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This is a discussion on Be Careful When Intervening within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Blackeagle So, what would you guys do if you heard noises like that coming from a neighboring apartment? Kick down the door? ...

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Thread: Be Careful When Intervening

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    So, what would you guys do if you heard noises like that coming from a neighboring apartment? Kick down the door? Ignore them and risk a Kitty Genovese situation? Call 911 and possibly have someone be raped or murdered while awaiting a police response?
    It's a risky world. People will take charge of their self defense or they won't. Doesn't mean everyone's his brother's keeper ... claims of Kitty G. or not. Certainly doesn't mean that this is such a heinous and life-threatening situation, when so very little is known (except a few noises).

    Telephoning that neighbor is the simplest method. Short of that, if at night and concerned about being peppered full of holes for the good imitation of a home invader, calling police would be next on the list.

    But, knocking down the door in a situation I don't know any details about? Absolutely not. That's a good way to get killed and, thus, not exactly on my list of bright things to do.

    "Risking a Kitty G. situation" is a red herring, by the way. There's doing nothing, and then there's doing something while retaining my faculties. Only an obvious/clear situation that demands immediate response to stop a threat to life requires that sort of evaluation. And, as this example shows, it's highly likely that a single uncorroborated fact (noises) will be "read" incorrectly, when so little is known.

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    Here is the actual news article for those who are interested. Its too bad this dude is getting charged because what he did was pretty brave and he should be commended for his actions not charged for it.

    Edit: oh by the way according to the news report he did not have a phone in his apt so he could not call 911 and he did not know the neighbor whose house he busted into with a sword.

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    I think there is a good chance this guy is either acquitted or the DA elects to drop the charges.

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