Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target

Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target

This is a discussion on Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A post in another thread got me thinking, where do you aim when shooting at a silhouette target? Lima complained of shooting high, but to ...

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Thread: Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target

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    Point of Aim on a Silhouette Target

    A post in another thread got me thinking, where do you aim when shooting at a silhouette target? Lima complained of shooting high, but to my eye, most of the shots were right about where they should be. The thing is, most silhouette targets have the 'X' located about the middle of the torso, top to bottom. While this is the standard 'center of mass', most of the stuff that's going to incapacitate someone quickly (heart, major arteries, and lungs) is higher in the chest, inside the golden triangle. This is a triangle with its corners at the nipples and the base of the neck, and it contains the heart and the major arteries. Gut shots are painful, but there not going to incapacitate a determined attacker. Some targets put the best scoring zone a bit higher (IDPA and IPSC targets, for instance). The one's we use in our local Polite Society shoots actually use a rounded version of the golden triangle, rather than a circular or rectangular scoring zone.

    This actually screwed me up quite a bit when I first shot them. In addition to the high-scoring zone being higher than I was used to, they also put t-shirts over the targets, both to cover up the scoring rings when shooting (BGs generally don't come with bullseyes on their chests) and to prevent you from seeing exactly where your shots are hitting. The first time I shot, I ended up putting most of my shots into the target's gut area, well below the scoring zone. This was a pretty sobering experience, since it probably meant that in a real gunfight I wouldn't have put the shots where I need to. After some practice, I've managed to mostly cure myself of this problem and gotten used to aiming much higher on the chest.

    So, where does everyone else aim when they shoot silhouette targets? Do you shoot center of mass or the golden triangle? Do you ever shoot targets without an aiming point or scoring rings, or one covered with a t-shirt?

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    By silhouette I am assuming you mean a 'B-11' type target. If so, then yes you are probably training to shoot a little low, as the 'X' is on the lower abdomen rather than COM. In addition, most indoor range require the targets be set low to protect the range equipment, further encouraging low shooting.

    I only use custom made IDPA targets for training. None have any scoring markings on them at all. I score them later after I shoot. And yes, I frequently cover the target to make it more realistic.

    Good luck and shoot straight.

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    CLICK HERE For 10 Full Pages Of Targets.

    Click on the Tiny Targets on the left of the pages to view a slightly larger version.

    The first one showing on pg.1 tct05 is a nice target.
    But, you'll find a lot more that will a bit more KillZ realistic.
    the PNZ Primary Neutralization Zone are also good.
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    LE Targets is great to deal with, they also have good prices on dummy-rounds for malfunction practice.
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    i shoot center mass but if your worried about the fact that it won't take down an attacker, practice your double tap. i have gotten great results with that and i think it ups the percentage of a kill shot. it will also make you realize how well you control a (your) flinch and recoil response. it takes time, but hell... it's fun to have an excuse to practice more.
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    Thank you OK, that is an interesting site.
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    If all else fails shoot for the nose.
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    Self defense math.

    2 to the chest plus 1 to the head = DEAD
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    Depends on the target? On a standard B-27 target, I like the 6
    o'clock hold from distances NO greater than 25 yards. On some
    of the smaller targets such as a B-9, a dead center hold works
    for me.

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    where do you aim when shooting at a silhouette target?
    It depends upon what you are trying to do.

    If shooting for score, shoot at the highest scoring area. If shooting for practice, as in self-defense, shoot for high center mass.

    In general, LE training works on center mass. The reasoning is that a small 'miss' still lands a hit on the threat. Aiming at high center mass might cause that small miss to miss the threat altogether.

    Different thoughts for different applications.


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    If you can place the shoot The best place with the best odds of soon after the shot dropping the guy is in the neck.
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    Personally I like Ayoob's recommendation.

    I prefer practicing a lowered Mozabique drill. Two to the crotch, one to the sternum.

    If you have a goblin still walking after that, time for head shots.
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