Actual Usage of Concealed Carry.

Actual Usage of Concealed Carry.

This is a discussion on Actual Usage of Concealed Carry. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What is the farthest you have been forced to go with your concealed carry firearm. This is not intended for LEO's on duty, or security ...

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  • Never been in position to consider drawing weapon.

    138 53.49%
  • Considered drawing weapon but did not draw, retreated or other.

    45 17.44%
  • Drew weapon but kept it out of sight at the ready.

    24 9.30%
  • Drew weapon and presented it in defense of self or other but did not fire.

    39 15.12%
  • Drew weapon and fired for defense of self or others.

    8 3.10%
  • Other, please state.

    4 1.55%
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Thread: Actual Usage of Concealed Carry.

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    Actual Usage of Concealed Carry.

    What is the farthest you have been forced to go with your concealed carry firearm.

    This is not intended for LEO's on duty, or security gaurds on the job.
    This is intended for people carrying in a concealed (or open carry if that applies to your state) carry state as a member of society not in a job capacity.

    As a sworn peace officer for any LEO's I am assuming you would be acting in an official capacity based on your oath to uphold and enforce the laws of your state. Please note that you were off duty if you do respond. For security persons, please only respond with off duty actions.

    Also this does not cover home defense, only situations in public, away from home.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    i voted never been in situation to consider drawing my weapon. i am fairly new to carrying but also live in pretty good area all in all i try hard as i can to avoid such situations that and i work all the time so this helps.i try and live by the credo dont mess with me and mine and i wont mess with you and yours,if you choose to do so you'll get a hell of a 9mm life lesson should the situation call for such. (edit) these comments were for bgs only keep you and yours safe.

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    In a civilian capacity, working as a PI on the streets for 28 years, I've drawn several times on BG's but thats stopped their BS before it had to get nastier for them.

    Once from a phone booth when they tried to steal the car parked at the curb, one attempting to keep me at knife point in the booth while the other worked the car

    Another in an alley I led two down who were following me after 2am one morning out of a bad area in Boston while on foot getting back to the parked car after asking the wrong questions to the wrong people [ they obviously were not happy about it either].

    A few more times as well while on duty, but the poll doesn't want that information.

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    It may be that the greatest benefit of carrying is that you are more alert to your surroundings and avoid places and situations that have a high potential to go bad.
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    Im a LEO, but I've pulled my gun off duty only one time when some guy tried to steal my car at a resturant. It was a lame attempt on his part, and I think he learned that when I pulled my gun on him. No shots fired, but Im glad I had a gun with me.

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    Been in a position to draw, aim and fire before. Unfortunately, at the time wasn't licenced or carrying at the time. Since getting my CC I have placed my hand on my weapon a couple times without drawing, while keeping it out of sight (pocket holster) due to questionable situations.

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    Never been in a situation I couldn't avoid or retreat from. When you are carrying you MUST be courageous and honorable enough to retreat when that is an available option.
    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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    I've had one situation that raised my alarm to the point of considering my weapon, but the situation changed before drawing it was necesssary. Other than that, I've never had a real need to use my CCW.

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    One time while visiting a friend, we (my friend and I) were almost dragged into a domestic. His neighbor, who had cheated on his wife, and her brother was coming to settle the score, came over and told my freind what was going on and that he needed help.

    We both told him that he created the problem and there was nothing we could or would do for him. Meanwhile, big brother shows up with re-enforcements. My buddy told the guy that this fight was not his, but it still wasn't happening in his yard. Brother gives the typical "Wucha gona do bout it?" line. I knew that this wasn't going to be pretty, and since at this point I was blocked in, I had no other recourse but to unholster and call 911 on my cell.

    Brother saw me on the phone and said something in my direction to which I ignored. I told the dispatcher what was going on, and that I was an involuntarily involved party with a gun and that I wasn't about to go hands on with any of the guys that had invaded my buddies yard. They all heard that, looked at each other and decided to persue this event at another time and location.
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    No problems as of yet.
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    Whoops, I didn't read clearly the context of this thread. When I voted yes to actually firing the weapon to eliminate threat, I was referring to actions in Iraq.

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    Drew down on a evil woodchuck once other than that no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilducky08 View Post
    Never been in a situation I couldn't avoid or retreat from. When you are carrying you MUST be courageous and honorable enough to retreat when that is an available option.
    Many of the same dangers we face on the street exist because men and women before us thought that retreat was the honorable or moral thing to do. Just because an option may exist, doesn't make it any more honorable, whether that option is retreat or draw and fire. Example: Why is it that repeat violent offenders are repeat violent offenders? My answer is that it's not just because they are criminals by nature, but because they were not dealt with properly the first many cases...they were dealt with in what many consider the honorable way out... I understand the legal implications and that many if not most situations LEGALLY may require retreat, but that doesn't make it morally correct and as far as I'm concerned, moral and honorable are hand in hand. An immoral act is not honorable and vice versa. Just my opinion(and I suspect I'm in the minority given current societal standards), but not a personal attack.

    That being said...I'm voting option 4 although it's somewhere between 4 and Other (drew and presented, but apparently BG left as I arrived so no one was actually there to present to, but I didn't know that at the time though!)....It was an incident in my own home last year(my first week into a new home and had just finished unloading the truck a few days prior). Walked into my home from work only to discover my home had been broken into. I didn't notice until I had already entered from the front of the house and discovered in passing that the back door had been forced open(door was open and off kilter/hanging funny like it was off the hinges, but still sorta attached). It's kind of hard to notice the back door open before you enter if your entering from the front. If the front door was open I probably wouldn't have even entered. At any rate, I drew, and carefully cleared myself safe passage back out the way I came in( retreat) where I promptly dialed the law enforcement via cell phone(which took about 20 minutes to arrive - the neighborhood is somewhat remote). In that situation I didn't have much of a choice but to bail out since I was at the convergence of 3 different open areas which I didn't know where a potential attack would come from. Thankfully it was determined that whomever entered (culprit never determined) left via the rear upon my vehicle pulling up to the driveway. General concensus was that someone spotted the new guy(me) moving in and decided to see if anything was worth taking.
    It's late...I think I'm going to bed now.

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    how about; "Been in a situation where I desperately needed a gun but was unarmed." :(

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    In the one instance I'll speak of, I found it necessary to draw down on two felons who began a mugging in a parking lot against me. The leader kept visible, crossing the cars to my side, while his accomplice circled quickly behind me. The intent was clear, as they both zeroed in on me. No retreat was possible, as I was surrounded in the middle of a large parking lot; that, and a leg injury precludes my running. The leader just came to the edge of the line of cars to my side when I drew my gun and suggested they find alternative jollies that night. They immediately turned and fled, disappearing into the dark.
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