Have to give the wife some props.

Have to give the wife some props.

This is a discussion on Have to give the wife some props. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I dont put up scenarios etc normally but the wife made me very proud of her about a week ago so here goes. Brief as ...

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Thread: Have to give the wife some props.

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    Thumbs up Have to give the wife some props.

    I dont put up scenarios etc normally but the wife made me very proud of her about a week ago so here goes.

    Brief as possible> Getting gas at a local convenience store around 2pm. Give wife money to pay for it and get pump turned on plus she wanted a drink.

    Pump comes on I start pumping and notice a guy come out and go the car sitting directly on the other side of the same pump and that his arms and face are bleeding as if he has some sort of sores. Young guy sort of weird looking but he goes to the other side of the pump I hear the beeps as he starts it but cant see him. My antenna is mildly up but no biggie.

    I then see the wife come out with no drink that she had said she wanted. She comes directly to me, makes as if she is handing me something and whispers "Watch that guy hes got a gun too." nodding toward the same guy I had noticed.

    She then goes on past me behind the truck to the passenger side and positions herself so that engine and front wheels are between her and the bleeding guy. She is acting like shes messing with the radio antennae but I can see she is only using one hand and watching the bleeding dude that I cant now see on the other side of the pumps. Hes hung up his pump which I did hear but hes not leaving.

    He peeps around the pump at me then moves back and is still there when I got in the truck the wife jumping in and we pulled out. I noticed as his back was then turned the handle of a revolver sticking out of his hip pocket.

    The wife then filled me in. While she was inside the guy was in line in front of her. He was tweeking, incoherent, tearing off bits of skin from his arms and face and eating them. He had continually in line checked out everyone in sight, reached back and took hold of the gun three times as he came up to the cashier but didnt draw it, looked around again muttered gas and dug two dollars in change out of his pocket, stood for a minute more looking around then went back out.

    She had moved off to his side and back from him in line and was going to stay in the store until she saw him come straight to his car parked next to me. So she came out to warn me.

    IMO she handled things perfectly. Didnt give him any reason to notice her more than anyone else, warned me without him knowing, and most important though I hadnt taught her how to cover anyone moved behind bullet stopping cover, with a clear field of fire, watched him while I could not see him while not appearing too and basically covered my backside.

    Only down fall was I got on her a bit about coming out and not staying safe in the store as I always told her to stay clear and get safe of any situation and NOT to cover me or help me.

    I was then in no uncertain terms informed by her. " Look you old coot. We have been together through everything on earth for over 25 yrs. Im not leaving you to the wolves regardless so forget that. I carry too ya know. Im not as fast as you but I shoot almost as good as you. You can either show me how to work as a team with you so we both have a better chance or Ill wing it. But if you go down I go down with you and you might as well get used to that"

    Turned out to be a non event but it had her bells ringing from the way he acted and took hold of his gun three times as he reached the counter as if undecided if to draw or not. So she simply became reactive and watchful.

    So now reckon I start training her to work as a team with me. Stubborn old woman
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    Excellent story. Sounds as though she handled everything to a tee. Awesome that she automatically took cover but still left herself a clear line of fire. Id be very proud.

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    Nothing like team work , you both have the same interest each other . Kudos
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    Thumbs up. :)
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    When the God of the Brides shined down on you, you chose wisely.

    That story made me throw up in my mouth.
    I am glad I use a debit card for gas at the pump.
    I can only imagine what diseases are on the money he handles.
    I may have been getting his plate # to call the authorities, with all his outward signs of being a meth head.
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    Good job by your wife.

    Sounds like you had a meth head who was contemplating robbing the store.

    Wonder how many people in line were completely clueless?
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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    Buy that lady a new firearm, tell her she is awesome and never forget who your "wing-man" is.
    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."
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    Good awareness. Good tactics, so long as (a) some of the family was unaware/unwarned, and (b) the sketchy character was still around.

    Definitely, with the affected behaviors and the threatening gesturing with the gun, that was a dangerous situation.

    Kudos to the missus. She's got your "wing," over there.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    " He was tweeking, incoherent, tearing off bits of skin from his arms and face and eating them."

    Yes, we need to legalize drugs...
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    Sounds like a Zombie to me .
    Christian Family Man

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    Good SA on both counts. I may have noted the car's make and plate, and called that one in.
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    Call me a wimp, but I teared up a little.

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    Good job, your wife is paying attention to her surroundings, and nothing spells romance, like the wife covering the spouse behind the engine block !

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost1958 View Post
    Give wife money to pay for it
    Yep, I'm very familiar with that scenario.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost1958 View Post
    He was tweeking, incoherent, tearing off bits of skin from his arms and face and eating them
    He's essentially eating his own face !

    This whole thing is rooted in the U.S. drug problem that isn't being well addressed. It's a financial burden on resources and an undermining of our culture. Frightening !
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    I think she did more than all right. In the store is ok if that is what you agreed on but outside watching your six is far be3tter in my opinion. She can also give testimony to how the shooting went down if need be.

    Seems like a training exercise I am going to pass on to my wife who also has a CCW.

    Thanks for sharing.


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    She did an outstanding job of observing and informing you. You are lucky though, if I had said something to my wife about not coming out of the store she'd probably have punched me.
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