Ever Foiled A Potential Assault?

Ever Foiled A Potential Assault?

This is a discussion on Ever Foiled A Potential Assault? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I kind of feel guilty because my wife has just signed on to this forum and I'm stealing her story... But hey, you snooze, you ...

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Thread: Ever Foiled A Potential Assault?

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    Ever Foiled A Potential Assault?

    I kind of feel guilty because my wife has just signed on to this forum and I'm stealing her story... But hey, you snooze, you lose... right?

    Ok, about a week or so before christmas, this past year, my wife was at the local Walmart doing some christmas shopping and standing in line at check out. (ever notice how walmart never has enough check out lanes open to handle the long lines? Even during christmas rush.)

    So anyway, as she's getting exasperated at the agonizing long line to check out. (I must admit, she is really more observant than I am, but I was not with her on this trip to Wally World anyway.)

    She noticed what appeared to her, to be two rather grungy looking, criminal element types lurking at the cash register area scoping out the customers as they checked out. (Ok, she was profiling and making a judgment, but don't tell the "PC" crowd because she don't want that crowd on her case).

    She watched these two characters for approximately 14- 15 minutes or so just lurking in front of the (in store hair salon at the front of the store by the front doors). At first was wondering if they were waiting for someone in the salon getting a haircut, but they kept scoping the people in line checking out, instead of looking at someone in the hair salon. She told me she was wondering why store staff hadn't noticed or confronted them but said she just muttered to herself something like "lots of sheep" in here today.

    Anyways, when my wife finished checking out and had her purse on top of the loaded basket, she unzipped her pistol compartment on her Coronado Leather "mini-hobo" gun purse and slipped her hand in to get a grip on her pistol as she went out to the car.

    Her alert level went up to "orange" as soon as she started to push her loaded cart away from the check-out and head towards the door because the pair of guys she had been eyeing, turned and headed out the front doors about 30 - 40 feet in front of her. Mentally, she was thinking "OMG, I really hope this don't get ugly and I have to actually shoot someone."

    She was just about to stop at the front doors and not even exit the store when she realized they appeared to be actually following someone else into the parking lot. A woman who was also at Walmart alone that night and about 10-15 years older than my wife.

    My wife decided to follow and see what happened, especially since they were all going down the isle that my wife parked in. Mentally she knew they were after the woman because they kept slowing up to see which car the woman was headed to.

    At this point my wife was about 20- 25 yards or so behind them, keeping some distance. When the men stopped about 3 or 4 cars past our car and waited while the woman they were following pulled her basket to her car. Now my wife said, enough of this Sh&# and activated the car alarm on our car and let the horn honk and lights flash about 3-4 times and turned it off.

    The two guys immediately broke off and trotted back past my wife towards the store and kept going. The way they responded to the horn blasts alone, an ran off confirmed to my wife that the two guys were up to no good. The woman was startled but really didn't pay any attention and finished loading her car and left. My wife quickly loaded our car and split as quickly as possible before the men could regroup and attempt something else.

    As she related the story told me it crossed her mind that they literally looked like african lions looking at the gazelle's and antilope at the check out line.

    You literally can't be too observant these days.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    I was on a business trip to Indianapolis a few years ago and went out for a morning jog, I was followed by two BGs, one wielding a golf club. I ran around a corner toward the hotel, and they continued to follow me, but it gave me just enough time to get my Kahr PM40 out of my smart carry and get the drop on them. They both took off running the other way. I gave a statement and their description to the police along with my contact information, and that was the last I heard of it. So I guess nothing ever came of it.
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    You'll steal your wife's story, I'll steal my husband's.

    He was working late in south Philly. He works in electronics and his van, at the time, had "ELECTRONICS" written as large as life on the side of it. It might as well have read, "I am filled with valuable equipment, please come rob me."

    He came out of the building he was working in totting arm-fulls of valuable equipment and a laptop computer because he didn't want to go back up thirteen stories to make a separate trip.

    Because if was late in the evening his van was one of the only vehicles parked in the parking lot.

    As he made his way to the van he noticed three young guys making rather large circles around him and his van.

    With every circle they made they got a little closer.

    Because of the work he had been doing he had unholstered his carry gun and put it in the front flap of his laptop bag.

    He reached his van and started to load it up when the three guys started to briskly walk in a determined manner towards him.

    He turned straight toward them, put his hand in his laptop bag and pulled out his gun.

    All three of them stopped dead in their tracks, apologized and briskly headed off in the opposite direction.

    I've often wondered what kind of phone call or visit I might have gotten had he not had a gun with him that night.

