Man in WM swinging a bat, then beats down random woman and walks away (video)

Man in WM swinging a bat, then beats down random woman and walks away (video)

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Thread: Man in WM swinging a bat, then beats down random woman and walks away (video)

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    Man in WM swinging a bat, then beats down random woman and walks away (video)

    Woman in Walmart Hit with Baseball Bat in Arkansas | Video |

    Situational awareness is key.

    If you saw this guy would you...

    1. Ignore him
    2. Move far away
    3. Wait and watch
    4. Your answer here.
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    Why do you think I'm armed in Wally World. Weird stuff happens three

    Me I see someone doing beat down with a ba ball yeah they wil be sing what a357 size hole looks like real fast...
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    insane. you would think someone would be watching a guy walking through the store with nothing but a bat.
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    when i start seeing weird stuff, like some guy acting like that with a bat... I take a defense position and start recording video on my phone... possibly pull out pepper spray depending on the current feeling, and ready to draw my gun. I don't think she ever saw him though... and he was coward enough to not only surprise her, but to make sure no one else was around when he went in for the strike.
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    Man this is just sickening. He better spend the rest of his life in prison for attempted murder.
    I couldnt imagine watching this video had that girl been a friend or relative, that man would wish he did get life in prison, I hope she is okay, ill have to follow this story.

    And its probably some gang initiation. Him saying he wanted to try it is the beginning of him claiming insanity and getting off lightly vs a attempted murder charge. Lets all protest outside the courtroom and invite jessie jackson and al sharpton. Think theyll come?
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    He wanted to try it, and claims the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Fort Smith, Arkansas, hm? Arkansas has gators, yeah? Hmmm ...
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    Some people just need to be shot...
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    I've always wanted to try water boarding someone... oops, Corey, looks like you are in the wrong place at the wrong time... sorry.
    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
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    When he gets released from prison he can still buy baseball bats but we should ban him from buying and owning guns. I am sure that will stop this kind of behaviour in the future. Might want to ban him from baseball games also(sarcasm off)

    Seriously, the solution for this man is to keep him in prison for life. No parole.
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    An argument for making birth control retroactive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Scott View Post
    Some people just need to be shot...
    He would be getting off to easy with that method, he needs a slow and painful death.
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    The bottom-feeder will be out in weeks or less...
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    And people wonder why everyone wants to CC in WalMart as well as why the Wally Walk is such a tradition.

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    Being a huge believer in capital punishment, effectively administered, my view is that society needs to reserve the right to protect itself a bit better through the liberal and speedy use of capital punishment for a fairly large class of lawbreakers. There are just some people who need to be taken out behind the courthouse, hit in the back of the head with a hammer, and put out of society's misery.

    The amount of safety and real liberty the law-abiding citizens could enjoy would be amazing.

    But, that'd be too simple, too just, and too morally righteous. We as a society would rather live with endless stifling restrictions while continuing to watching lawbreakers endlessly victimize us. We'll have all the crime we're willing to put up with.
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    The thug's family says "the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time". Unbelievable, I bet if someone saw it coming and shot him before he did they would be looking for the shooter's head. She is very lucky that he did not hit her in the head. That could have caused some serious damage and probably have killed her. Walmart sells bats so I can see nobody notices if he was carrying it around but I might have taken notice the way he was handling it when he was walking around in the store.

    It is ironic that if someone OC's a handgun in Walmart people would watch them closely but someone can walk around wielding a bat and no one pays any attention to him.

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