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woman with dog, would you stop?

This is a discussion on woman with dog, would you stop? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by goawayfarm Why didn't you have a firearm? Michigan does have concealed carry doesn't it? I was just taking a cheap shot at ...

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Thread: woman with dog, would you stop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goawayfarm View Post
    Why didn't you have a firearm? Michigan does have concealed carry doesn't it?
    I was just taking a cheap shot at the fact I have to wait another month because of michigan's stupid gun boards inability to make a single monthly meeting(in a shall-issue state).

    If I had been armed I would have stopped for sure. I almost did regardless, but at the time something just didn't seem right. It was on the outskirts of town, just on the border of a ritzy neighborhood and a bad neighborhood(i was coming from the good one). Where she was really made no sense, she was less than 100 yards from a well lit intersection, kind of on a dark turn. I made an instant decision and didn't stop. Would I want someone to stop if it was my mom or sister? Yes, of coarse.

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    Smooth, Nice python, looks like a Ball?
    As for the situation, I would have stopped, maybe cracked my window to hear what she needed and proceed from there. If she started "my husband is hurt in my house", I wouldn't enter the house until EMT or police arrive as this is a prime ploy used for an ambush situation. I agree the dog makes me feel better about the situation rather than worse. If the EMT's that passed you were for her, it sounds like somebody needed medical attention and she was out there to signal the EMT's, or possibly somebody else that could help, as to her location.
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    In Olympia Washington recently a woman pulled over to assist a young woman with a baby that was broke down, when the young mother approached the good Samaritan in her car, what was thought to be a child in a blanket was a gun and demanding her money which she gave and then called the police.

    As we are reminded all the time, criminals do not play by the rules and we must keep this in mind when we approach different situations as it may be something else then what it appears.


    Your situation is a good example of why not go out with being armed, but it is also a good example of being alert of your surroundings.
    Even being armed you will have to trust your instinct, does it feel right or is something wrong, look at the surroundings.

    So stopping or driving by is your choice as you will have to live with your choice to act or not to.

    I always have wanted to help the underdog, the weak and the victim which today has been used by criminals to gain the upper hand.

    I still do advocate to help those that need help but do so when you feel you can protect yourself.
    Deadly Force is Only Used to Save Your Life or a Life of Another.
    Anything else has non lethal options.

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    (thank you michigan)

    I don't get it.

    Why are you unarmed in Michigan?


    I see.
    You have not met the Gun Board yet. That explains it.
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    Would I have stopped?? Good question. Anymore, you just about can't take the risk. On that note, there are those out there that do need a little help, whether it be to the nearest gas station to make a phone call or to a hospital for medical assistance.

    Sometimes the GG is on the side of the road being picked up by the BG, sometimes it is the BG on the roadside being picked up by the GG. Often it is a GG/GG situation, but in these days, it is hard to tell.

    Likely, if I were alone, yes, I would have stopped. With my family, absolutely not. It would be easier to handle a good situation gone bad by myself than if the wife and kids were in the car.

    The dog does tend to lift the concern a little, but there again, it depends on the dog. I am not afraid of dogs, but large dogs can put a hurtin' on you real quick. Smaller dogs are a little easier to fend off.

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    I would have stoppedat least 50 feet past herand motioned for her to come to me. If there were other people hideing in the bushes this would help to foul up their plans for an ambush. I would then call 911You can't just leave someone in trouble.I would damn sure have a gun ready. Its still legal to have a gun in the car.

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    I would have stopped, she could have suspected a follower and might need a ride. I guess its unsafe, but at the minimum I'd be able to sleep that night knowing what was wrong. Not that you didn't do the right thing.
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    Yeah, I would have stopped. Probably not the safest thing, but I would have anyway.

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    Not a chance. Fact of life number 50: Dogs are more dangerous than guns because dogs allegedly have a mind of their own and can revert to their nature without warning. Guns are subject to the rules of physics.
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

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    Yah... I would have and have stopped in the past. Not the brightest thing to do sometimes, but what can I say it is one of those ingrained things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth23 View Post
    What would you of done?
    Would have done much the same: driven past. If it looked like distress, then the cell phone would have come in handy and I might have hung around nearby (inside the car with doors/windows locked) to await arrival of sheriff/police. Otherwise, unarmed @ 4am can be a bad start to a bad situation.
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