Wow that was a hairy situation. I think you handled it well thou. The onyl thing i would have done different was not to approach the home at all and just walk to town. But i wasnt in your shoes so i cant know what was going through your mind.

Once My gf, and two of my pals drove to the adirondacks for a little weekend trip. We went to blue mt lake museum which i love then thought we would find a camp site and stay the night up there. Then drive to a differnt part of the mts and do soem other stuff the next day. Well we couldnt find a vacant camp site any place. It was gonna get dark in a few hours so i decided to drive about an hour to my grandpas huntin camp. We got there my two buds went down the road a bit to check out the waterfalls and me and my gf set up camp.
We got the tents up its dark and i start hearing gun shots in the area. And i mean close by. I get a little scared then we herd a rustilin in the bushes near by. I broke camp down jumped in my truck and we drove down to the falls saying guys someone shootin off guns in the bushes i dont care what you do but im driving all the way back home.

That is one situation in which i wish to god i had been armed. I was lucky we made it out of there ok. We were deep in the woods at night several miles from anything like civilization. It could ahve gone real bad.