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Happened here yesterday: Case of mistaken identity

This is a discussion on Happened here yesterday: Case of mistaken identity within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would perform the following procedures in order: 1) secure my family and me. 2) try to get license number and car description if I ...

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Thread: Happened here yesterday: Case of mistaken identity

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    I would perform the following procedures in order:

    1) secure my family and me.
    2) try to get license number and car description if I can without increasing my danger.
    3) Call 911.
    4) Talk to police when they arrive.
    5) Go home to change underwear.
    6) Maybe come back later for some fries.
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    We had a thread similar to this a few weeks back. It comes down to this:

    In almost every state, it is illegal to shoot someone who is fleeing the scene. They are in a car. Even if they are rolling away and you draw and fire, technically the threat is "gone" and your legal right to return fire is null.
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    Distance and Cover are my friend. Then a call to the CALVARY.


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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Head for cover...quickly...call 911...

    Wouldn't do much else...certainly wouldn't want a gun out when the police arrive!

    Well that probably won't be a problem. They only take 10 or 15 min's to get there.
    I would take cover and draw will being good witness. Re-holster once threat is over.
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    I'm with the majority on this. Take cover, be a good witness, prepare in case of another go around and wait for the police. I'd much rather be a good witness compared to taking a shot in an area where innocent civilians could be hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post
    This is a definite 'no shoot' - too many bystanders and besides, they're gone before you really had a chance to shoot.

    This is a situation which is possible in many public parking areas, and I’m not sure how you can really avoid it. The BG’s can turn into the lot and begin blasting in the blink of an eye.

    Yup! Remember, BGs don't care about rule #4, you have to. From the description, they were not shooting at you and were in the process of beating feet outta there quick so you had the chance to not shoot.
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    This happened to me once in a mall parking lot. It happened so fast I couldn't tell where the shots were coming from exactly, but as i walked toward the mall sidewalk the shots came from behind me (hince the actual parking lot or perimiter road) I dove behind a large planter with a tree in it, which was next to the sidewalk for cover. Car kept going, I still don't have any idea who it was and don't think they were shooting "at" me as there was no sound of bullets coming my direction and no impacts nearby. ( this made me think of a question. When rifle bullets go past real close, you sort of feel or hear them, would that occur with a handgun bullet at subsonic speed?) But I digress:

    My point is, in a case like this, it happens so fast that unless they keep coming at you, you really probably don't have time to react. I didn't, except to take cover behind the nearest solid object. Had I been in the lot itself, I would dive behind the nearest auto. Draw my weapon, and see if the perp was fleeing or coming to play.
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    No way that I would shoot, or even draw in that situation. You have far too great a chance of hitting a bystander. I would only draw if they stopped the car, and came after me on foot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowflyer View Post
    Be a good witness from behind cover. I would have tried to put as much of my truck between the BGs and me as possible while dialing 911. If they came after me, I would return fire from behind cover.
    +1. That's about all you can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanilla_gorilla View Post
    Turns out it wasn't the person they thought it was, just some lady trying to get a hamburger.
    . . . who will now want to see guns banned because of the close call she had.

    Watch for the mayor of that city and the police chief to recruit her as a poster-woman at their next proposed gun ban or gun "buyback."

    Never mind that an argument can be made that if they had approached further, she might have needed a gun to defend herself.

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    It is over, look for bullet holes, and I bet because of the pucker factor and looking for cover you won't get a plate no. Me I might not even know what model of car either, just color. But in calm sits I do not know car models.

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    Hit the deck. I'll go for cover and ground to start with. If they aren't gone by the time I'm out of the open I'll think about returning fire.

    Probably the best thing you can do is move. Its damned hard to shoot at stationary targets from a moving vehicle (from experiance at IDPA matches), never mind moving targets. The reverse is also true I suspect.


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