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Scenario: Disgruntled Employee

This is a discussion on Scenario: Disgruntled Employee within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, since I work in one of the nation's centers of enlightenment, a university with a no weapons policy, it's basically bend over and kiss ...

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Thread: Scenario: Disgruntled Employee

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    Well, since I work in one of the nation's centers of enlightenment, a university with a no weapons policy, it's basically bend over and kiss your goodbye

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    Remember if you have a means of escape you should take it. They drill that into you here in AZ in the CCW class. If you are trapped get as small as possible and get ready to fight if found. The toilet is probably a good place to be, seem all the nut jobs shoot in the office not the lou.

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    Question Fight or Flight?

    Quote Originally Posted by APachon
    Fight or flight mode time. You do not know where the BG is nor do you know if he has any buddies along for the ride. What do you do? You are in a room divided up into cubicles making for many sharp corners. You instruct one of your office mates to call 911. What next?
    Right after Colombine, a bunch of us sat around and pondered the same thing happening in our inner city high school. Dolts that they are, the school board frowns on those of us who are fully qualified to have access to firearms. Regardless, those of us with the requisite training and experience agreed on one thing. NOT IN OUR SCHOOL!

    But it also depends on who's doing the shooting. A couple of punks with 32 or 25 pistols or cheap TEC-9s is one thing. But somebody armed and knowing what to do, is something else, at least with field expedient weapons. Our school is FULL of tight spaces and blind corners. Pretty easy to lurp up on some punk and take him out, especially if he (or the two of them) are deaf from gunfire already. One thing is certain I could never look myself in the mirror again if I sat paralyzed (because somebody said its the smart thing) and let somebody kill MY Students! Besides, punks and idiots are all alike, they think that if they've got guns then they're somehow invincible and that nobody would DARE stalk and kill them in the midst of their glorious rampage.
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    I work mostly from home, but my part-time job is at an office where the main entrance has a keypad entry on it. The keypad has been there for five years. It was installed after threats made by an ex-employee and my psycho ex (both idiots made threats around the same time). We change the lock combination within 24 hours after someone quits or is fired.

    There are two back entrances, one of which is rarely used, and the other is by my desk. It requires a key entry, which most employees do not have, and so the buzzer must be rung, and since I'm by the door most of the time, I look out the peephole before opening.

    We don't have cubicle walls, and our office is divided into three main rooms. I am in the center room, rear desk.

    While I can swiftly exit out the rear in the event something goes down, I feel morally obligated to assist my co-workers. I've known them for five years. I know their children and spouses. Many times their children are in the office. One co-worker gave birth recently, and her baby is in the office frequently. While my co-workers are scrambling for the exits or dodging under desks, I guess it's up to me to stop the gunman. It wouldn't take much over three minutes to mop up on everybody in the office if nobody is around to stop it.

    My boss knows I have a carry permit. After his fired employee had threatened to take him out with a shotgun, he said to me, "Betty, you're the closest thing we have to security around here."

    Don't rely on it, I thought. I'm not a bodyguard nor do I pretend to be. But I do know I don't like seeing innocent people gunned down, especially while I have the means and ability to do something about it.
    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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