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Hypothetical Nightmare Virginia Tech Tactical Scenario....

This is a discussion on Hypothetical Nightmare Virginia Tech Tactical Scenario.... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by hrchadwell ....... now that is my perspective, a little different from a student or teachers perspective because i am a law enforcement ...

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Thread: Hypothetical Nightmare Virginia Tech Tactical Scenario....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrchadwell View Post
    ....... now that is my perspective, a little different from a student or teachers perspective because i am a law enforcement officer who works on SWAT for my city. I have been in numerous situations where my gun has been drawn but all of them have been on duty. i carry a weapon with me while im off duty also but fortunatly have never had to use it....also....a point id like to make about gun control.....hopefully youll appreciate hearing this from a law enforcement officer....i think CW permits are a second form of law enforcement. Citizens who wish to go through the training and pass certain background checks should be able to buy and carry a gun PERIOD.....not only do they serve as a self defense weapon they deter crimes. Ive seen it first hand!!!! CW permits should be honored in the entire united states and their should be no "Gun free zones" because 95 percent of the time it is where these mass shootings occur." If a student or professor would have had a concealed weapons permit that was in that building, lives could have been saved.without a doubt
    First off, welcome to the forum! Your perspective is going to be extremely valuable here. I guess you'd probably get into some official trouble if you wrote what you wrote above to a newspaper, huh? Or to members of Congress? You're a citizen, too. You should have the same 1st Amendment rights to express your views to your Congresscritters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeagle View Post
    I wouldn't count on this. In the recent Trolley Square shooting here in Utah, responding officers were on scene and entering the building within 3-4 minutes, while shooting was still going on (they had the benefit of recent active shooter training). That doesn't even count the off-duty officer who was in the mall when the shooting started.

    As far as my response in a situation like this, if the shooter is in my immediate vicinity, then I'll return fire. If not, look for a good place to hunker down with my weapon drawn, but held somewhat discretely.
    Yes in Utah LE was on scene very fast...but this is more of the exception rather than the rule (didn't they have an annex station right next door?). The VT shooter was active for around 23 min (from the reports I have seen)....thats plenty of time for one or two armed and determined citizens to take control

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    I would identify the perp and pull my weapon.

    After I pulled my weapon I would order him to lower his weapon and get on the ground. If he did not comply I would double tap center mass...If that did not take him down I would continue to fire until the threat was neutralized.

    I wouldn't worry about the police opening fire on me too much. When you pull a weapon, you should be aware of ALL your surroundings and when you see police you lower your weapon and surrender. The police would not open fire (i would hope not) on someone that is lowering their weapon and surrendering.
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    I just want to say as someone who answers 911 calls, I wouldn't call 911. You and every other billionth person on that campus is calling 911 reporting the same thing. IF you are able to get through or make the call in the first place. You're talking about maybe 1-2 cell towers in the area of a university and they're going to get hammered and so is the comm center answering 911. Unless you have the shooter in your sights you aren't going to be helping LE respond to the situation because they know there's a shooter and they're having people respond -- you aren't giving them anything helpful. Similarly, if you have the shooter in your sights, you should be shooting them not calling 911.

    So, no 911 for me. I would say the best option is to stay put in a large room with other people and lockdown. You stay near the door as security. As long as the door is not breached, you and the others are safe. As soon as the door is breached by the shooter you fire and the threat ends. If you seek-out the shooter you are placing yourself in danger and with other CCW'rs you have more threats than just one. The shooter is likely a student with a gun, if you have a gun and go to that school, you fit the profile. You would likely shoot the same profiled person as well as the police.

    DO NOT count on the police to save you, they will move in when it is safe. The VT shooting took about 9 minutes after the first two killings were finished. Columbine took 6 minutes. There's no way for you to save all those people unless the shooter is in your immediate presence when the shooting starts. The only thing you can do is attempt to corral as many people as you can and keep them and you safe.

    "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms; history shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own fall." Adolf Hitler

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    I'd be worried that in reading off my description to 911 (like Lima suggested), it would get cross-commed and picked up as the description of the BG... Ever play the game 'telephone' as a kid?

    I say rally the sheep and barricade. Let them call 911 if they want, every one of them has a cell phone. Just make it clear to them that I'm not the BG first.

    I'd try cover the door as best I could and not go hunting. Counterstrike hasn't really trained me enough for that kind of tactical nightmare.
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