Ride or Too Busy

Ride or Too Busy

This is a discussion on Ride or Too Busy within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, I am in the driveway putting a thermostat in my Jeep, it is about 3:00 Saturday afternoon. Wife and kid are in the house ...

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Thread: Ride or Too Busy

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    Ride or Too Busy

    Ok, I am in the driveway putting a thermostat in my Jeep, it is about 3:00 Saturday afternoon. Wife and kid are in the house taking a nap.
    While working on the vehicle I notice a man walking down our road and keep working. I notice he is taking a turn on the road that my driveway enters, and then starts across the yard towards me. I live at the intersection.

    Black male, about 50 or 60, laboring some while walking about 5'10" to 6' and probably 300 lbs. He starts to talk when he is about 30 feet from where I am working. Says he is a retired military, and bad knees, car broke down on a road about 1/2 mile away from my house and he is heading about 1 mile away near the interstate and a major road in our town where someone is going to meet him. He asks me for a ride up the the convience store where he has to meet the person.

    I am just finishing up the work to the vehicle, and there are two other vehicles in the driveway and garage.

    So, do you give the guy the ride or do you just tell him that you can't right now. Or what do you do?

    If I posted this in the wrong area please move it.
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    If I really believe him I tell him sorry, I do not give rides to anyone I don't know and I offer to call a cab and pay for the ride for him. I am former military too so I will help out a fellow vet. but I would probably not give anyone a ride and expose myself to a possible robbery just because they say they are a vet. also.

    A cab ride just a mile or so down the road isn't going to cost me much.
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    Good poll material. I think I would give him a ride depending upon his answers to some questions.
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    The mention that he is retired military would set me on edge right away. No reason to open with that statement other than trying to play on your sympathies or a sticker he saw on a vehicle.

    Of course he has bad knees, he weighs 300lbs.

    I may give him a ride. Just to see if he is scamming or not. I would be armed several ways to Sunday. Of course he would need to have a good answer as to why the folks meeting him couldn't drive the extra mile to pick him up...That would be the fun part.
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    What did your gut tell you?

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    I'd give him a ride.

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    I normally give them a ride.

    Bad habbit of mine that has had me nerviouse a few times.......course that was mostly before I was packing.

    There is a new movie out that I probably won't see called "the hitchhiker" or something like that. Prolly have the Jaws effect.....

    Anyhows, Just today a past up seldom seen hitcher.....I passed him with a laugh, about the previews to that movie......
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    the hitchhiker is just a remake and its called the the hitcher

    Sorry i dont give rides

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    I would probley give him a ride Think. I would ask him some more questions first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    Wife and kid are in the house taking a nap. He asks me for a ride up the the convience store where he has to meet the person.
    Those two facts are incompatible, for me. If a plant, you've now been taken out and your family is know known to be unprotected and alone. There's simply no way for you to know this.

    At best, I'd hit the speed-dial for the cab company with my cell phone. Since he can't possibly be out of funds, as well, he'll pick up the tab and be thankful for the phone call. At worst, he can call his friend and inform him of the new meeting place: the cross-streets where he's currently standing.

    Otherwise, he's going to have to find someone else to assist, as we don't know each other and expecting more than that given the circumstances (my wife/kids asleep inside) is just too much. It's 2007 and stranger things have happened in such apparently-benign circumstances. YMMV.
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    It is the wrong answer, but in all honesty I would give him a ride. I'd try to keep an eye on him I suppose, but sometimes you just have to be willing to take a risk.
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    FWIW All of us retired military types have a blue ID card. Ask to see it if he is telling the truth on that part. If he was, I would ask him to stay, I go inside and tell wifey to lock up, I'm gonna take MR.??????? where he needed to go. I'll be right back. Don't come out till I get back. Gotta help my kind.
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    I would pay for his cab ride.
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    Black, white, purple or glowing green, 8 to 80, male or female the answer would be the same. Wait here outside while I call you a taxi.

    The risk factor is high in several of the hot button areas (alone with a stranger, alone with a female, alone with a kid, ect.).

    In this case, unless you have a good basis to trust them, just say no.

    As for retired military ID cards, mine is green and they are changing to a smart card with photo and a chip without a rank or military affiliation soon, so they are harder to identify as a military ID for security reason, so they would be tough to use as such unless you know what they are.

    I agree with helping my own and if I can get a positive ID as a military man, I would get him a taxi and pay for the ride if he couldn't.

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    I think taxi also.

    Difficult tho as I am one to wish to help - but add to that with advanced age - suspicious as all get out! I would be packing of course but that is no guarantee.

    Much might depend on some casual banter - to further probe the psyche, and even the area could influence a decision but the play-it-safe is IMO - book a cab and make excuses as to why you have to stay home right now.

    I think this sits even better in tactical scenarios. Moving .......
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