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This is a discussion on Fast food drive thru within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i have always Left more than enough room to be able to pull out. if not for safety, then because the line doesn't move and ...

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Thread: Fast food drive thru

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    i have always Left more than enough room to be able to pull out. if not for safety, then because the line doesn't move and i don't want to wait for the food. unfortunately a lot of fast food places now have a curb on both sides of your car so you can't mess up their system of having the meals always in the same order that the cars are lined up. i rarely use the drive thru for all the reasons listed above and it's almost always faster to just go inside anyway.
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    All sound tactical advice!

    Though, I think the most direct threat to your life is eating greasy fast food at 1:00 a.m.!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotaranger View Post
    One of the things I was taught in training is not to pull up closer than where you see the vehicle's tires meet the road. That should give you more escape room.
    I remember being taught this in drivers ed in High School.
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    Drive-thru, at a stoplight, wherever... I always leave enough room so that I can crank the wheel and get around without having to backup. Really, this is just common sense. That way if the guy in front of you, for whatever reason, doesn't go you aren't trapped. And it's not like you have to leave loads of wasted space to do this. Just a couple of feet, rather than pulling up within inches of the next guy's bumper. That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by me View Post
    Do others do this as well or am I just being paranoid?
    Remember the paranoids cry: Just cuz you are paranoid doen't mean they are NOT out to get you!

    BTW, I stop while I can still see tires too. I have been hit from behind while stopped 4 times now. Saved me from more damage when pushed into cars in front.
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