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This is a discussion on Home Invasion within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Use them...go to the door armed (I do)...I know who is at the door before I open it... Strangers are NOT welcome...be rude...it's a quality ...

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Thread: Home Invasion

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    Peep Holes Or Side Windows...

    Use them...go to the door armed (I do)...I know who is at the door before I open it...

    Strangers are NOT welcome...be rude...it's a quality you need to include into your welcome packet...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    They would have gone away before I got to the door - too much barking, from too many dogs that sound just too darn large to make home invasion a good idea at my house.
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    Try a small convex mirror...stick it on the wall, across the hall from your apartment door and within the view of your peep-hole
    That is an excellent idea. I think I may do that sometime this week.
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Strangers are NOT welcome...be rude...it's a quality you need to include into your welcome packet...

    Strange adults at my door (at any time) should expect a severely hostile verbal reception along with some hidden firepower.

    Still trying to figure out how to deal with strange children.

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    This is an interesting story. It also brings up lots of questions. These guys that broke in seemed to have a goal and it may have been weapons acquisition. You seemed well prepared and it obviously worked out. If this happened again what would you do? It will probably be the local Baptist church recruiting members. One never knows. I don't even trust the Baptists because where I live one does not come there for canvassing. I keep a .38 next to the door in a box. Long guns are too awkward to manage in this case. You can jump back and fire a pistol. This sounds like a tough neighborhood.

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    I am not going into tactical mistakes made on your part as you are kind of giving bits and pieces of the scenario here and there...

    This is how I answer the door, everytime I do not know who is on the other side. I will give Massad Ayoob full credit of course since I learned it from him many years ago.

    I take my loaded Glock 23 or other weapon I have handy and grasp it with a one handed shooting grip. I take an ordinary magazine (the type you read) or a folded newspaper or other handy reading material and lay it across the loaded Glock, holding the reading material between my thumb and the grip of the gun. (this allows me to have a full one handed shooting grip on the gun and hold the reading material at the same time... trigger finger outside the trigger guard and along the slide, of course)

    When I answer the door using my off hand, I hold the gun (one handed) at the low ready and turned somewhat sideways (palm up) so the reading material is face up covering the gun in my hand. When someone looks down at my hand all they see is me holding my favorite reading material which conceals the weapon entirely. (They can assume I was just reading the newspaper or whatever magazine when they knocked on the door.)

    Now, if somebody tries to do a forced entry, I can stiff arm them in the face with my off hand, back step one or two paces as I let the reading material slide from my grip and come up blasting (one handed) on target and at near contact distance. Talk about a suprised BG! I can even come up blasting without even dropping the reading material. Even if the BG is armed, I am not worried as there are several options I have available to parry his weapon away or utilize some other tactic.

    Now, if I happen to envite the person inside but I still don't know them and I am on guard, I can still carry the pistol around and have it remain concealed yet instantly ready.

    If on the other hand, the person is an unannounced friend or someone I know to be a good guy... I can casually walk over and lay the weapon down on the table next to me with the reading material (magazine) still on top of the gun and the gun remains totally concealed and no one is the wiser.

    My wife does the same thing except uses her needle point as the device to conceal her SP-101.

    One night about 16 years ago when I was at work and we were living in kind of a bad neighborhood, my wife was home alone. Someone knocked at the door at approx. 9:30 pm and while she didn't properly identify who was outside, she answered the door in her usual fashion with the needle point in hand. The person at the door was a Missouri State Trooper and he was wanting to ask her some questions about one of our neighbors. She talked with him for approximately 8 or 10 minutes and little did he know he had a loaded .357 magnum in very close proximity of his manhood. No harm No foul!

    I have practiced this hundreds if not thousands of time in dry fire and out on the range in live fire. It works! It's sweet!

    I hope you understand the description I have laid out here. I will try and get some pictures later on with my camera phone and try and post them here in an edit in a day or two.

    I hope this helps in the future.

    I have posted this with pictures in new thread: How To Answer Door To Strangers... http://www.combatcarry.com/vbulletin...665#post361665
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    Semper Fi

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    This is very similar to what they taught us for pistol techniques during my time in KSA doing some PSD (if anyone understands that, I'll give em a digital cookie hahah). While cornering we were taught to keep the weapon almost postion saul, but the off hand was up and extended to block and grab anyone that might be lurking just around the corner. There is a chance that you could shoot your own off hand, so be very careful, and you may get knifed, but in CQB you still have an advantage if the knife only gets your arm and not your torso - meanwhile you can fire with your other hand.

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    I didn't know the Kosher Supervision of America needed close in protection details...maybe I should start looking for some side work!
    A man fires a rifle for many years, and he goes to war. And afterward he turns the rifle in at the armory, and he believes he's finished with the rifle. But no matter what else he might do with his hands - love a woman, build a house, change his son's diaper - his hands remember the rifle.

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    Close OPFOR. lol. I think you might have the right idea though

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    I never go to the door without a gun. Last time my husband was out of town I had three strangers knock on my door. That's three strangers more than we've had knock on our door in two years.

    I use our peep hole but you can't see a darned thing through it so it's pretty useless.

    Glad you weren't hurt.

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    Glad to hear it worked out in your favor; this is a great example of the buddy system working properly.

    I have a paddle holster, and when I am at home the gun is either on me already or nearby. Whenever I answer the door, I have a loaded gun inches away from my hand. It is easy to throw in a pair of jeans if it is late at night and I am not dressed, and the paddle holster slides on quickly.

    I also have a couple of tactical advantages at my front door. The front porch is entirely visible to me through the glass window on the front door, and it is also well-lit. In addition, we have a storm door that is always locked, so no one can open the storm door and kick the front door in as soon as I start to open it. The downside to your situation is that you are in an apartment, so you didn't have a storm door. Something that may have helped a bit might have been a good chain, but other than that your only option would be a security camera system.
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    I have a secruity/storm door and then a wooden door. Had a guy and woman ring my doorbell around 1 in the morning. I wasnt sleep but was like *** is this. So I get up and grab the ole glock in hand and hold it behind my back, open the wooden door and ask what they wanted. They were from a town about 30 mins away and said they were out of gas(I guess they came down to watch the PPV boxing fight at some friends or something as I had just finished watching one myself) and asked if I could go get some gas for them, they would give me the money and they could wait till I got back. I did see a car parked on the street. I was like can't do it. Pointed the direction to the nearest open gas station and shut the door. I did look out the peep hole to see if they were gonna try to key my car or something. I heard them cussing as they went next door I guess to ask a neighbor,

    They may have really needed gas but I wasn't going outside at 1am for someone I didn't know plus I was feeling like if you drive 30mins at night to another town and don't bother to check your gas then you sort of get what you deserved

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    Check Mate

    There is no known defense against a roll of clear packing tape, let alone two rolls, I could tech you a foolproof mall ninja move against a roll of fiber reinforced packing tape but that would eat up all of Combat Carry’s bandwidth, anyway your scenario specified two rolls of clear packing tape so it looks like you are headed for a “you sure got a pretty mouth” Deliverance situation.

    I would jump out the 3rd floor window, tuck and roll, to mitigate the impact

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    [QUOTE]]"I would jump out the 3rd floor window, tuck and roll, to mitigate the impact"[/QUOTE


    sissies tuck and roll...real men PLF!

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    Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

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