woman with dog, would you stop?

woman with dog, would you stop?

This is a discussion on woman with dog, would you stop? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I was driving home last night after taking a friend home at about 4 am. I'm on the outskirts of the city near a ...

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Thread: woman with dog, would you stop?

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    woman with dog, would you stop?

    So I was driving home last night after taking a friend home at about 4 am. I'm on the outskirts of the city near a residential area. I come across a lady that was trying to flag me down, not frantic like, but kinda persistant. I ended up driving past, seeing as I was unnarmed(thank you michigan) and that she had a (big) dog. What would you of done?

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    Well, how old was the woman? (yes, I know an old person can kill me just as easily than a young one, but then again, I was raised to help women and the elderly if they need it). I assume younger since she was out at 4 in the morning, but then again, some people are just easly risers.
    How much traffic was on the road? Sure its 4 O'clock but some roads have a fair amount of traffic on them. Is there anyone else on the road that you could see?
    Was the dog on a leash?

    Unarmed, I would probably have kept driving, and called the police about the incident. Armed I would of probably pulled over and rolled down a window, keeping my truck in drive and weapon handy, second anything looks bad, im usin all 350 cubic inches of my engine to get out of there. Safest thing probably is to keep on driving, and possibly could have warranted a call to the police to inform them about the situation.
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    I have to say I would have stopped. Not exited my vehicle and kept a wary eye out for anything. First sign of anything unusual I would have been gone. Not the safest thing to do I know but...
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    She was late 20's, early 30s. I left out that as I drove on, maybe 1 mile down the road there was an ambulance headed in her direction. There was a (closed) gas station, and the airport not far away. I think the dog was on a leash. I wanted to stop, and had it not been for the dog I would have.

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    You never know,

    I would have called the police to help her.I have known a few people that stopped in situations like this and 2 or 3 guys come running out of the woods or from behind a building.Most of us want to help people but we have to be safe about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth23 View Post
    ..... I come across a lady that was trying to flag me down, not frantic like, but kinda persistent. I ended up driving past, seeing as I was unarmed(thank you Michigan) ......
    Three things:

    1) YOU ALWAYS STOP FOR A GIRL, be careful when you do so though. Don't leave a woman to the good intentions of the next 'wolf' that may come by. Use your best judgment on how far you go, but at least stop & see if it appears to be an innocent in trouble. Remember she is someone's daughter, wife or mother.............Wouldn't you want a GG to stop rather than some miscreant? If it turns out to be a trap, just be prepared.

    2) Since you had no firearm, did you have anything that could be used as an improvised one? If not, WHY NOT?

    3) Why didn't you have a firearm? Michigan does have concealed carry doesn't it?
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    I would have stopped , yet wary. After all I would want someone decent to stop and help if it was my mom or girlfriend.
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    Yeah, I would have stopped too; and the dog would have put me more at ease about the situation.
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    I Would Have Been Armed...

    I would have stopped if the situation did not look 'like a robbery looking for a place to happen'...

    I may have stopped 50' down the road and mentioned that the police are 'being' called 9that might produce a reaction)...how can I help...scanning the area for movement the entire time. You can still direct people to stay back while you search out the situation.

    I also, would not want a wife or daughter stranded...but...
    No car in sight?
    Not near a house?
    I'd be very careful...

    All the 'dirtbags' are not men...ever watch the movie "Monster"...that was from here in Florida (although those victims has other ideas prior to meeting 'The Maker').

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    I would have stopped too.
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    I would have stopped.

    For this woman, or a man, or whom ever.

    After stopping, then I would have made the determination of what to do when stopping, ie, exiting vehicle, or not, calling police, or not whatever.

    I would hate to think that my mother, wife, sister, or even myself would be in need of assistance and attempt to flag someone down and they just drove right past.
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    Again, in the safety of my house now, looking at your situation, my guess is since she had a big dog (usually women would have a big dog to protect her, not to be a BG) I would have stopped. Don’t want to leave her to the wolves but would keep car in drive, pull down the road a little, make her come to me in case others were waiting, throw them off their game. Be in a little control of the situation as much as possible, cell phone ready etc...

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    If she appeared to be alone, I would have stopped.

    1. She, or someone else, was in danger or needed help, or
    2. She was trying to lure you into an ambush

    It's easy to make that decision now, since I carry every day, But a few years ago (before I got My CHL) I stopped, alone, at night, on a somewhat deserted state highway, to help what I thought was a woman and a little kid who's car had apparently broken down. It turned out to be a guy with long hair who had sent his wife to get help while he stayed with the kid.

    I was wary at first, but my fear of what might happen to me was overpowered by my fear of what might happen to them if the next guy that drives by isn't so nice.

    I don't think anyone here will fault you for not stopping, considering that you were unarmed, and aware of the possible danger.But, get your concealed carry license.

    CHL holders ooze with confidence.

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    Many times a month we see this happen. Trucking as we do, we do not stop for anyreason. I have made probably in the order of 30 to 40 calls to 911 in the last year. I give a sitrep and drive on. In the past year 3 of our fleets trucks were hyjacked and 4 were stolen. Loads and all. Some of our loads, well, lets just say that they were valuable. The chivalrous side of me objects but the practical side out weighs allowing someones else's bad day to ruin mine. We are held responsible for the truck, trailer and the load at all times and if we stop we are in violation of company policy. Sucks but there ya go. If I was in my pick up and armed I would stop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    All the 'dirtbags' are not men...

    I think the poster meant, "Not all the dirtbags are men."
    Certainly, the idea that all those who are dirtbags are not men is a false statement!

    I think I would have stopped. After all, being in a car, and she's on foot, I could determine how close or far away from her I would do the stopping. Far enough away that I would have to shout to her, "Do you need help? What is the nature of the problem?"

    And if she really did need help from me, she can come toward me, with the dog under control, and with no one else joining her. The second someone else showed him/herself, I'd be off like a shot, with probably a pair of choice words for her as I spat gravel at her.

    In my case, I'd be armed and the gun would not be far from deployable. I'd have my finger on the 9 button on my phone. From there on, it's let's-see-what-happens.

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