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TV show: Most Shocking Robberies & Holdups

This is a discussion on TV show: Most Shocking Robberies & Holdups within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I saw the show. He was completely insane....

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Thread: TV show: Most Shocking Robberies & Holdups

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    I saw the show. He was completely insane.
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    I managed gas station/convenience store/stop 'n robs to pay for college. Robbed once (no weapons allowed) and had an employee murdered 1/2 hr before I was to be at work (for fifty bucks).

    If I encountered this situation, there wouldn't be a warning. The BG is toast.

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    Or BANG! put the gun down do it do it now! Oh yah...I keep forgeting it is supposed to be put the gun down do it do it now then BANG.
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    I'm pretty sure I saw the same show. It happened in Bakersfield California at a convenience store. The bad guy had "warpaint" on his face as part of his disguise and acted crazy. He had a plastic shopping bag and demanded money as he shot the cashier. The cashier was due to soon testify at the upcoming trial of a previous armed robbery he was involved in. To paraphrase the police interview they think the "robbery" was a cover-up for a hit on the cashier/witness by gang members associated with the first robbery. Also the bad guy left the scene without any money after he shot the cashier.
    If the police are correct then that's a scary retaliation. I wish I knew an update; at the time of the program it said the bad guy was still loose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zundfolge View Post
    There is no time to screw around with demanding he drop the gun (or pretending to be a cop), the life of the clerk could very well hang in the balance.
    If that is so, then why not just shoot him in the back of the head and be done with it?

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    I wouldn't holler or warn him at all.He just gets a .45 slug in the back or back of head depending how close I was to him.Theres no rules or fair fighting when its your life,its just being alive or dead that counts so you can go home again. sj
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    Quote Originally Posted by one eyed fatman View Post
    If your state wants to prosecute you for than then you live in the wrong state.

    I agree with Rooster...
    If your state wants to prosecute you for saving a life.... You need to move

    If you shoot the BG in the back of the head... When do you apologize to the clerk for spraying him/her with gray matter... (even if it had never been used...)
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    I was watching most shocking robberies and holdups 2 on the second to last clip! Talk about a daring rescue mission gone bad during a robbery! It just goes to show that bad things can happen when you try to protect the ones you love. I believe Most Shocking was the precursor to Most Daring. Correct? Please correct me.

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    Another 8 year old thread resurrected from the tombs!!!!!!!!!1

    It's alive!!!!!!!!

    Crimerescue44, please check the dates on the threads that interest you.
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    Another 8 year old thread.
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