Using whatever you have available

Using whatever you have available

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Thread: Using whatever you have available

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    Using whatever you have available

    I talked to my brother who is back home in WV and he related the following tale to me.

    He lives in our old childhood home which is not in the best neighborhood. He works for the State so can't carry at work. He just got home and said that he was going to get a bag from the back seat of his car.

    He looked around and made sure no one was about and then opened his back door and grabbed the bag. When he turned to shut the door there were what he calls "three big guys" walking toward him. He thinks they must have come out of the close by alley or else he couldn't have missed them.

    Now my brother is 6'2" and about 225lbs and unlike me, he doesn't carry much extra weight. He said that the smallest of these three guys made him look little. His first thought was "crap"!

    The stepped back with his right foot, put his hand in his pocket and grabbed his Spyderco Delica but kept the hand in the pocket. One of the guys said, "do you have a smoke?" He then thought, "CRAP, CRAP" since that is a typical approach when bad guys are sizing you up.

    He told them no he didn't smoke. The one guy said "that's cool" and they walked on.

    My brother said that the whole thing may have been perfectly innocent but his gut feeling is that they were in fact sizing him up and when he assumed an aggressive stance and put his hand in the pocket, they decided not to call his bluff and find a easier target.

    The down side is that my brother is 57 and these guys were mid to late 20's. On the up side, my brother was kinda wild in his youth and fought a lot. He's pretty street smart.

    If they attacked, his plan was to try to put the first guy between him and the others long enough to slice the first guy up a bit. Then the plan was to get the hell away from them if he could.

    All in all, it worked out great because nobody really ever wins a fight, they just lose less than the other guy.

    Makes me glad I don't have to disarm very often.

    The whole thing just made me think about situational awareness. One of the things Col. Cooper talked about was being ready with the SHTF. Instead of thinking that this can't be happening, my brother was already thinking of a plan of action if necessary.

    This is a BIG part of situational awareness. I don't think it is possible to keep people away from you 100% of the time. But we can be in a condition yellow state of readiness.

    Glad it work out the way it did. I kinda like the idea of keeping big bro around a while

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    Instead of thinking that this can't be happening, my brother was already thinking of a plan of action if necessary.
    That IMO is THE approach - has to be. We hear too many cases of seemingly ''innocent'' approaches and then - trouble! Way better to have a plan.

    Glad your bro was OK and like as not his defensive posture/hand in pocket had a lot to do with the outcome. I am more and more aware that at near 62 I am not gonna come out on top with young guys and just a physical fight - no way. I therefore these days have to increase my yellow to a max - which is still not much effort but does require some extra mental discipline.
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    sounds like he did good.
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    Smart Brother...

    We can all learn some...'stay alert' lessons from him!

    Glad to hear that things worked well...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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