We don’t need no stink’n guns!

We don’t need no stink’n guns!

This is a discussion on We don’t need no stink’n guns! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We don’t need no stink’n guns! From Minneapolis’ WCCO.com of January 17, 2007 Man Won't Be Charged For Killing Girlfriend's Ex The Wright County prosecutor ...

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Thread: We don’t need no stink’n guns!

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    We don’t need no stink’n guns!

    We don’t need no stink’n guns!

    From Minneapolis’ WCCO.com of January 17, 2007
    Man Won't Be Charged For Killing Girlfriend's Ex

    The Wright County prosecutor has decided not to press charges against a Rockford, Minn. man who shot his girlfriend's former boyfriend in December.

    Eric M. Cegon, 30, shot 35-year-old Erik A. Richter, of Watertown, Minn., twice with a shotgun early in the morning of Dec. 13 when Richter broke in through a back door into the Rockford home of Samantha E. Simons, 21.

    According to Wright County Attorney Thomas Kelly, the relationship between Richter and Simons turned abusive, culminating with a charge of domestic assault filed in April 2005.

    When Simons began a relationship with Cegon in September 2006, Richter began threatening both of them.

    "He refused to let her go, and said that if he couldn't have her, nobody would," Kelly said.

    Richter was charged with making terroristic threats and inflicting criminal damage to property on Nov. 6 of last year after he broke all the windows on Cegon's vehicle and tried to climb through his bedroom window, yelling his intentions to kill Cegon.

    As a result of the incident, Richter was ordered to have no contact with either Simons or Cegon and was ordered to not possess or use firearms. Simons also applied for an additional restraining order against Richter.(Glad to see he followed the court order…ooops maybe not.)

    Richter violated the order when, according to Kelly, he allegedly threatened her with a knife on Dec. 6. Due to the incident, a pick-up order was placed for probable cause felony assault. A court date was set for Dec. 13.

    Cegon and Simons went to bed the evening of Dec. 12 prepared for a visit from Richter. They barricaded the front door of Simons' house with a small sofa, locked themselves with Simons' son in an upstairs bedroom and blocked the door with a dresser.

    Cegon armed himself with a shotgun.

    At 3:30 a.m., according to Kelly, Richter broke through the front door of the house and ran upstairs, forcing open the bedroom door and knocking down the dresser. He had in his hand a loaded, .45-caliber Colt semi-automatic handgun.

    Later investigation revealed Richter had also brought leg irons and handcuffs.

    Cegon shot Richter twice.

    According to Kelly, the state law allowing a person to defend himself with necessary deadly force in his home if he feels threatened by an intruder applied to Cegon's case.

    "Did Cegon have an honest and reasonable belief that he or Simons were in imminent jeopardy of great bodily harm or death? Yes," said Kelly in a press statement. "Was Cegon's use of deadly force necessary to avert great bodily harm or death? Yes.

    "In this case, the state has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Cegon was not justified in using deadly force," he continued. "Based upon the facts, I am unable to meet that burden and therefore no criminal charges will be filed against Cegon."
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    That sounds like the cleanest shoot in history. He did everything he could possibly do legally and physically to keep from killing the guy. Oh well. Some people are just determined to get dead. Bravo to Cegon!
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    As it should be, the BG doesn't care about restraining orders. the victims took all the steps to try to keep from having to harm the BG.
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    Thats scumbag got what was coming to him, a blast from a shotgun. That's something not many people want to experience.

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    The Score?

    Cegon 1.....Richter 0

    I love stories with great endings!


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    Good for them.
    I will support gun control when you can guarantee all guns are removed from this planet. That includes military and law enforcement. When you can accomplish that, then I will be the last person to lay down my gun. Then I will carry the weapon that replaces the gun.

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    Wow didn't see that coming. Couch in front of door, dresser in front of other door. What was the guy thinking?
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    The deceased had threatened his ex-girlfriend with a knife very recently and the GF's child sawthe deceased at a school function that he was forbidden (court order) from attending.

    The shooter got lucky though... at one point he was qouted as saying he shot the deceased the second time to "make sure he didn't get up"

    that version quicjkly went away and we haven't heard much of it.

    Good shoot? Yep.
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    The woman-obsessed types will often continue with their plans despite every warning you throw at them. In a way they are a pretty easy threat to deal with because they telegraph their intentions and paint big targets on themselves. This girl's boyfriend set up the perfect trap to legally end this guy's misery.

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    You hate to see someone die but in this case there was no other option. The BG set him self up. He sure wasn't using his head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixBravo View Post
    That sounds like the cleanest shoot in history.

    Thank goodness this turned out with the BG down instead of the innocent.

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    Great job. One for the good guy...
    "May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won't."
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