, or don't carry it.
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    I'd say nothing and keep an eye on him. In such a situation you see five seconds of however many years of someone's life led to this point. Maybe he's a complete noob who just hasn't figured out concealment, and a lecture from a stranger in a gas station will scare him away for life. Maybe he's an experienced guy who's trying out a new method and finding out it doesn't work, and he's very well aware of it, thank you very much. Maybe he's a hardcore Nugent fan who just doesn't care if anybody sees the gun.

    Unless someone is doing something that violates the safety rules, it's not my business, any more than whether his shirt clashes with his pants.
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    I wouldn't have said anything. Since he was constantly "fiddling" with it, he was apparently aware it wasn't concealed properly and was trying to resolve the issue.
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    We really can't solve anyone else's carrying problems! Is he carrying unsafe? Probably so! Learn from it and move on!
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