    He survived Iraq in war, it would be a shame to have him die on the streets of south Philly over some electronics equipment.

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    Y0ur wife did the right thing. Although, following up with a call to security/management of Wal-Mary and the local police may help prevent future occurences. Reporting suspicious behavior can lead to arrests of BGs with warrants, and may get them off the streets. I'm a big fan of providing information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    He came out of the building he was working in totting arm-fulls of valuable equipment and a laptop computer because he didn't want to go back up thirteen stories to make a separate trip.
    In the future, he might want to consider some type of wheeled cart... I have a Clipper model 880 that I use all the time to haul gear around. It's rated to 400 pounds... I've stacked four 2U Dell servers on it along with various other boxes with no real issues. The cart can then be manuevered with one hand while the dominant hand is left free to access one's weapon.

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    Thankfully I have never been in that situation.

    My uncle used to work for the state, at one time he had a small jeep with a snow plow that he used to clear the sidewalks, one day he gave a fellow city worker a ride, when the passenger got out, he didn't lock the door, something my uncle didn't like having while in the city. Sure enough, a guy jumps in and said he had a gun and that my uncle would take him where ever he wanted him to.

    My Uncle grabbed his .357 from between the seats, and said, "I can see my gun, I don't see yours" needles to say, the guy found his seat to uncomfortable and left.
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    That's the kind of stuff I WATCH for. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone were scoping out \ following my wife if someone who noticed what was going on did something to prevent it. I try to look out for the same.

    I applaud your wife in her actions. I hope those guys gave up and left and didn't bother anyone else....
    For God, Family and Country!

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    I can't relate one of my own but well recall an incident told me by a friend of ours. Over a year ago IIRC.

    She is mid 40's, 5.4 or so and probably 100# soaking wet. She had left the store to take her cart to car and load up - it was dark but not that late in day so place was not deserted at all.

    However, as she was loading up car she had two punks approach, all noncholant in appearance but they started to verbalize a threat and a demand for cash. She had not been too aware and was an easy catch - she has refined her situational awareness now and carries.

    Little did they know her old man was following on barely a minute or so behind, he having stopped to chat to a buddy, but was watching her.

    He is about 6.8 and 350# - mean muscle, not flab. According to her - he appeared quietly while they were preoccupied with her - and proceeded to ask whether they had life insurance?! LOL. He was armed but did not show it.

    The punks hightailed outa there real quick, proving that victim choice is generally based on perceived vulnerability and not heroism!!! He called in a description and they were apprehended I believe a day or two later, trying same scam.

    I would like to have been a fly on the wall .... that guy is HUGE .. he is know by most as ''SIR"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitmaster View Post
    Y0ur wife did the right thing. Although, following up with a call to security/management of Wal-Mary and the local police may help prevent future occurences. Reporting suspicious behavior can lead to arrests of BGs with warrants, and may get them off the streets. I'm a big fan of providing information.
    I think I would have also told the potential victim what she just missed. Wally World needs to be a little more proactive. Having a couple thug types hang around requires a little intervention on their part. (By the way, they keep their checkout lines long so you have time to impulse buy all that crap hanging just before the register.)

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    I'll tell a story of my own I guess. I had no weapon but it's a credit to situational awareness.

    I was only about fifteen years old and it was the fourth of July. No one sleeps on the fourth of July and it's expected to be crowded, noisy and just hectic on that day.

    My best friend in all of the world lived across the river from the park where all of the fireworks were going to be going off.

    To get to the park from her house we had to walk about a quarter mile down the road, cross a walk-way bridge across the river and then walk another half mile to the park.

    We had watched the fireworks and were very wired and high strung. We were laughing and giggling and being typical fifteen year old girls.

    We were walking back to her house and it was now VERY late almost 11:00 pm. The bridge walk-way was deserted but for the two of us and the walk-way lights were only positioned about every ten yards or so on a pretty long bridge that at times was surrounded by trees from small islands below that sat in the middle of the river.

    We were joking and laughing and talking about how beautiful the fireworks had been when I looked down and noticed a shadow getting closer and closer to us approaching from behind.

    My friend was rambling on but I specifically listened to hear foot steps... nothing. Whoever it was was deliberately being very quiet.

    I grabbed my friends arm and started walking faster. She was oblivious as to what was going on and just kept jabbering on like nothing was going on.

    The shadow continued to get closer and my heart felt like a hammer in my chest.

    Finally the shadow was close enough so that I knew whoever this was was DIRECTLY behind us and I saw his arms raise in his shadow as though he were going to grab us.

