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Thread: Super Cop

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    :agree: KenpoTex

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    Tremendous Restraint...

    This officer was in complete control...I'm sure these suspects were given 'special directions' in how to respond when stopped by the soon as they were booked...

    The idiot with the shovel deserved to be shot...


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    excellent job by the officer.. and as for the second video that was linked here did the officer make it, i dont have sound so i couldnt hear what was going on

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    one word: "taser"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerman2003 View Post
    excellent job by the officer.. and as for the second video that was linked here did the officer make it, i dont have sound so i couldnt hear what was going on
    yeah he made it ok in the end, I saw that originally on tv, and he was talking about the incident on the show.

    He had one shot graze his head I think, and I recall a mentioning of another one going through his shoulder more vertically (i guess after he had fallen), the rest half dozen or so rounds were hit to the body, but he credited his flak vest for saving his life.

    It's people like that (in the truck) that should in the end get shot by other officers after in an attemped arrest, instead of taking space in prison at our expense. Thank God he had a flak vest though, if it had been what, just 20, 30 years before? he probably wouldn't have been equipped with that and would be dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    my questions to the LEOs on here is this: If we would happen to see you in a bad situation... 1)would you want us to stop to assist you? 2)How would you want a civilian to approach and Identify themself to you as someone there to help you? 3) If you have drawn your weapon is it also appropriate for us to do the same?
    My opinion is that if I am in a fight with 2 dirtbags, then I appreciate any help I can get. If you stop to help, just make it plain you are there to help. Yell out something like "officer, do you need help?" so I will know you are there to help me and not the dirtbags.

    However, if you see one of us with a weapon drawn, STAY BACK!. Don't come into our frontal view, and most definitely don't approach from behind or the side. At that point, the adrenaline is pumping full volume, and we may be experiencing tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, SNS, etc. Just stay back and most definitely do not draw your weapon. Backup is most likely (hopefully) on the way in a big hurry and if they roll up and see someone not in uniform with a drawn weapon, it could get real ugly, real quick.

    It IS rare that anyone will stop to help when we are in a fight, but when someone does, it is highly appreciated, and it IS NOT FORGOTTEN. Most people don't care enough to help, not caring that we would REALLY love to go home to our family at the end of the shift.

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    That officer didn't appear to need much help, but I certainly would have offered assistance.
    Whatever doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable.

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