Man some people are stupid. Real situation

Man some people are stupid. Real situation

This is a discussion on Man some people are stupid. Real situation within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; about 2 weeks ago, i was over at my buddies house with another friend. The three of us were standing in the front yard shootin' ...

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Thread: Man some people are stupid. Real situation

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    Man some people are stupid. Real situation

    about 2 weeks ago, i was over at my buddies house with another friend. The three of us were standing in the front yard shootin' the breeze, getting ready to go out. The neighbors across the street are an awesome older couple. She makes cookies for us college kids, and we help them put up their christmas decorations and plant their trees. Anyways, their grandson was in town, apparently with his family, and I guess they had a big doberman Pinscer because the kid was about to take the dog for a walk. Now this boy is probably 100lbs and 5 feet tall. That dog would have pulled him anywhere he wanted--and he did, but we'll get to that in a minute. The house next door to theirs has a younger couple. Never met them, and didn't even know they had a dog. Well, they do. A big black malamute or some type. Big dog.
    So we're standing there talking, and next thing we hear is some barking, and see the kid being dragged on his ass towards this malamute. Of course a very aggressive dog fight ensues with the kid pulling for all he's worth on the leash, and the owner of the other dog (yuppie lady) clapping her hands and saying "no, no" like it's gonna do a damn thing. My one friend started over, and I told him to stop. It wasent a critical situation yet We stood there watching for a minute, and the kid ended up tangled in the leash between these two snarling dogs.
    Well, that did it, we were over there as fast as we could, I grabbed the pinscer, my buddy grabbed the malamute, and we wrestled to the m apart and to the ground. I wasen't worried about getting bit too much. Aside from the pain, this was a nice area and I wasent worried about diseases.
    The kid is on the ground crying and scratched up, these two dogs are still trying to fight, and what does this dumb lady say? "GET OFF MY DOG, YOU'RE HURTING HIM. HE WONT HURT ANYONE, HE'S NICE!" To my buddie's credit, he looked at her and said, "**** you lady, I'm not getting up until you get a leash or this dog's unconscious." The kids grandparents scooped him up, thanked us, and took him inside. I went over later and mentioned that they should probably not let the kid walk the dog, as he clearly couldn't control him. They thanked me again, and that was that. The other lady got a leash and stormed off muttering at us.
    During the fray, my shirt came untucked, and my piece was displayed for all the world to see, but thankfully nobody made a mention of it. Shooting either of the dogs never entered my mind. It's not something I'd ever do--especially with a kid around.

    Some people
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    Just to make the mod's lifes simple i wont comment on this other than i read the thread lol .
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    Good job. I hope you didn't get bit, it can hurt quite a lot. I had a huge dog bite me in the ass when I was running way as a little kid and it really hurt.

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    Man, sounds like I need some older neighbors around me to make the college guys cookies.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the weapon showing, you had bigger things on your mind.

    As far as both parties and their attempts to control their canines, no comment
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    I think you guys handled yourselves as well as to be expected in that situation. As far as the yuppie lady, I see where she's coming from, but most ignorant pet owners don't realize that just because they wouldn't do a thing to them, doesn't mean they wouldn't do a thing to EVERYONE ELSE.

    As far as your piece becoming unconcealed, it couldn't be helped with what was going on. All in all, good job!

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    Sounds like you did good to me. Couldn't help about the gun.
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    good job!

    she will grow up to become a ....

    Soccer Mom!!

    hope the kid was ok too

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    Oh, come now, Mr D, I'm married to a Soccer Mom! :)
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    You guys done the right thing by helping out the kid and getting the dogs apart. So far as your gun, as long as your legal the cops wouldn't have said anything if they had been there.
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    Kudos. Well handled all the way through.
    God Bless the USA

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    kairo: Your location says Reno, NV. It is my understanding that open carry is completely legal in NV except in certain very limited situations, unlike FL or TX where printing can get you in trouble. If I'm right, you were still completely legal even with your weapon exposed, regardless of whether anyone saw and said something or not. That is the beauty of living in an open carry state - you don't have to take extreme measures to make sure your weapon is completely concealed.

    In any case, I'm glad you survived the encounter and are no more the worse for wear.

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    Good on ya' mate!

    This is why I carry OC. Both dogs would've gotten a dose if I'd have been there. I really don't like getting bit, and I have three dogs of my own.

    Clapping and yelling ain't going to do a dang bit of good when the dog's full on with aggression, which these two obviously were.

    Good job and I'm glad you were there for this kid.


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    Wow. You're a credit, sir. When I was a manager at Starbucks, we had a Malmute suddenly turn on a woman and latch onto her jacket. One of our regulars was at the bar waiting for his drink. He saw what happened and - no joke - tackled the dog and restrained it. The owner was hitting the guy while he was holding the animal. I called 911 and they responded rather fast and restrained the woman.

    The dog had calmed by this point but the guy wouldn't let go. Animal control did show up and took the dog. I heard later from the same guy that the dog had to be destroyed because the owner had a record of letting the animal get out of control.

    That gentleman got free coffee for the next three years - that I know of.

    From what I know otherwise, Malmutes can be aggressive. Deceivingly so. That took a lot of guts. It was insainely dangerous and I don't think I would have done the same. But!!! You may have saved two dogs (and valuable family members) from death. Beyond that, I can't say more.
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    I think you did a good job. Well done.

    I am sure that the older couple now thinks even more highly of you now than they did before.

    It's good to help out good folks. It benefits all of us in the long run.
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    You guys showed more restraint than I would have . The lady that was yelling at you had no grounds to complain because she did nothing to stop it. If I was the boys parents if he was hurt at all I would sue until
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