    I simultaneously pushed my friend as hard as I could away from me while screaming, "RUN!" Then cupped my right fist in my left hand and brought my elbow back with all of my body weight as hard as I physically could into whoever was behind me.

    I hit him in the gut HARD and heard him cry out and groan and collapse.

    My friend was standing there in shock and I started running and grabbed her, practically dragging her along, when I heard a very familiar voice behind me say, "Wait, Lima (names have been changed to protect the innocent), It's me... Matt."

    I stopped about three yards from him and looked back for the first time. Sure enough. It was a colleague that my sister worked with who had seen us walking home and was just trying to surprise me.

    His gut was soar for a little bit but he promised never to do that again.

    I was actually REALLY pissed off at him and let him know it.

    The entire time my friend had NO idea what was going on. She was just about catching up to the situation when he apologized and we turned to continue walking home.

    I didn't have a weapon with me. It was just me and my fifteen year old friend but had that been an actual attack I'm pretty sure we would have made it to safety before the guy recovered in time to come after us.

    That situation taught me never to let my guard down. It was the forth of July we were having fun and my friend remained completely clueless until far after the event was over. Had that been a real attack it could have ended much worse.

    Situational awareness and the guts to act even when your heart is in your throat and your palms are sweating can save your life, or at least beat the crap out of a friend playing a bad joke.
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    Anyone who stays alert has foiled lots of attacks.
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    I just had my first armed citizen incident.

    I was sitting here, behind the steering wheel, laptop open typing away on the forums when it happened. We are parked in a truck stop east of Columbus, OH. The truck stop is fairly well lit with probably 100 to 150 trucks about 1/3 of them running for air conditioning. I had been online for about an hour and had only seen one or two people.

    Aimee is sitting on the bed chatting with me about the day and Alex is playing quietly on the floor beside me. A car comes flying up and the driver jumps out and moves quickly to my drivers door. The look on his face was unnerving. I saw the car well before it stopped and was already in the process of reaching for the Springfield Armory 1911a1 .45 from its hiding position. I completed the draw of the condition one 1911 just as the individual (who looked to be a gang banger/social deviant/looser/insert scumbag analogy here...) got to the mirror. The window was 1/2 way down letting a gentle breeze move in the cab.

    There are 4 types of people who come up to the window of a truck in a truck stop; Another driver needing something; A mistress of the night selling something; A person begging money or food; and the last type~ the person with bad intent.

    This ....polite edit...individual actually started climbing the side of my truck. Click safety off, I kept it in my lap below the level of the window. As his eyes cleared the bottom of the window he stopped cold and short; he had finally seen the gun. He glared at me like I was the bad guy. He never said a word to me and just backed away slowly and jumped into the car and pealed out like John Force driving a neon. I never said a word to him. The driver in the truck next to mine, caught my eye as I put Mr. Springfield to bed and just nodded as he tucked his away too...glad to know I am not the only one prepared...

    Nerves were a little tight as we closed up the truck for the night. When I finally got Aimee calmed down she took the Glock to bed...Looks like I have a full convert now.

    This morning when we were inside the same truck stop, I kept my eyes more open than usual. While in the bathroom, I noticed some very funky art work/graffiti. It took several minutes to translate the chicken scratch and then, success. MS13. How nice. I took a moment upon leaving to look for more of this art work/graffiti and it was everywhere; looks like the territory has been marked. A little later 1/2 way across the state a bathroom break was made and I again looked for the same signs I had found before. While slightly different, they were there.

    I did not report the incident, although I probably should have.
    There are 2 types of people, victims and the prepared. I choose to be prepared....

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    WOW LEW,
    Glad all are safe. Scary stuff aint it, I was freaked out for hours after I almost had to draw let alone got hot on target. Good work and stay safe.

    "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."

    -James Earl Jones

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    Glad you're safe, LEW.

    Personally, I might have moved the truck to a stop a few miles down the road. Just in case Mr. MS13 decided to come back with friends.

    Well done on the awareness, preparedness, and response.
    For MN specific carry information and a great shooting community, check out forum.twincitiescarry.com

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    Presence of my gun has foiled a two-on-one attack against me in a dark parking lot. My presence has foiled a couple of situations that I think were quickly going "south" for someone else and would have turned into violent crimes had I not been there.

    Simple precautions. Lock the door; keep the windows rolled up when driving through populated areas; keep the car in gear; keep your head on a swivel; monitor your surroundings; be aware of strangers within 50ft of you, as if your life depended on it; when approaching a risky situation, get in / get out; go armed, always. Merely removing the options from the table of choices the BG has to select from can often be enough to turn the tables.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
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